My Four Wishes for the Remainder of Season Two of The Flash

Barry, Nora, Leonard, Cisco, Patty - The Flash

After taking a month long break, The Flash returned on March 22. Exactly why they took a one month break is unclear; it could have been due to March Madness and not wanting to compete with the games, or perhaps they are saving their best episodes for April and May because of ratings. Regardless, we are now back in the swing of things!

Of all the super hero shows I watch, and I do watch most of them, The Flash is my favorite. Something about it resonates with my sensibilities. Probably it is because of the focus on family. Oh, and all the super hero stuff…

With seven episode left in season two, I have a short wish list of what I would like to see.

Return to Earth-2

Barry and Cisco - The Flash

Season two has dealt with the fallout after Barry traveled back in time to save his mother. Ultimately he chose not to save her, but unfortunately the damage was done as the wormhole he created collapsed on itself and created a black hole, resulting in dimensional rifts. These rifts allowed people and meta-humans from Earth-2 to travel to our Earth.

While most of the first half of Season two involved villains being sent by Zoom to our Earth to kill Barry, we were finally treated to an actual visit to Earth-2 in the two part episodes “Welcome to Earth-2” and “Escape from Earth-2.”

These episodes were among the best of the season, and gave the fans so much in the way of fun moments as well as character appearances. In fact, I have previously written about the Earth-2 characters in Who is Your Favorite Earth-2 Character on The Flash?

Frankly, a return to Earth-2 is necessary to give us some closure on questions still being pondered after “Escape from Earth-2.” I am pretty confident the writers will not leave us hanging, though!

No More Lies!

Barry and Patty - The Flash

Ok, this is a pipe dream of mine, and likely will never occur in my lifetime, but seriously, these shows sometimes seem to be a series of lies and the resulting drama, break-ups, make-ups, break-ups cycle is getting a bit old. I’m looking at you, Arrow!

Which of course is not to say that we also do not have this type of thing with The Flash. On the contrary, Central City and Starling/Star City are serious contenders in the lying Olympics in my opinion. While I am not advocating for Barry to have a main love interest since they tend to be a weakness for super heroes, not being told the truth was one of the reasons Patty Spivot left Central City.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why they lie – it provides drama, and these shows are action adventure dramas, so this perpetual lying drives the show, but still… surely there has to be a better way, or maybe just a different way, to drive the drama!

More Great Villains

Leonard Snart - The Flash

Over the two seasons The Flash has been on, we have been provided with a phalanx of great and memorable villains! And of course, a super hero is only as good as the villains he or she must face. Wimpy villains do not do much for the street cred of a super hero. The villains must be tough and ruthless to be worth their salt.

One of my favorite bad guys is Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, who although he is not quite as evil as originally thought, still has the best sense of sarcasm of any villain. I also really like The Trickster/James Jesse. Deliciously evil and unrepentant, James has lived up to his name and is a worthy foe of The Flash and his team.

More Great Character Moments

Barry and Nora - The Flash

One of the things The Flash does very well, in my opinion, is provide us with many great character moments. At best it is a story about family, with its many configurations and definitions. Because of that the expectation is quite high for the moments between the many characters. And, this show really delivers! The comedic moments, the serious moments, the tender moments, and the heartbreaking moments – they are all there.

Among my favorite character moments is when Barry was able to say goodbye to his mom before she died from the wounds inflicted by Zoom. While it was not the outcome he had planned, it did give them both closure. Another one is when he was visiting Earth-2 and while pretending to be his Earth-2 version, spoke with the Earth-2 version of his mom on the phone. His reaction to hearing her voice, and realizing that she was alive in the Earth-2 reality was amazing! Rounding out my top three favorite moments is from the season one finale where Barry says to Joe, “goodbye, dad.” Still makes me tear up…


Now it is your turn to sound off on what you want to see during the rest of season 2 of The Flash. Do you agree with my wishes, or perhaps have some of your own? Let me know in the comments section below – I look forward to reading your ideas!