Survivor “Play Or Go Home” Review (Season 32 Episode 6)

SURVIVOR Play or Go Home

Survivor returned tonight with “Play Or Go Home”, as the two completed new tribes face off for the first time and the alliances really start to shake out.

We had a few people talking about switching up alliances before the credits, with Peter trying to snag Tai in his alliance and Debbie awkwardly crushing on Nick. Peter seems to be desperately grabbing anybody he can to go against the old brain tribe, but he definitely seems to be coming on a bit too strong to both Tai and Julia.

We quickly move into the reward challenge, where the player that I totally forgot about returned. Yes, Julia returned to her new tribe for the first time, and she had such a small amount of screen time last week that I totally forgot about her. Anyway, the reward challenge was fun enough, although it did seem a tad bit unfair that one tribe member played in the NBA for years. A lot of the challenges in this game revolve around throwing things into targets, but this was a pretty clear correlation to basketball.

Nick has been flying under the radar for most of the season so far, with only a couple douchey highlights where he talks about how good looking he is or makes fun of Tai for crying about a chicken. Well, today he turned the douchebag up to 11! He’s been developed into a full-fledged villain out of nowhere! He’s manipulating Debbie, being a condescending jerk to Michelle, and overall he comes off very slimy. We haven’t had any 100% villains of the season thus far, so I guess he was a necessary evil.

I like how Joe bragged about being an ex-FBI agent and hinted about that meaning that he’s great at reading people and being all subtle and sneaky. Then he did just about the most unsubtle thing ever by straight up confronting Peter and pointing aggressively in his face and barking questions at him. He deduced from his interrogation that Peter was dancing around too much and therefore lying to him (which was kinda true), but you’d think that anybody would dance around a bit if they’re ambushed like that. If somebody came up to me and started getting in my face and asking me questions then I’d dance around even if I was telling the truth!

The immunity challenge was another good one. I feel like we’ve had a lot more challenges this season that involve the beach, or at least start in the water and make their way to land. I don’t know if it’s just that the beaches of Koah Rong are easier for the Survivor crew to set up these water challenges, but I really love it so I’m not complaining. I felt like the challenges had been a little stale for a while, so the mixture of land and water is really going a long way to bring more originality. I loved seeing them release the flurry of buoys and then shepherd them to shore. There was a lot of cool moments tonight, and I hope they keep it up!

Then we finally got to tribal, and it was awesome! Sometimes you get the feeling that everybody shows up to tribal knowing exactly who they’re going to vote for, then they answer some of Jeff’s questions and write that person’s name down. The whole question portion is just a formality. That definitely wasn’t the case tonight, as multiple people were whispering and calling audibles right before casting their votes. It was really exciting and it all resulted in a satisfying blindside, so no complaints from me!

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Random Thoughts:

– I LOVED when they put Debbie’s profession as “Part-Time Model” when she bragged about modelling on and off for years. They should really just put a new profession down there every time since she makes up a new one every time she opens her mouth.

– Man, the Laker fan in me really wanted to see Scot (the former Celtic and member of the 2008 championship team) lose that shootout challenge. I guess I just have to be contented with the knowledge that he didn’t play a minute in those finals, anyway.

– Do they always get a tree mail letter to tell them what’s coming in the challenge? Or were they just showing it to us so they could hype up the fact that another player played professional basketball?