NCIS “Charade” Review (Season 13, Episode 20)

NCIS Charade

One Special Agent Tony DiNozzo is enough, right?

In last night’s episode of NCIS, there were several phony Tonys all taking advantage of Senators who have big secrets to keep. And what was the one thing they all had in common?

Leah Ramsey

Who is that, you ask?

If you recall a few episodes ago, Tony had a date with a woman he met at a bar who he referred to as a ‘triple T’ – tall, tasty and trust-funded. That relationship was short-lived with Tony even getting rid of her email because their first date went so poorly.

Leah Ramsey made a return appearance in last night’s episode, though, for nefarious reasons. As it turns out, Leah – whose real name is Elizabeth Elliot – is actually a grifter. A grifter who is intent on making as much money as she can from several Senators; and she decided to use Tony’s identity in order to make her ill-gotten gains.

With the help of two actors – Tiny Tony and Tall Tony (not my choice of words, but there you have it) – she hired through a casting call (I’m gonna guess it was through some kind of ‘NCIS’-like Craigslist ad?!) and the assistance of her former co-worker Lisa (who, conveniently now works for one of the blackmailed Senators), she was able to bilk a lot of money from those men.

For a while the team was playing behind the eight ball, barely catching up to Leah/Elizabeth; but thankfully they were able to catch her in the end. Like we, the viewers, didn’t see that coming. The team always gets their man or woman in the end. Even if it takes a while for that capture to happen.

Elsewhere in the story, McGee and Bishop shared with Tony that the Secretary of the Navy (SecNav for short) announced a contest to name the latest, new aircraft carrier. While Ellie and Timothy spent time bantering name back and forth, trying to determine what spectacular names have and have not been used, I had to question why this was part of the story until the very end. More on that in a second, though…

During the course of the episode, McGee revealed to Bishop that he and live-in girlfriend Delilah spent a nearly sleepless night coming up with countless names. But, of course, Ellie reminded him that only one name could be submitted per person. The name that McGee chose, however, wasn’t that great; but the one that Ellie submitted was much better. So good, in fact, that she was chosen as one of the finalists.

What was the name she submitted?

The USS Admiral John McGee – in honor of Tim’s late father. Seems appropriate, right, and gives so much more credence to this whole storyline being part of the episode.

What did you think of the episode? Do you agree with Tony that he is somehow losing his edge? Is this episode laying the groundwork for Tony’s departure? Did you figure out who the blonde was in the episode before the ultimate reveal that she was Tony’s former date or were you surprised? Please share your thoughts below.

The next new episode of the 13th season of ‘NCIS’ is expected to air on CBS Tuesday, April 19 at 8/7c.

Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo
Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto
Sean Murray as Tim McGee
Emily Wickersham as Ellie Bishop
Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer
Rocky Carroll as Leon Vance
David McCallum as Dr. Donald Mallard

Guest stars:
Virginia Williams as Leah Ramsey
Matt McCoy as Senator Thomas Bransfield
Jonathan Kells Phillips as Senator Shawn Kelly
Ben Giroux as Tiny Tony
Adam Mayfield as Tall Tony
Sharon Brathwaite as Lisa Marsden
Brad Lee Wind as Metro PD Sgt. John Dunn
Daniel Cummings as Sheriff’s Deputy Hicks