The Flash “Trajectory” Review (Season 2 Episode 16)

Jesse - The Flash

It’s a shame to see a show that’s maintained such a consistent level of quality turn in a substandard installment, but so it was with The Flash this week. That’s not to say that “Trajectory” was an outright terrible episode, but with missteps in every story tonight, it’s one that feels like an uncharacteristic flub.

The main story started off well enough, with Barry once again pushing his limits in an attempt to get faster and become more of a match for Zoom. Of course, with all the training, the team deserved a bit of downtime, which led to the easy highlight of the episode as the gang went out for a night on the town. There wasn’t anything particularly stand-out in this scene, but it was just nice seeing everyone with their guard down and having a good time together.

Of course, it was from here that things started to get wobbly. First, there was Jesse’s discovery of her father’s secret, which, I’m not even entirely sure how it happened. Was there some network she tapped into? Why would Harry give her a bracelet to protect her that also housed secret recordings of him admitting to murdering someone? It was a weird start to a story that didn’t really go anywhere until Jesse decided to leave town. On the plus side, she’s headed for Opal City, which makes this the second DC show of the season to leave me hoping for a Starman appearance.

Equally off-putting was Iris’ quasi-date with her new boss, which seemed to suddenly introduce a romance just because the two happen to share a workplace. Really, the show has been struggling to figure out what to do with Iris now that Wally is more or less adjusted to life in Central City, so I appreciate the attempt to give her a story arc. But, like with Jesse, it played out in a weird, unnatural way that will hopefully smooth out in the coming weeks.

And all of that weirdness would be forgivable if the main story had held up, but that sadly wasn’t the case. Though she started off as a promising opponent to The Flash, Trajectory ultimately failed to stand out. The Jekyll-and-Hyde take on the character was just uninspired, and it’s impossible to have a compelling villain when their only motivation is madness.

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