‘Second Chance’ Season Finale Review “Gelassenheit”

Second Chance 3

On the season- and possibly series- finale of “Second Chance,” things finally came to head as Pritchard and his son scrambled to save Gracie from the evil clutches of Connor and Otto, while Mary does her best to unlock the tank for Pritchard so that he won’t deteriorate and die when his time is up, in “Gelassenheit.” Today’s word is once again German in origin, meaning “serenity, calm, tranquility and repose.” The calm after the storm, in other words.

We began where we left off, with the cops hauling off Duval, much to father Pritchard’s dismay. Mary calls, informing him that Alexa may know where Gracie is being held, so Pritchard literally springs into action, jumping off an overpass onto the car that Duval is being transported in and knocking out the cops when they stop to see what hit them and taking their car to go and meet Mary.

Meanwhile, back at Connor’s evil underground lair, Otto finally gets a sense of the real Connor when, after he asks Otto if he will be needing the deformed Albert and Otto says no, Connor has him shot dead right in front of Otto’s horrified eyes. Though taken aback, Otto is still, for the moment, undeterred.

Alexa finally comes clean about who she really is and tells everyone concerned where Connor’s secret lab is. She tells Pritchard she’s just like him, only imperfect, which is why Otto got rid of her. Connor got a hold of her and managed to salvage her, with the exception of her misshapen spine, keeping her in said lab for over a year.

Second Chance 2

But he didn’t stop there, experimenting on them to try and make them more like Pritchard, but to no avail- he still needed Otto, which is why he had Alexa work to turn Otto against Mary. She admits she only did so because Connor promised to help her love George when he perfected the formula, but we all know how THAT turned out.

Alexa details Connor’s lab and how there’s basically only one way in or out, which is guarded by a computer scan, which has the ability to fire upon intruders if they don’t successfully pass said scan. Therefore, she needs to go in first, shut off the scan, as well as deal with the various other security issues, and sneak them in so that they can rescue Gracie.

Mary asks Alexa about the tanks there, but she says that they can’t use them as they are specified to each individual inside it and coded as such. Alexa says that the only possible way to get Pritchard into a tank is to decode the one she has already for him, which will be easier said than done.

Pritchard tells Mary not to worry if she’s unsuccessful, as he has done what he needed to do: helped her and his family, and if he dies today, then so be it. Mary nonetheless assembles a team to crack the code on the tank, not telling them exactly what it is but offering a million dollars to anyone that can open it. At this point, Pritchard only has about eight hours left before his body begins to break down.

Second Chance 10

Otto prepares Gracie for the procedure, but she wakes up and recognizes him and begs him for help, telling him who she is and that she knows his sister and so does her family. Once again, Otto is rattled, but doesn’t back down, instead drugging Gracie into silence so he can continue to prepare.

Alexa arrives at the bridge where the computer scans her, as Duval and Pritchard wait outside the fences surrounding the property for her signal. Connor comes out to greet her, but is suspicious as to why she’s here and has her searched. Then Connor has her held at gunpoint by a henchman while he and another henchman go and search her car.

Alexa fakes out the guard by dropping a pill, then handily knocks him out, having Pritchard’s super-strength as well. She drags him off out of sight and makes her way to the security room, where she shuts off the electric fence long enough for Pritchard and Duval to sneak in, then does the same with the door leading into the building.

However, their plan hits a snag when Otto arrives in the security room, having been wanting to see her since he found out who she really was. It turns out that when he discarded her, she had no face and was thus unrecognizable, which is why Otto never realized who she really was. He wants to examine her, which she agrees to, but Otto recognizes that she shouldn’t be in the security room and gets suspicious.

Second Chance 8

Alexa grabs him by the neck and chokes him, buying her just enough time to get Pritchard and Duval past the computer scan. But harming Otto alerts Arthur, who sounds the alarm, alerting Connor that something’s up. Pritchard and Duval look where Alexa told them Gracie should be, but she’s not there, having already been moved to a secondary location by her dastardly boyfriend Garrett.

Duval calls out for Gracie and she hears, calling out for her father in return, so they rush to where she is. Alexa joins them, Otto in tow, and they decide to use him as a pawn in a trade for Gracie. They announce over the loudspeaker that Connor has five minutes to give up Gracie or they’ll kill Otto.

Connor’s henchman says he should do it, as they can always find someone else to fulfill Otto’s needs, but Connor is wary, as it will set them back considerably, but he agrees to meet them for the trade anyway. Meanwhile, Duval threatens Otto to unlock the tank to save his dad, telling him he’ll stab him in the eye with a needle and inject him with whatever he was giving Gracie if he doesn’t.

But Gracie arrives before he can do so and it’s time to make the trade. Connor hangs back while his henchman and Garrett make the trade at gunpoint, switching Otto for Gracie. All seems to be well until Pritchard notices an odd flicker about Gracie and realizes she’s a hologram! What’s more, so is Garrett! (Where’s Jem when you need her? Lol.)

Second Chance 5

The henchman grabs Otto and ushers him to safety, as Garrett springs out and opens fire on them. Duval shoots Garrett, lamenting that it wasn’t as fun as he thought it would be, which was amusing, as it was probably every father’s dream to ice the bad boyfriend. Alexa is also shot in the melee, but urges everyone to go on without her and rescue Gracie.

The henchman and Otto meet Connor at the bridge, and Connor sends him back to kill everyone and destroy all traces of the lab behind them and meet them at the landing strip outside. The henchman and Pritchard tangle, but Pritchard is fading and the henchman gets the better of him. The henchman goes to shoot him, but Duval saves the day by shooting him before he can.

Unfortunately, once he and Pritchard get outside, they find they are already too late, as Connor and Otto have absconded with Gracie on a plane, which is currently taking off. Inside the plane, Otto asks to speak to Connor, who is flying. He puts the plane on auto and goes back to do so, where Otto says he should have let Mary die and says something to him in Twinspeak: “Did you get what you wanted?” This is what Pritchard said to him when he confronted him earlier.

Otto says that Mary wouldn’t have looked at Gracie as a mere test subject the way they were- she would have seen her as a human being. If he had simply accepted fate and let Mary die, none of this would have happened and Mary wouldn’t hate him now. Connor says that they can be gods, but Otto realizes that they’re actually monsters.

Second Chance 4

Otto instructs Arthur to return to the lab and land the plane safely, and then proceeds to open the plane’s doors, much to Connor’s horror. Naturally, both he and Otto are sucked out and plummet to their doom, where Connor is spiked on a tree branch while Otto makes the acquaintance of the ground. The plane returns to the landing strip where father and daughter are reunited.

Pritchard orders Duval to get her to a hospital, saying it’s too late for him, but he’s done all that he needed to do, which was to repair his family. Pritchard tells him it’s time to go and be with his and not to worry about him anymore. Alexa and Pritchard leave to return to Mary’s. Alas, the team has been unsuccessful and the tank is still locked.

Mary felt that something had happened to Otto and Alexa confirmed it, but Pritchard tells her that it was actually Otto who saved Gracie in the end, so he died doing something heroic. Pritchard asks Mary if she’ll be okay without both of them, and she says she will, eventually. Just as Pritchard accepts his fate, someone opens the tank, finally. But who?

It turns out that Otto told Arthur just before talking to Connor to open the tank as his last request, then passed along a message to make sure that Mary fed his fish, then saying thank you and goodbye. Pritchard is rushed to the tank and Mary texts his son to let him know that Pritchard is going to be okay after all, much to his relief.

Second Chance 1

Duval calls Adair (Carmen Moore) and lets her know the location of the lab, which the police raid. He also tells her he has Gracie and that Connor had her, just like he said. She asks him to meet her at the lab, and says that he won’t need a lawyer, but they will need him to make sense of it all.

Duval realizes that if he tells Adair or anyone else who Pritchard really is, he’ll become a guinea pig and never have a normal life, so he tells her that Pritchard died on the plane instead to protect him. He instructs Pritchard to lay low for now and says it would be best if they didn’t have any contact for a while. Pritchard is hurt, but understanding, but the matter is helped when Duval tells him he loves him, which was a nice moment.

Unfortunately, when Pritchard arrives back at Mary’s, she is gone and has left a note for him. It says she’s going back home to scatter Otto’s ashes and be with her family for a while. Mary says she needs to figure out who she is without Otto and in general and what he next move will be with the company in light of all that’s happened. Mary leaves Pritchard and Alexa the house and some money to tide them over in the meantime.

MIA in all this is Arthur, who seems to have died along with Otto. However, Mary is surprised when he seemingly makes contact with her, but even more so when it turns out to be Otto himself, who has somehow injected himself into the computer, a la “Lucy” or Johnny Depp’s character in “Transference.”

Second Chance 7

Otto tells her that he discovered something in Connor’s lab that he didn’t know. It was a test of a subject’s behavior after regeneration, using fish as the subjects. According to the test, deterioration is inevitable in a different way than they previously thought. It seems that the subjects brought back will always become more and more violent, hence the whole Albert situation.

That means that Alexa, and eventually Pritchard will also become more and more unstable and confrontational. Suddenly, Mary realizes what her next move will need to be- fixing this mistake and keeping Alexa and Pritchard from going off the rails like Albert. That is where we leave the show, and possibly the series.

I have to say, I wasn’t sure if we were going to get a satisfactory ending here, what with the show’s fate lying in the balance. I thought for sure we might end up with a cliffhanger, which was sort of true, but not so much as I feared, which is a good thing. If this is where we end up leaving the show, I can live with that.

After all, Gracie was saved, the bad guys paid the price for their villainy, and Pritchard made it back to the tank in time to save himself. Yes, we lost some people along the way, but that’s to be expected. Besides, as solid a character as Otto was, he did bring his death upon himself by his actions up until that point. On the plus side, he did something good in taking his own life, redeeming the character to a large extent. As for Connor, well, he had it coming.

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Overall, I really liked the ending. The finale in general was unpredictable and had lots of cool twists, including the hologram thing and Otto saving the day in the end. It also had a full circle feeling to it, in that Pritchard managed to finally gain his son’s respect and earn his love, making the most of his titular “Second Chance.” The end bit with Mary was a nice touch, but also leaves the door open on the offhand chance that the show itself gets a second chance as well. We shall see.

What did you think of “Second Chance”? Did you enjoy the first season? Would you like to see it continue? What direction should they go in if the show is renewed, beyond the whole Mary trying to save Alexa and Pritchard from self-destruction thing? What would you like to see happen next? Who was your favorite character? How about your least favorite? Did you have a favorite moment on the series as well? Sound off down below, and fingers crossed for a renewal!