Shameless “Paradise Lost” Review (Season 6 Episode 10)

Wedding bells were in the air on this week’s episode of Shameless, as both Fiona and V prepared for their upcoming nuptials.

Still Missing the Point
V prepared for her green card marriage to Svetlana with some wine and a sleepover. I do not quite follow why Kevin was so opposed to V getting married to “Lana” – outside the very obvious reasons, such as legal consequences for the arrangement. After all, Kevin is still married and thus far, he and V have been content with living together without the formalities of paperwork. Kevin’s last interaction with his current, estranged wife ended in a brawl with her and V, so I would suspect that she would be even more of a pain in the butt than Gus was when Fiona wanted a divorce.

Speaking of Fiona, she is convinced that having a “traditional” wedding is the key to a lasting marriage. Fiona’s failure to recognize her missteps in her marriage to Gus do not bode well for her future with Sean. Sean is a really brave man for giving up the comforts of his place to relocate to House Gallagher. I do not think Sean has truly seen the Gallaghers at their craziest, but I’m sure he will see it soon. Even if Sean is up to the challenge of living with the Gallaghers, it was surprising to see that their home was a place he felt comfortable bringing his son during visits – particularly given his tenuous relationship with his ex-wife. I still do not have a lot of confidence in the long term prospects for Sean and Fiona. Frankly, I like the exchanges between Sean and Carl way more than I like just about any scene in which I’ve seen Sean and Fiona.

Ian is Tested
The episode was all about tests for Ian. First, he got tested for HIV and confirmed his negative status. He then went on to his EMT test and knocked it out of the park. His hopes for a new career were temporarily dashed when he discovered that his medical past would prevent him from pursuing his dream gig. That’s when Ian became the one administering the test, as he challenged the bounds of Caleb’s feelings for him. I was just as shocked as Ian when Caleb told him to just lie (by omission) on his paperwork and submit it. Ian then tried to push the bounds of Caleb’s support a bit further by sharing details of his sexual history, including his time working the “back room” at the bar where he used to dance and the bareback porn he once made. Like those of us watching at home, Ian is nervous that Caleb will reach his limit and end the relationship. Caleb recognizes this and seems even more determined to show Ian he’s not going anywhere.

Carl’s Ride Along
Ian was not the only Gallagher brother exploring new professional horizons. Carl tried to get a second shot at making a first impression on Dominique’s dad. He took his girlfriend and her dad out on a breakfast date, picked up the tab and revealed that he had left the game behind and earning an honest living at the diner. As a show of support for his daughter, Dominique’s dad decided to take Carl on a ride along. I loved everything about this storyline, as it felt like we finally got back the Carl we’ve learned to love over six seasons of Shameless. I knew the moment Carl made his tackle and proclaimed himself as the law, he had set his sights on a career as a police officer. I’m rooting for Carl and think he would be a great cop. Let’s hope Carl lives to take a shot at being a cop. Who knows what will happy if Dominique’s father discovers that Carl is having sex with his daughter. Well actually, we do know – he’ll take Carl out. And you know he’s going to find out before this season ends. Let’s just hope he catches them in the act and does not discover because Dominique is pregnant. One teen pregnancy in the Gallagher family is enough.

Speaking of teen pregnancies, Debbie began going into labor and understandably had second thoughts about giving birth at the commune. That after birth “connection” was just gross. While Debbie struggled with labor pains, Frank faced a challenge from a fellow commune member in the pit. Unsurprisingly, Frank prevailed with a low blow – literally. I could have done without seeing his victory celebration.
It turns out the women of the commune are not willing to share their men. Debbie managed to pull Frank away from his extra-curricular activities to get her home where she gave birth to baby Frances. Frank was not there to celebrate the birth of his first grandchild because his failed, ableit brief, foray into running drugs caught up with him. The second the dealers set Frank up for torture, I knew he was going to use the commune’s opium as an out. I hope that the writers will simply drop the commune and Queenie along with it now that Frank has unquestionably worn out his welcome mat there.

Welcome Back
Sean was not the only person who moved into the Gallagher home this week. Lip returned, after getting the boot from the sorority house due to his last drunken outburst, which included circling the pictures of girls with whom he slept, urinating on several decades worth of pictures and then urinating on the woman who runs the sorority house (his boss). The scariest part of it all was Lip not remembering a single moment of it. His actions cost him his free room and board and earned him a one-way ticket to the university’s mandatory alcohol counseling program. Lip received an summer internship, but that was the only thing that was working out for him on the academic/professional front. The drunken professor was angry that Lip failed to score his mid-term exams and was in no mood to hear Lip’s sob story or offer him a place to stay. As much as I love the idea of Lip being back with the family, I think his success in college requires him to be outside the Gallagher home.

Until Next Week!
Overall, I quite enjoyed this week’s episode of Shameless. Getting back the Carl we know and love was truly a highlight of “Paradise Lost.” The bachelorette party was certainly fun and full of unexpected surprises. What did you think of Shameless? Sound off below!