The Good Wife “Unmanned” Review (Season 7 Episode 18)


With only a few episodes to go with the entire series of The Good Wife, tonight’s episode “Unmanned” focused primarily on an of-the-moment case regarding a drone invading someone’s privacy. We also got a few other storylines pushed forward, but the whole thing ended up making me feel a little empty.

I liked finally seeing Peter and Jason confront each other, but I wish that Jason stood his ground a little more. Peter has long since been the most frustrating character on this show for me. If he’s not cheating on Alicia then he’s cheating to win an election or being dirty in some other way. It’s pretty rich for him to be upset with Alicia for cheating on him, and hearing him indignantly telling Jason “We’re still married!” just made me giggle. Sure, Alicia never came home and saw another woman walking around in her panties, but you could argue that his public indiscretions are much worse than that. I did have a big smile when Alicia walked into her bedroom at the end of the day and Jason threw his arms out in a “Tah-dah!” motion. Jason being all unsure about the situation was a little silly, and not very indicative of the headstrong character he’s supposed to be.

The quest to take down Peter trudges on, despite how little I care. I’ve already talked about how little I think of his character, so I really don’t care for hearing about his past discretions all over again. At least we finally saw a few glimpses of AUSA Fox’s evil side in his quest to take down Peter. I’m not sure that Matthew Morrison pulls off the sleazy lawyer role as well as he’s supposed to, though. He’s really just been extremely level headed and even keeled to a boring degree. Even when he’s threatening people he sounds like he doesn’t care. I’m glad that they’re giving him some kind of personality traits here, but I’m just afraid he’s been miscast.

I’m glad to see that Cary is finally taking a stand, as well. This character has also been pretty boring this season so far, and he really hasn’t been very interesting at all since he got out of jail. I wish that his decision to leave was set up a little better, though. I do wish happiness for this guy and I’d love to see him retire to the tropical beach that he wistfully stares at on his monitor, but we never got an indication that he didn’t like this political stuff. If he didn’t want to do all of that, couldn’t he just choose to be in court more? We’ve only seen him in a courtroom a handful of times this season, so by that indication I had assumed that he preferred the office life and wanted to stay out of the trenches. I’m sure we’ll see him pop up to testify against Peter, but it was a nice moment to see him walking down the hall of that office for the last time.

Really the biggest problem with the episode, and the show in general, continues to be their inability to complete dangling plot threads. The show has so many ideas, so many characters, so many plots, that it never really seems to bring a few of them to a satisfying conclusion. Remember the lawsuit that forced Alicia back to Lockhart, Agos, & Lee? Remember the investigator Robin that disappeared and was never heard from again? This episode brought back our first look at Caitlin for like…5 years. I know there are logistical issues with what actors are available and which are not, but they need to learn when to show restraint instead of writing themselves into too many corners.

What did you guys think of the episode?

Random Thoughts:

– That felt like the longest episode intro ever! I know this show frequently has a lot of time before the title card, but this was 14 minutes in!

– It was great seeing Leslie Odom Jr. as drone expert Mr. Pert. His Hamilton co-star Renee Elise Goldsberry has been in multiple episodes of the show, so it was great seeing Aaron Burr finally getting his due!

– My day job is an insurance salesman for the entertainment industry, and I’ve spent a LOT of time over the past few years answering questions about how to insure drones for filming purposes. It was hilarious to me that the FAA representative on this episode was as clueless as he was. That is exactly how they are, and all of the rules concerning drones are infuriatingly unclear so I’m glad they didn’t pretend otherwise.