Scorpion “Twist & Shout” Review (Season 2 Episode 20)

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On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” the team faced a neo-apocalypse now in Vietnam when a tornado came a little too close for comfort while they were working on a gig involving proving that military vets’ remains were on a site scheduled for construction, in “Twist & Shout.” Meanwhile, Ralph got ready for a science presentation at his school, while Walter got an unexpected- and sexy- surprise guest visit at the clubhouse.

The case began with a visit from a military man named Pandova (Josh Randall, “Greek”), who needed help proving his suspicions that the remains of ten Marines were on a site scheduled to undergo construction of a factory in Vietnam. Left with only two days to prove his theory before construction began, he needed the team to juice up a ground scanner to look for anything that showed signs that the men had been there, i.e. dog-tags, military gear, etc.

The mission was not just a general one; it was personal for Pandova, who suspected his father was among those ten men. With an ailing mother who might not have long to go, all he wanted was to bring his dad home so that she could make her peace with things once and for all before shuffling off this mortal coil. Though Walter didn’t quite get what was so important about this to Pandova, he nonetheless agreed to do it.

So, the team- sans Sly, who stayed behind to look after Ralph, who had an impending science project presentation- headed to Vietnam. From the get-go, it was clear that the weather was going to be choppy, what with their aircraft hitting considerable turbulence along the way, and then encountering high-speed winds practically upon arrival, making setting up a working tent a task unto itself.

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A call to Sly reveals that there is a storm headed their way, and if they want to miss the brunt of it, they need to get in and get out within about two hours. Unfortunately, things hit a snag when a crucial computer chip they need to complete the task at hand is blown away by the wind, forcing them to visit a nearby nursing home for a replacement.

Luckily, they get permission, but while there, the denizens of the home are being loaded onto a bus, which the team realizes won’t be enough to contain all of them, especially on the sketchy roads in the area. It is discovered that there are likely tunnels from the war nearby, but they have been sealed with aluminum frames by the government to keep people out of them.

Walter orders some of the team to go and find all of the thermometers they can and bring them to him. They do and he uses the fluid inside to burn through the aluminum and allow for access into the tunnels, which the nursing home staff promptly loads everyone into, accordingly. Among them is a man that recognizes Pandova, calling him a “specter” or ghost in Vietnamese.

It turns out that the man was a former soldier who was among those responsible for killing his father, for which he apologizes profusely, thinking that Pandova was sent to haunt him for what he’d done in the war. Pandova forgives him, saying he was just doing his job, and it wasn’t anything the soldiers on our side wouldn’t have done. Plus, he has a reason to be even more forgiving, as it proves that he was on the right track about the location of his father’s remains.

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The team rushes back to camp, where they successfully get the machine souped-up and running. In no time, they find a dog-tag, just as Pandova suspected they would. Now armed with the proof he needed, the team is clear to leave, but there’s another problem: the storm is getting progressively worse, and Sly informs them it’s actually in the process of becoming a tornado. Suddenly, that two hour window has gotten a lot shorter and they need to get out of there sooner than later, ASAP.

But Sly misjudges the time they have and it’s clear there’s no way the team will be able to outrun the tornado, and there’s no time to get to the tunnels now. So, Walter comes up with an insane plan to seed the tornado with blocks of dry ice that they can make using the CO2 lines that the construction crew has already laid down.

Though they were belligerent upon the team’s arrival, the foreman of the team ends up cooperating fully, not only to save his men on site, but because it turns out that one of his relatives were at the nursing home from before and the team saved them when they didn’t have to. The foreman shows them where the lines are buried and gives them access to his trucks and some plastic tarps that they can use to contain the ice until they are needed.

The only remaining problem is that they need real-time information on the storm’s location. Sly scrambles to provide it, but it becomes all too clear that the tornado is right on top of them when Paige spots it on the horizon coming straight for them. The team springs into action, dropping the bags of ice at precise locations along the path of the tornado.

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The first team drops their ice without a hitch, and the effect is instantaneous, but hardly enough to slow it down completely. The second team does the same, and it has the same effect, but it becomes clear that the third time will have to be the charm, as the tornado is still raging away with deadly force.

With no time to get out and release the ice himself, Walter is forced to think fast and swerves his truck hard enough to jostle the tarps loose and launch the ice into the tornado. It works, and the third and final batch is swept up into the tornado, but the move takes its toll on the truck which subsequently breaks down, leaving Walter and Paige right in the tornado’s path.

The two make a run for a nearby tree, where Walter ties a belt to it, intending to strap them both to it. However, the tornado strikes before he has the chance to successfully do so, and he and Paige get swept up into the air. Walter is able to grab onto the strap and get a hold on it and Paige with his other free arm, but the force of the wind is too strong and things aren’t looking good for the two.

Suddenly, Walter’s intended consequences of the ice kick in and the wind drops considerably, and so do they, falling to the ground, bruised and battered but still alive. The latest crisis averted, the team is able to finish what they started and put in word to the military that the remains have been found and excavation can begin to dig them up and get them back home to their families.

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Walter, however, is still a bit puzzled by why this mission was so important that Pandova was willing to risk his life over it. After all, his father has been dead an awfully long time, and securing his remains won’t change that. But then Pandova’s mother comes by the team headquarters and he presents her with his father’s dog-tags, and Walter finally gets it when he sees her emotional reaction to the presentation.

In terms of the subplots going on, Ralph ended up failing his science presentation, with Sly reassuring him that his professor only failed him because he didn’t get the science of it all, which was pretty next-level stuff for a kid. However, it turns out that Sly was wrong, as he discovers that Ralph’s professor has stolen his idea and is trying to pass it off as his own! What a terrible teacher, to say the least.

Naturally, Sly thinks of Heywood and suggests they call him up and get his help to sue. Ralph is a bit dubious after seeing Heywood’s ads and credentials, but agrees to it when Sly assures him that the team will help back him up to make sure Heywood wins. Two birds, one stone, as it were, as it not only proves Ralph was in the right, but gives Heywood a much-needed win.

Earlier on in the episode, Walter got a surprise visit from Linda (a returning Brooke Nevin), who he fully expected to never see again. It seems that, having had some time to think about it, she finally realized what a fool she’d been to turn Walter down for a follow-up date after dismissing him out of hand after their horrific run-in on a previous episode, in which she was wired with explosives, which Walter and his team had to defuse before it blew his entire headquarters to smithereens, not to mention Linda.

Linda asks Walter if maybe he’d be willing to give her a second chance, and Water agrees to think it over and give her a call sometime if he’s interested. Later on, after his own near-death experience, he talks it over with Tim, pointing out that smart, beautiful kind women don’t come along every day and that maybe he should take advantage of that while the opportunity presented itself.

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Unfortunately for Walter, Tim takes inspiration from Walter’s words and asks Paige out for a bite to eat himself, which doesn’t go over well with Walter, for obvious reasons. Still, it doesn’t stop him from calling Linda and leaving one of the most awkward voice mail messages this side of “Swingers” and attempting to set up a date.

Nor does it stop him from trying to reclaim superiority over Tim in the videogame Proton Android that he has had the high score in since time out of mind, but which Tim beat earlier on in the episode. Obviously, Walter still has some issues to work out with both Tim and Paige.

This was another action-packed episode that kept things moving by keeping the intensity up throughout most of the episode by throwing one thing after another at the team, barely giving them time to think- or us, for that matter. I have no idea is the science behind any of what transpired is sound- the whole stopping a tornado thing seems a bit dubious- but it was entertaining enough that I didn’t really care.

There were also some great, funny moments, most of them provided, as per usual, by Toby. My favorites were when Toby called Walter out on his attraction to Paige which he denied still existed, saying “That’s my mistake. I was just thinking of the way you look, feel and act towards her.” His reaction to Linda’s arrival was similarly amusing, when someone asked him what she was doing here, and hoping it didn’t involve explosives, he said: “She came by for something even more disastrous,” meaning a date with Walter! Lol.

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There was also a great moment towards the end, in which Toby pointed out how irreplaceable he would be if Happy had lost him in the tornado, and she said, without skipping a beat, “It would be impossible to find anyone that annoys me as much as you.” Undeterred, Toby dropped a serious hint that she might want to be thinking about fielding a marriage proposal soon, which definitely got her attention, though in a good or bad way remains to be seen.

Honestly, I feel like Toby might be jumping the gun a bit with marriage so soon after he and Happy have gotten back together, but we’ll see. My guess is that in the next episode she’s going to ask him to slow his roll a bit, but you never know- maybe she does love him enough to take that leap. Walter might want to watch himself, too, as it’s clear Tim isn’t waiting on taking one his own damn self with Paige, and it seems to be at least somewhat reciprocal.

That was about it for this episode, but I had fun with it. Yes, the bit with Pandova’s mother was a bit calculated and emotionally manipulative- did she really need to come to team HQ to get those dog-tags, especially if she was sick? But I get why they did it, nonetheless. I could also quibble about the team’s constant desire to keep hiring Heywood, even though even Ralph recognized that he was a lawyer of questionable merit, but I get that, too. Underdogs support their own. I could nitpick about this sort of thing, but overall, it was entertaining enough that I was able to forgive the episode’s trespasses.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Did you enjoy the main case? How about the shenanigans with Toby and Happy and Tim and Walter? Do you think Tim has what it takes to snatch up Paige from Walter- or will his getting involved with her only spur Walter into finally taking action on his end? Are Walter and Linda doomed from the start? Sound off on this and more down below and see you next episode!