The Walking Dead “Twice As Far” Review (Season 6 Episode 14)

Previously on The Walking Dead . . .
The women stepped up to the forefront of the show and we got to meet some of the female members of Negan’s Saviors group. The Saviors once again proved to be no match for our Alexandria Safe Zone (“ASZ”) faves. One simply does not mess with Carol or the people she cares about and expect to get away with it.

Tyreese, Morgan . . . now Carol?
One of the most interesting aspects of the second half of this season has been what the characters find themselves doing now that they have a bit of peace, quiet and security. For Maggie and Glenn, it meant starting family. For Rick, it meant opening himself up to love again. For Abraham, it meant thinking about the big picture and what he wanted out of life beyond daily survival. For Carol, it meant grappling with the measures she’s taken to protect those she loves, which has included murdering “threats” to the group – including two people sick with the flu.

I appreciate that the writers have Carol taking stock of her evolution as a survivor since the zombie apocalypse. However, I did not love the choice to have her leave with a “Dear Tobin” letter. The Carol we know is far too smart to think that she can simply write a letter saying goodbye and expect the group to honor her request that no one come looking for her. I suspect Carol’s departure will lead to some interesting moments between those in her search party.

You Risk Your Life
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To borrow from my precious Hershel, you date Tara – you risk your life. You get close to Daryl, you risk your life.

From the moment that Denise asked Daryl to get her some pop for Tara, I worried that the good doctor’s days were numbered on the show. I love Merritt Wever as an actress and the heart, vulnerability and spunk she brought to Denise was so great to watch. Not to say that all of Daryl’s friends end up dead, but Daryl and Denise reminded me a lot of what I liked about Daryl’s dynamic with Beth and that made me worry for the doctor’s long term prospects on the show.

The odds of Denise surviving grew even dimmer when she began dating Tara, who unfortunately has now lost TWO girlfriends to a fatal blow to the head. When Denise told Tara that she would tell her that she loved her when Tara returned from her two-week run with Heath, I was 100% certain that it would never happen because of an untimely demise.

I loved the writers development of Denise, but I get frustrated sometimes when you begin expecting a character’s death because they’re having such a great run. When we got to the end of the flu outbreak at the prison and the Governor kidnapped Hershel, I immediately suspected that his days were numbered because he’d just come off such a heroic arc. Granted, I accept that some of my instincts are very much informed by comic knowledge and I may not have seen Hershel’s death coming had I not known that the Governor was going to chop someone’s head off with Michonne’s sword.

I understand why Denise wanted to take a chance on a run, but I wish there had been a little more discussion about the sensibility of it because she is was the only doctor in the ASZ. Denise is a reasonable person and I think had someone appealed to her on behalf of her patients she may have reconsidered. That, of course, did not happen because the writers decided that Denise’s time on the show had come to an end. Although I am disappointed by Denise’s death, I did like the very brief, yet effective reality check she gave Rosita and Daryl before her tragic end. I loved why she chose them and I think she shared a message that both needed to hear.

Stuff, Thangs and Other Observations . . .
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– Comic book tidbit: For the non-comic book fans out there, Denise’s death was a show remix of an epic comic book death for a character still alive on the show. I will not say who the character is for those who may be reading the books and wish to remain spoiler free.

– It’s really hard to believe that Daryl Dixon, who drives a motorcycle, cannot drive a stick shift.

– When Tara returns, I hope that we will get some confirmation that she received her orange Crush soda.

– We’ve now got two new couples – Spencerita and SashaHam. Sonequa Martin-Green did so much without uttering a word as she contemplated the choices of which Abraham spoke. I sensed her fear and hesitation, considering her loss, and you could see the moment she decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a shot. I hope the writers will allow the pair to enjoy a little bit of happiness, despite the looming threat of Negan. Spencerita was a bit of a surprise. I thought I’d sensed an attraction between the two in one of their earlier, albeit brief, interactions. It will be interesting to see if Denise’s wake up call to Rosita will push her to fully embrace Spencer and his jerky creations or if it will lead her to enjoy a little time to herself.

– I am glad Rosita got more screen time this week and I love that when the crap hit the fan, neither she nor Abe let their past romantic entanglements get in the way of surviving and protecting.

– The exchanged glances between Sasha and Rosita was interesting. I wanted to know if Rosita knew about SashaHam – it looks like word travels fast around the ASZ. I also wanted to know how exactly Sasha knew that Abe was standing outside her house. He was not on the porch, which is where you would expect him to be standing if he had knocked or rang the doorbell.

Survivor of the Week
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Welcome to Stage 2, Eugene. You’re making bullets, biting junk and taking no one’s crap. Cheers!

Until Next Week!
Although this week’s episode was a bit slower paced, I really enjoyed it. Merritt Wever was amazing in her final performance and she will truly be missed. We got a few troubling references to Negan, as we learned that Dwight was part of his crew. When we last saw Dwight he was on the run, presumably from the Saviors. I wonder if the scar on his face was his punishment for fleeing, much like the chopped off finger we saw on Chelle last week. We now know that Negan’s group is looking to set up a “we take half” arrangement with the ASZ, that Negan knows where the ASZ is located and that the Saviors are fully aware of Team ASZ’s attacks. I am terrified of what’s to come for our group! What about you? Sound off below!

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