WonderCon 2016 Report: Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

On the second day of WonderCon 2016 this past weekend, cast members of the FOX drama Sleepy Hollow took to the stage to talk about their show.

The panelists included cast members Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills), Zach Appelman (Joe Corbin), Nikki Reed (Betsy Ross) and Jessica Camacho (Sophie Foster) as well as co-executive producer Raven Metzner.

Before the panelists were introduced by moderator Marissa Roffman, however, the audience got to see the first 32 minutes of tonight’s penultimate episode of the show’s third season entitled “Delaware”.

Once on stage, Raven shared that he wrote the finale, but they all were very careful about teasing any details. They were willing to share at least five words about the finale:

Lyndie – Epic, unexpected super surprise
Zach – Oh crap, what the f*ck
Nikki – Past and future collide
Jessica – What, what, what, what, what!

Meanwhile, Raven was willing to share five teases about the finale:

• Very unexpected monster
• Surprising guest
• Heart-wrenching man hug
• Hashtag porch scene
• Very, very deep bow

When asked about the evolution of her character, Lyndie shared that Jenny has “found love, found (her) spot in the group and found Papa Mills.” She also shared that she is “happy that (Jenny’s) dad is part of the show.” Jessica then shared that for her character Sophie it’s been “quite a relief (to find) that she’s not alone” in her quest; and that finding Ichabod, Abby, Jenny and Joe has helped her.

Nikki then shared that her favorite part of being on the show has been all the costumes she has gotten to wear; and that one of her favorite scenes was between Betsy and Ichabod where they talk about the flag she sewed for the new republic.

Each of the cast was later asked by an audience member what they think are their individual character’s strengths and weaknesses. Nikki shared that “strengths can also be a weakness.” She also shared that she thinks Betsy “regrets her inability to be more vulnerable in moments where it is necessary.” Jessica shared that Sophie is “capable, strong and determined, but (she still gets) tripped up by (the) supernatural; she gets knocked back by fear and (is) scared of monsters.” Lyndie shared that Jenny “is a survivor, a warrior; but she’s jaded (and it) takes a lot (for her) to trust.” As for Zach, he believes Joe’s strengths are “patience and empathy, but his weakness is “the wendigo.”

The cast was also asked if there were any past characters who they would like to see return:

• Zach – The Sheriff
• Lyndie – Randall Martin
• Nikki – Betsy Ross (she’d like to see her in the future not just the past)
• Raven – John Noble

And when Raven was asked if Katrina Crane would be seen again, he shared “I don’t know, but no one is (ever) dead for long (on the show).”

Lastly, another audience member mentioned that it was so great that the writers decided to not have a romance develop between the leads. Raven commented that it was a “choice (they) made early on; they are more than best friends, they have a bond.”

To see what happens in the next to last episode of ‘Sleepy Hollow’, make sure to watch tonight’s episode on FOX at 8/7c.

Photo Credit: Dominick Dusseault