Survivor “The Jocks Vs. The Pretty People” Review (Season 32 Episode 8)

SURVIVOR Villains Have More Fun

Survivor opened tonight’s episode with not one, but two impressions from Scot! The first was an impression of Probst’s classic “previously on…Survivor” that we hear every week, and then he closed out his set with a little Forrest Gump. Not bad!

Anyway, it was a little weird starting “The Jocks Vs. The Pretty People” in the middle of the day. I’m so used to the group returning from Tribal with the “blue view” camera filter, so it was odd seeing everybody awkwardly talking about Neal being evacuated. When they walk back from Tribal you really feel like time has passed since last week, but this felt like we were walking into the middle of a conversation that was already occurring.

We didn’t get a whole lot of substantive scenes before the challenge, as it was mostly all of the players talking about how they wanted to stick with the same alliance as before, and Aubry just talked about how incredibly screwed she was with her number one ally being evacuated. We did get a nice little scene for Jason, though. The guy has been mostly shown as a bully and a tyrant around camp, so I liked that he was able to open up to the group about his struggles back home with his autistic daughter. I definitely do applaud him for not only making it to week 8 without bringing her up in an attempt to curry sympathy from the tribe, but also for not only playing up the difficulty about the whole issue. He did say that it was tough financially, but he spent most of the time talking about how great she was and how much he loved her. I liked that he tried to focus on the positive, and it was a nice scene.

The reward challenge was one that we’ve seen before, but man it felt like it was decided from before it even started! As soon as I saw Julia’s team, I just knew that she was going to win. I didn’t think they would blow out the other team to an embarrassing degree, but I knew she had it in the bag. I was definitely surprised that Aubry, a supposed member of the brain tribe, picked such a terrible assortment of players. It was almost as if Julia was able to pick every single team member consecutively, but you’d assume they were taking turns, right? Crazy.

There was even more nice personal moments during the reward as we learned a bit more about Scot’s family situation. Between Jason, Scot, and Tai talking about refugee camp, there was quite a bit of personal details baked into the episode tonight. I like when they have the chance to do this and not focus so intently on all of the strategizing.

The immunity challenge was a pretty run-of-the-mill endurance competition with temptations involved. I couldn’t believe that Tai actually made it all the way to the end considering how much he was writhing and moaning the whole time. The dude has some serious staying power in this game, as long as he can contain himself and stop blabbing like he did at Tribal.

Oh man, what a mess that Tribal was. I had no idea going in who was going home. It’s not very common that we see three different names written down before Jeff reads them, but that was the case tonight with Aubry, Debbie, Jason and Nick all getting some votes thrown their way. With all of those votes being thrown around, I’m sure Nick definitely wasn’t expecting that many to come his way as his cocky butt was kicked out of the game! Oh, if somebody could please put together a supercut on YouTube of all of the Survivor contestants over the years realizing that too many votes have been written for them and that they’re going home, that would be amazing. I thrive on that stuff!

Random Thoughts:

– Look, I don’t wanna be mean, but Debbie was thin before the game started and a few weeks with little food has made her scary skinny. She looks like Clem from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Look it up. She did look pretty buff at the immunity challenge, though!

– Man, you gotta feel bad for Aubry and Cydney! They were the only ones not to get anything to eat tonight! They could have both dropped out for pizza and wings in the end.

– I loved how you could see Tai’s expression change on his face as he started describing the idol. He was realizing as he was talking that he had said too much, but if he suddenly stopped it would look even more awkward.