WonderCon 2016 Report: Scorpion

scorpion cast

On day two of WonderCon 2016 this past weekend, the packed audience of Room 408AB (think of this room as a smaller version of Ballroom 20 at San Diego Comic Con) was treated to an advance screening of Monday night’s “twister” episode of Scorpion as well as a moderated panel with cast members Robert Patrick (Cabe Gallow), Eddie Kaye Thomas (Toby Curtis) and Ari Stidham (Sylvester Dodd) and executive producers Nick Santora and Nicholas Wootton.

Given that the allotted hour that the panel was given and how much time was used up for the screening, the moderated portion of the panel moved along at a quick pace.

Congratulations was made on the show’s third season pick up by CBS. The audience, to say the least, was just as pleased about that as the panelist. And, of course, the executive producers were asked if this season would end on a cliffhanger much like season one that left viewers with a literally cliff hanger ending. Nicholas shared that there “will be a big crazy twist” and Nick countered that there will be “character-driven cliffhangers”.

Buckle in fans, for an interesting ride!

When asked how does the show challenge the cast, Robert shared that the scripts “blow our minds, but (it) is so much fun (because) we can do anything these guys [pointing to the Nick and Nicholas] dream up.” Robert further shared that there is “a lot of love for team Scorpion.”

Eddie was then asked about the relationship between Toby and Happy. He shared that he sees it as a “delayed love story.” He further explained that when he read the pilot script the love story between Happy and Toby was in the original pilot script, but once he was cast, that story was taken out of the pilot. He joked he was disappointed – and concerned the executive producers did it on purpose because of his appearance – but he was assured that story wasn’t being forgotten just delayed.

One of the few reveals (if you want to call it that) was made in regards to Toby and Happy. Eddie was asked what is the next step for the couple and he shared “it’s a big step” and Nicholas interjected that “there may be a question” and then Nick chimed in saying that “a question has been asked in a way no TV shows has asked (before).”

Veiled reveal, I know. But we’ll take it, right?

Ari was then asked what has Sylvester learned from Megan’s death. He answered that “Sly has learned a lot from Mylvester. She helped him with his phobias and he became more self-aware because of Megan.” It was also shared that the dance scene between Megan and Sylvester where she places her feet on top of his was Ari’s idea. Ari was later asked by an audience member if Sylvester could fall in love again and Ari chimed in (very quickly) “he can!”

Before the panel came to a close, a surprise guest was brought out on stage: Scott Porter

There was very little time left in the panel at this point, but Scott got to talk about his character Tim’s budding relationship with Paige; and much like what his character said – he is intrigued by Paige – Scott is intrigued by where things will go between them.

The next new episode of ‘Scorpion’ is expected to air on CBS on April 11 at 9/8c.