‘Supernatural’ (Season 11): Repeat Performance


Once upon a time in Grand Rapids, Michigan, monster hunters Bobby Singer and Rufus Turner investigated strange occurrences in a seemingly quaint house that was haunted.

Jump a bunch of years later and the Winchester brothers on Supernatural are headed to the same house for a very similar haunting.

First of all, how great was it to see Jim Beaver back on the show (!) – even if it was for only one episode – and how much fun was it to see him and Steven Williams playing the bickering hunters who give as good as they get.

It was like watching two brothers fighting, right? Ironic, no?

And even more ironic (not!) is that the Winchester brothers were playing FBI agents and so were Bobby and Rufus.

It’s like a repeat performance all around.

And it all leads back to a symbol – or to be more exact a sigil – that Rufus painted on the wall during their investigation and which the Winchesters had to repaint in the same house.

But what goes around comes around – isn’t that the old adage?!

Bobby and Dean were both attacked by the monster they were hunting – a soul eater – while Rufus and Sam were painting the sigil that would hopefully trap the creature in the house.

The juxtaposition between the two stories was palpable with Dean and Bobby experiencing nearly the same occurrences while trying to save a trapped little kid and their moms while facing down a Soul Eater and lots of “sad people”.

Both Rufus and Sam put up a good fight against Bobby and Dean – who were clearly possessed by the Soul Eater – saving their perspective victims and even the “sad people” and even giving Dean a moment to see Bobby once again; and vice versa Bobby seeing Dean for that split second too.

Thankfully the end result was the same for both of their investigations, they took down the monster and saved the lives of the innocent and even both duos wearing out their welcome with the next door neighbor.

This was the first new episode of the show’s 11th season in nearly a month. What did you think of it? Were you happy to see Jim Beaver and Steven Williams back? Do you hope that we’ll get more flashbacks episodes of Bobby?

What do you hope to see during the rest of the season? Will the brothers finally get Castiel back, forcing Lucifer out of the Cas’s body? Will they be able to track down Amara (aka The Darkness) and stopping her from doing whatever she plans to do to the world, let alone what plans she has for Dean. And how about the clips for next week? They’ll be facing down a reaper and all that that implies. How much jeopardy will the brothers be in against that reaper and will it be any more dangerous than any other monster they’ve faced? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the 11th season of ‘Supernatural’ will air on The CW on Wednesday, March 30 at 9/8c.