The Amazing Race “Let The Good Times Roll” Review (Season 28 Episode 6)

The Amazing Race Let the Good Times Roll

After taking a couple weeks off for March Madness, The Amazing Race returned tonight with “Let The Good Times Roll”. I don’t usually feel the need for the lengthy “previously on” scenes that precede every episode, but I really needed the refresher this time! I know it’s only been a few weeks, but I’ve watched a lot of TV between now and then and it feels like an eternity!

The teams made their way to Armenia, and they all rushed to a concert hall and were told to wait until the morning. Yet again, there was a little mini challenge here before the teams got their clue. It really shouldn’t have been a challenge at all, but the teams are so thickheaded this season that they all took so long to think to ask the very conspicuous man in the middle of the concert hall for a clue. I understand obviously thinking that you’d have to check the seats for a clue at first, since that’s happened in past seasons, but then they eventually started checking the performers and bands for clues. If you think that the clue might be on a person, then wouldn’t you think to check the person who’s walking around the seats himself? Also, how could the other teams not realize that everybody else seemed to be finding their clues in the vicinity of that guy?

The Detour was a choice between making rugs or making lavash bread. Neither of the activities were particularly exciting to watch, but the lavash cooking was elevated a bit by the excitable Armenian ladies. In fact, a lot of the leg was elevated by the friendly locals. Whether it was the overly handsy lavash guide Martena, the dancers on the party bus, or the heckling mechanics at the Road Block, everybody seemed to enjoy watching the dumb Americans stumbling around. In fact, this was one of the only times that I thought it might have been a good idea for them to recruit a bunch of loud and obnoxious YouTubers for the race. They might not be very smart or strategically strong, but they all know how to have fun!

I was definitely just as surprised as the rest of the players that they would be introducing an Express Pass this late in the game, and it’s a little strange that it only lasts three more legs. It’s definitely going to be a short-term advantage, but still a big advantage either way for the Dude Bros! I’ve always felt like those guys have been one terrible challenge away from going home, but now they have a bit of a safety net.

I thought that this might be the leg where Sheri and Cole are finally sent home, and they tried their very best this week when Sheri apparently didn’t know the old adage “Righty tighty, lefty loosey”. However, they were saved by another “keep racing” ending. I’m glad that they didn’t tell us about the “keep racing” thing until they showed up, though, as it usually robs the leg of any suspense. They were lucky, but something tells me this mother-son duo isn’t long for this game.

What did you think of the episode?

Random Thoughts:

– I couldn’t help but keep thinking of the visit that Conan O’Brien took to Armenia late last year for his show. They kept doing very similar activities! Rug making, lavash cooking, watching performances, and the Temple of Garni! There was a lot of flashbacks!

– This was the first time I heard a team refer to Burnie and Ashley as “The Roosters”, which was obviously a reference to the site that they work for called “Rooster Teeth”. It was a little strange because nobody else in the race is being nicknamed after their website or online personas.

– It always bugs me when people get all upset when other players don’t just help them outright. Like…for no reason. Sheri getting all pissy because the Dude Bros wouldn’t just help her complete it was a little silly.