Supergirl “Worlds Finest” Review (Season 1 Episode 18)

As the reviewer lucky enough to write about both Supergirl and The Flash on a weekly basis, it probably goes without saying that I was beyond excited to see these two characters team up. It’s astounding to even have this episode, or at least to be seeing it so soon, given the cross-network politics that had to be dealt with to make it happen. But because anything is possible in the golden age of superhero entertainment, we were given “Worlds Finest”, and it proved to be exactly what we needed to wash the bad taste of a certain other DC crossover that just premiered.

Really, it’s just hard not to gush over how delightful this hour of television was. Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have spent all season inadvertently battling for title of the most adorable superhero on TV, so seeing them together is enough to plaster a permanent smile on any fan’s face. The two have astounding chemistry together, which makes Barry and Kara’s instant friendship not only believable, but easy to invest in. And how nice was it for two superheroes to meet and not immediately come to blows? Instead, it only takes a few minutes for the two to begin joking and eating ice cream together.

This episode just feels effortless in the way it brings the two together, throwing out the necessary exposition for anyone who exclusively watches one show or the other and then getting into the fun parts. There’s so much to enjoy, from Barry and Kara’ ongoing fascination at one another’s backstories and alternate worlds to Cat’s fourth-wall-breaking jab at The CW. And on top of the humor, it was awesome seeing Supergirl and The Flash in battle together against Silver Banshee and Livewire, the latter of whom it was great to see return.

If this episode faltered anywhere, it was in some of the elements that have been a problem on Supergirl for a while. In particular, Siobhan’s sudden manifestation of superpowers still felt pretty out of nowhere, despite the appearance of a crazy aunt blaming it on a family curse. It also didn’t help teaming her up with Livewire, a much more enjoyable returning villain that the show managed to establish much better in a single episode last fall. Plus, the episode leaned a bit into the cheesy at the end, with the city too easily falling back in love with Supergirl again.

But you know, these problems are minor ones when compared to just how much fun this episode was. It was an absolute triumph in terms of bringing together two of the most joyful, entertaining superheroes on television. Though it ended with The Flash racing off back to his own universe, one can only hope further explorations of the multiverse will bring the characters back together down the road.

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