My Three Burning Questions From DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Mick, Carter, Gideon - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed that The CW has been doing approximately month long hiatuses during March. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will return tonight, March 31, to finally finish its first season. As to the reason for these long hiatuses, your guess is as good as mine, but I am pretty sure that you all agree with me that you are ecstatic to see your shows finally return!

As we settle in for the almost two months of programming to come, I was very pleased to read that The CW had renewed DC’s Legends of Tomorrow for a second season. That gives the show some time to breathe, and allows for further character development, as well as the cohesiveness that comes with a show as it ages. First seasons of many shows can be pretty uneven, and I am always dismayed when a show is canceled after just a few episodes; before it has a chance to find its legs.

At this point in the first season, there are three questions on my mind whenever I watch a new episode, and I am constantly on the lookout for some indication that they might be answered. Spoiler warning – I will be discussing events in all episodes aired to date, so if you are behind, you might want to tread lightly.

Is Mick Rory dead?

Mick - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

At the end of the episode “Marooned,” Leonard takes Mick off the ship and into the woods. After a brief conversation, in which Mick tells Leonard to kill him, Leonard shoots. While Snart is a criminal, he has never come across to me as a cold blooded killer, and if anything, his time on The Waverider has softened him, not the opposite! Therefore, I am having a hard time believing Leonard killed Mick, his friend and partner.

In addition, we do not see the dead body. The number one rule in sci-fi is that to be truly dead, you have to see the dead body, and even then, it may not be a permanent kill. Yes, in sci-fi, no one ever dies!

Now, it could be that in this case Mick is dead, or should I say our version of him is dead? Since the show deals with time travel and backward and forward looping, well, who knows whether we will encounter a Mick from a different timeline?

Another point to consider is that we do not know exactly where Mick was taken prior to being left, dead or alive. If he were, just for the sake of argument, left unconscious or frozen, once he regains consciousness or thaws out I am confident that he is resourceful enough to find his way from wherever he was left. My point is that I don’t think we have seen the last of Mick Rory!

When will we see Hawkman again?

Carter - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Hawkman, aka Carter Hall, was killed by Vandal Savage in the second part of the pilot episode. This has led to interesting moments for Kendra as she deals with his death, and has left some blank relationship space, allowing Kendra to find new love with Ray.

We know that Hawkman reincarnates, but he would return as a baby. Therefore, it seems only logical that any reappearance by him as an adult would be the result of time travel by the team. Hawkman still exists out there in other timelines, right?

What is the relationship of The Waverider’s AI Gideon to the AI Gideon Eobard Thawne had, besides sharing a name?

Gideon - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

So, here is what we know – the Gideon Eobard had on The Flash was created by a future Barry Allen. Eobard used Gideon to check on the future and make sure the timeline had not changed due to events that occurred in the past. In DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Rip revealed that because of his rogue status with the time Council his Gideon was not receiving regular updates – presumably to the timeline.

I think The Waverider’s Gideon is related to Eobard’s Gideon. In fact, I wonder if all the time ships are equipped with the very same Gideon AI. That would certainly make it easier to update them when it is needed. And, the economy of having multiple AIs that are all the same makes sense from a fiscal point of view too!


Do you have any burning questions from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? Items you hope will be answered either in the remainder of season one or perhaps in season two? If so, let me know in the comments section below! I love hearing your ideas and learn so much from them!