Supergirl “Manhunter” Review (Season 1 Episode 17)

In the fallout of Kara’s Red Kryptonite rampage, Supergirl put the focus on the characters most affected by the revelation that Hank Henshaw was actually J’onn J’onzz. This meant an hour exploring the origins and relationships between Kara, Alex and the Martian “Manhunter” himself. It wasn’t the most action-packed hour, but it succeeded by further deepening and exploring the bonds between the characters.

With J’onn a captive of the DEO, the main thrust of this episode was concerned with exploring not only how he came to be the head of the organization, but the origins of several other characters as well. I actually really appreciated this approach; while it was nice to actually see the first interactions between J’onn and Jeremiah, there wasn’t really enough to the story to last an entire hour. Instead, the show left itself time to delve into Alex and Kara’s backstories a bit more, providing new shades to the characters.

Of the two, I preferred Alex’s flashback, as I think it went further to adding to the character. We got to see just how aimless her life was before joining the DEO, while also learning how important J’onn was to giving her a new sense of purpose in life. Kara’s flashback, meanwhile, was solid, but didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t know about how kind-hearted and heroic she’s always been. Still, it did give a fairly cool reason for the glasses she wears.

The one part of the episode that didn’t really work that well was Siobhan’s attempt to get revenge on Kara. The sad truth is that Siobhan has barely worked as a character, with the show barely establishing her as a true rival or villain in Kara’s world. She’s just seemed like a petty opportunist, one of the few people that actually deserved Red Kryptonite Kara’s rage last week. Worse is that, instead of even giving us an origin for her powers, she just suddenly has them by the end of the hour. The show has done a great job introducing new villains in self-contained episodes, so it was a shame to see it drop the ball with this multi-episode opportunity.

Still, it’s easy to forgive that small problem given how well the rest of the episode worked. More importantly, next week sees the doors to the DC Multiverse being blown wide open with the arrival of the Fastest Man Alive. There’s plenty to be excited about, is what I’m saying.

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