Sleepy Hollow: Who’s That Girl?

Greetings, my fellow Sleepyheads. I hope you’ve been enjoying Sleepy Hollow as much as I have this season. It’s a relief too because last season was kinda difficult. But, as my grandmother used to say, no sense in dwelling on a past that you can’t change. Better to focus on the here and now. So, in that vein, let’s talk about Agent Sophie Foster.

I must admit, I wasn’t overly thrilled with Sophie at first. It’s not that she was a boring character or anything, but I just wasn’t interested in adding another new character to the lineup. They had already added Joe (which was one of the best things they’ve done this season), but he didn’t really count as “new” to me. He already had history with Abbie and Jenny, and Ichabod dealt with him last season when he was helping to cure Joe of the wendigo curse. So making him a more regular part of the story wasn’t that hard to fathom. My primary issue with adding Sophie is that the show had drifted so far away from the primary relationships, that I thought adding a new character would take away time they needed to spend rehabilitating those primary relationships. Because let’s face it, Abbie could’ve been an only child for as much as they had Jenny on screen last season. And don’t get me started on how unstable Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship was as well. So it was refreshing for Jenny to come back as such a major part of the story this year and have Ichabod and Abbie get back on track in their relationship. Basically, I really just wanted to spend time focusing on those core relationships and integrating Joe more fully into the story instead of working a brand new character into the mix.

That being said, Sophie has proven to be more interesting than I initially thought and much easier to work into the story. Little by little the show is revealing Sophie’s backstory, and it’s kind of just as messed up as Abbie and Jenny’s. So far we’ve learned that Sophie’s parents were archeologists who died under mysterious/suspicious circumstances. Their deaths led Sophie to study all kinds of ancient languages and such. And just like Abbie and Jenny, Sophie has spent most of her life trying to understand what happened to her parents. I have no doubt we’ll slowly learn more as the story unfolds, but I bet you dollars to donuts that Sophie’s parents were taken by something supernatural.

Sophie also brings a different dynamic to the show. Most of the other characters have been involved with the Supernatural for a while, so it doesn’t really phase them quite so much. But Sophie is new to it, and watching the way she deals with each new revelation has been interesting. Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship is still my favorite. Nothing beats Ichabod ranting about one thing or another and Abbie just shaking her head and smiling fondly. Abbie’s relationship with Jenny is different because whatever else they may be, they’re sisters first and they will always relate to each other as sisters. Abbie’s relationship with Sophie, on the other hand, started out as strictly professional (and somewhat adversarial) but has begun to morph into friendship. I wouldn’t say they’re full on gal pals just yet, but they’re getting there. The episode a couple of weeks ago in which Abbie and Sophie were trapped in the wilderness trying to fight of a seemingly unkillable monster was a good opportunity to watch Abbie and Sophie work together and feel each other out a little bit. Sophie is obviously capable of handling herself in a fight. There was never really any question about that. But what took Abbie (and me) off guard was Sophie’s positive outlook on all the supernatural stuff they’ve been dealing with. She’s obviously terrified of it (as she should be) but it also gives her a sense of relief. For most of her life, she’s been unable to explain what happened to her parents. However, now that her eyes have been opened to a whole new world, she’s realized that there might actually be a way for her to find the answers she’s been seeking. For her part, Abbie was grateful for Sophie’s efforts to bring her back from the other dimension, but it wasn’t until Abbie saw how Sophie handles herself that Abbie developed genuine respect for her. That’s not to say Abbie thought Sophie to be incapable of taking care of herself, it’s just that dealing with supernatural creatures is different than dealing with criminals. But Abbie and Sophie made a good team, and I wouldn’t mind watching them work together more.

There you have it. My thoughts so far about Agent Sophie Foster. I like her quite a bit more than I like Agent Reynolds, and her relationship with Abbie is much more compelling. I do hope we find out more about Sophie’s parents and because this is Sleepy Hollow, I bet they were somehow tied up in the apocalypse. I don’t know, and I guess we’ll just have to watch the story unfold.