Legends of Tomorrow “Left Behind” Review (Season 1 Episode 9)

It may have taken half of its first season, but Legends of Tomorrow has finally found its groove, delivering the sort of universe-exploring time travel action that the initial series trailer promised. “Left Behind” delivered tons of great moments, with big reveals, Arrowverse crossovers and solid action throughout.

Right away, this episode went for a different feel. Following the attack by Chronos that ended the previous episode, Sara, Ray, and Kendra were left abandoned in 1958. Despite Ray’s initial hopes that the Waverider would return immediately, the trio were left abandoned for two years, a time period that played out in a number of fun scenes showing the three as they became accustomed to their new lives.

I’ve seen some push back against Ray and Kendra as a couple online, but I’ve actually enjoyed seeing the two grow closer together over the past few episodes. As such, I liked that they were able to make a life together during the two lost years. I was less enthralled with the conflict between them throughout the rest of the episode, though, as Ray seemed to take Kendra’s excitement to be leaving 1960 a bit too personally. Like she said at the end of the hour, she still loves him, she just wants to have the sense of purpose in her life the mission to stop Savage gives her.

It’s the same sense of place and purpose Sara seeks out when she goes returns to Nanda Parbat. It was good to see Matt Nable as Ra’s al Ghul again, even if the episode didn’t give him all that much to do. Still, he’s an important figure in Sara’s past, so it make sense that she would return to the League. Honestly, given the two years of abandonment, I didn’t even need the explanation of time displacement as an excuse for Sara continuing to side with the League once Rip and the others showed up. That said, it was nice to have Kendra be the one to get through to her, playing on the bond they first formed earlier this season.

Of course, the biggest reveal, and one of the most surprising, was that Chronos was none other than Mick. Admittedly, it was pretty obvious within this episode, once he’d taken Snart, but it’s not somewhere my mind had gone to before this moment. It gives a good bit of context to the character’s actions this season, and helps evolve him from such a generic presence. Of course, the team is now trying to reform him, but I have a feeling that won’t happen without some complications along the way.

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