Shameless Season Finale “Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!” Review (Season 6 Episode 12)

Previously on Shameless . . .

– Debbie learned it takes a village of Gallaghers to raise a baby.
– Carl continued to be my fave.
– Lip hit what I hope is his rock bottom, as he ruined his relationship with Professor Youens, which he needed to stay in school. Lip’s drunken rampage on Youens’s car landed him in jail.
– Ian’s lie by omission was discovered and his promising career as an EMT came to a crashing halt on his first day of training.
– V kissed and girl and she liked it. So did Kevin and Svetlana.
– Sean became the voice of the audience, as he reached his limit with Frank. Fisticuffs ensued. Feeling rejected by his family, Frank put a hit on Sean.

On to the season finale, “Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia.”

Because it’s Shameless, I fully expected that the Gallagher’s respective best laid plans would not go smoothly. Despite being prepared for things to fall apart, the writers managed to work in some solid surprises in the show’s Season 6 finale.

Frank is Still the Worst
You would think that setting up a hit on a man would be enough to satisfy your need for revenge. It very likely would be for most, but not for Frank Gallagher who continues to outdo himself at being a vile human being. The season finale opened with Frank sneaking into the house and reasserting himself against the boundaries Sean so desperately implored him to respect. His antics included peeing in Sean’s boots, using Sean’s toothbrush for a bit of a massage on his genitals and the crack of his butt (gross) and stealing his future son-in-law’s cash and credit cards. I nearly threw up when Sean began brushing his teeth with the brush Frank scrubbed his butt with. I really wanted to give up on the episode when he began pulling what was obviously Frank’s pubic hairs from the toothbrush while using it. Is it just me, or would most people think that hair on their toothbrush was a little odd and a little disgusting? I could see if he had dropped it on the floor or if it were out in an open space where people brushed/combed their hair, but it was down in bag. Okay, I’m getting carried away. That entire scene was just really disgusting and thus proving that Frank is the absolute worst.

On another note, why did Sean pour Frank’s urine down in the kitchen sink?!?!

You know what’s lower than sullying a man’s toothbrush and pissing in his boots? Using his own credit card to fund a hit against him. Ugh. It turns out that Bruno was not a hitman. He was just a two bit hustler, who took Frank’s murder down payment and then played dumb when Frank came to pay the rest of his deposit.

Push Through It
I was a little worried for Ian after he lost his EMT job. It was nice to see him take Caleb’s advice to “push through it,” as we watched him try and fail at getting a job – including his old job at the college. As Caleb suggested, Ian finally found his way back to the EMT station and tried to explain his situation and choices to Rita. I was relieved to hear the writers finally incorporate some employment law into the dialogue, as it would have been illegal not to hire Ian because of his bipolar diagnosis. An emergency call came in and the other EMTs refused to take it without Ian, which forced her hand. Granted, I think that Ian may have swayed her anyway. I am so glad that things are looking up for Ian, but it was a little strange to think about the EMTs delaying their response to a call in order to take a stand. Very kind gesture, but there was someone who needed help urgently. Oh well, it’s Shameless. I guess we’re supposed to focus on things working out for Ian and I can get on board with that.

The best part of Ian’s material in this episode was to hear him speaking about his diagnosis. We have not really gotten into Ian’s head space with regards to his diagnosis since the early episodes of the season when he seemed frustrated by Fiona reminding him to take his meds. It was refreshing to hear Ian speak about his condition with such honesty. I hope the writers will allow the character to stay the course and continue to take care of himself. It would be such a wonderful closure to Ian’s arc, particularly because we have been there with him from the very beginning of his diagnosis.

I worried that Fiona’s wedding would scare Caleb off, but his presence at the family dumping of Frank in the river suggests that he hasn’t been scared away – yet.

The Dumbest F^ck*ng Smart Guy We Know
I was genuinely surprised to see that Youens was the one who bailed Lip out of jail. It was also one of the few times I can recall seeing the professor sober. I’m glad that someone recognized Lip’s problem and called him on it. I hope that Lip goes to rehab and the writers will get the character out of his cycle of dating the wrong women and drinking away the pain.

Kev and V have been woefully underused this season, so I was glad to see the writers use the couple to deliver a little tough love to Lip – particularly after he decided day drinking was a good choice after being locked up for his drunken antics. The dialogue with the other bar patrons was very interesting, as it connected the characters with those of us at home who all feel very invested in Lip’s success.

Lip’s expression as Youens dropped him off at rehab, particularly after realizing that Youens was footing the bill, was a reminder as to why the writers love giving Jeremy Allen White such dark, challenging material. He was great in the closing moments of the episode.

Lillian and Clyde’s Wedding Day
Fiona and Sean moved forward with their wedding arrangements, which included picking up wedding rings that once belonged to Lillian and Clyde from a pawn shop. Between Frank’s persistence in tailing Sean and the sheer look of happiness on Fiona’s face as she put on Monica’s dress (masterfully re-worked by Svetlana), I knew that the odds of a happy ending for couple were slim.

I loved the non-traditional walking of the bride down the isle, as all of the Gallaghers (including V, Kev and Svetlana) walked with Fiona as she approached Sean. The look on Ian’s face as he recognized Kev and V’s new romantic situation with Svetlana was hilarious. The train wreck began when Frank arrived to to the wedding, high as a kite, to give Fiona away. Of course, because Frank is the worst, he had a plan to destroy things if he could not get his way. When the family stood behind Fiona, Frank revealed his big “gotcha” moment in which he told everyone that Sean was still using. I don’t know who was more devastated – Fiona or Will. Either way, it was so painful to watch, but the wedding captured so much of what I love about Shameless.

In this very dark moment, the writers still gave us a few good laughs. I loved the sight of the preacher slowly backing away as he realized the wedding was not going as planned. It was very interesting to see how much Frank knew about his kids. I cackled when he went from kid to kid and ran down their issues – particularly his remarks toward Carl and Fiona. I was seriously worried that everyone in the family was oblivious to Lip’s alcoholism, so it was surprising to learn that Frank, of all people, had taken notice.

Other Thoughts and Observations
– Debbie’s Season 6 storyline was my least favorite across all characters this season. I like the actress, just did not care for any aspect of what the writers did with her this season. I did enjoy her zinger at Fiona’s expense, when she told her older sister that it was not her first wedding and certainly would not be her last. I suspect Debbie may be right. I also loved the moment between Debbie and Lip and I was glad to hear her finally admit that being a parent is tough at any age, particularly when you are a teenager.

Gallagher of the Week
Carl is my Gallagher of the season. He is not a boot pisser. Instead, he has become a shirt ironer who is trying to contribute to the family and is now spending time with his girlfriend’s dad, Luther. I think I’m more intrigued by Carl’s relationship with Luther than I am his relationship with Dominique. That being said, I enjoy watching both. Carl sitting down after Luther threatened to sue him if he had an erection after seeing Dom in a revealing dress was absolutely hilarious. A much welcome moment of levity amidst the uncertainty of how things would go for Lip, Fiona and Ian.

Until Next . . . Season?!?!
What did you think of the Shameless Season 6 finale? Anything on your wish list for next season? Sound off below!