Scorpion “Djibouti Call” Review (Season 2 Episode 20)

Scorpion 11

On the amusingly-titled “Djibouti Call,” Team “Scorpion” was hoodwinked into joining a mission that was deceptively simple, but turned out to be anything but. Aren’t they all, really? This one involved what was posited as Cabe’s new “trainee,” Tim Armstrong (Scott Porter, “Hart of Dixie”), who claimed to be a former Navy SEAL who caught shrapnel on a mission and was trying to get reinstated, but in the meantime, while he was in the process, specifically requested to work with the team, being big admirers of their work.

Tim seemingly says all the right things and most of the team likes him right away, but Walter remains a bit dubious, not in the least when Tim gets a little too flirty with Paige. It’s this suspicion that will later lead Water to cross some boundaries to learn who Tim “really” is, but, at the same time, will help cement their working together towards a common goal instead of being at odds with one another.

The main mission, insofar as the team knows, is to install some listening equipment and make sure it works, so that the government can ostensibly spy on some nearby military factions in Africa, specifically, you guessed it, in Djibouti. This naturally leads Toby to make a bunch of “booty”-themed wisecracks, which made me laugh because apparently I’m still a twelve-year-old at heart, lol.

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The team gets the equipment in question up and running in no time and test it out and the mission is seemingly done, but Cabe says he has business to attend to with the General onsite and leaves, with Tim in tow. Left to their own devices, the team becomes curious about a box that they were told not to open when unloading the rest of the equipment. Naturally, they look inside anyway, and it proves to be a 3D printer. But what do they need that for?

As the team is beginning to suspect, they are not only there to install equipment, but because Cabe and Tim have a secret mission to attend to. It involves sneaking into the basement of a nearby building, scanning an ultra-valuable bowl they have stashed there, and returning to base, where they will use the printer to manufacture a fake, which they will then go back and replace the old one with the fake one and then get the hell out of Dodge.

The reason being, the man involved, Copley (Sean Cameron Michael, “Black Sails”), is selling rare artifacts in Africa to the highest bidders to fund radical local militias. The idea is to make him out to be a fake, selling phony merchandise, so that he will be discredited and no one will want to buy from him anymore, thus cutting off the funding for said militia in the process.

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The problem arises when, after successfully getting into the building, scanning the bowl and getting out, someone spots Cabe as he is leaving and opens fire on him and Tim. They manage to get away, but the shooter nicks their fuel tank and Cabe knows they won’t make it back to base. So, Cabe being Cabe, he tosses Tim out of the car to escape while he allows himself to be willingly captured by Copley’s men to buy time until Tim can get help to rescue him.

Meanwhile, the natives are getting restless, and Walter decides to break into secret government files to find out who Tim really is. Walter discovers that Tim’s former partner was killed by an IED on their last mission, which an arriving Tim confirms that they are there to finish.

Tim tells the team that Cabe has been kidnapped and that they need to come up with a plan to rescue him or he’ll likely be tortured and killed. He says that they will undoubtedly question him first about why he’s there, which will buy them some time, but they need to figure this out sooner than later if they want to save Cabe.

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The team uses the equipment they just installed to pin down Cabe’s location and go ahead and process the fake bowl from the scan of the real one. Then Tim has an idea as to how they can rescue Cabe: he and Paige will pose as the buyers who are supposed to be coming in to purchase the bowl. That was why the mission needed to be done sooner than later- they needed to replace the fake bowl with the new one before they made the purchase, which would have netted Copley some $5 million.

While Tim and Paige stall Copley with loads of questions and the like, Happy and Sly sneak into the basement to replace the bowl while Walter and Toby try to retrieve Cabe at the same time.

Unfortunately, Sly drops the fake bowl when a monkey jumps out and scares him! With no time to spare, Happy comes up with an on-the-fly method to fix it, but it requires more stalling on Tim and Paige’s end and Copley is definitely getting suspicious.

Scorpion 6

Meanwhile, Walter and Toby come up with a plan to shoot the guard with a berry with properties that can knock a man out, using a paper funnel to propel it into his neck. It works, but nowhere near fast enough, so they have to shoot him with another one, but he still doesn’t go down, so they try and tackle the massive guy, to no avail, as he’s groggy but not out- but he does eventually keel over, just when things look dire.

Alas, there’s yet another guard inside, watching over Cabe, and this one is armed. But when he’s distracted by Walter and Toby’s antics, Cabe takes advantage of his back being turned and manages to knock the guard out using only his legs and feet! Walter and Toby untie him and they bolt out of there. Sly leaves the basement, but runs afoul of the monkey again, screaming in the process, which alerts the outside team to his whereabouts and they go to get him.

Copley tires of Tim and Paige’s stalling and insists they get on with the deal. Happy manages to get out of there just in time, hiding under the floorboards, but still within the room. Tim tries to dispute the bowl’s worth and haggle for money, but Copley isn’t having it. Then the real buyers arrive and Copley goes to take out Tim and Paige, but Happy saves the day from below by turning over some racks onto Copley and his men, allowing them all to escape.

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Unfortunately, Paige is shot in the back as they are doing so, and it slows them down just enough for Copley’s thugs to easily catch up to them. The team gets into the car and flees, but the bad guys are hot on their tails and they are about to be boxed in. So, they go in reverse and Tim shoots a fuel tank, which takes out one group of their pursuers.

However, in doing so, they go right back towards Copley and his other men, who open fire. Putting the car back into forward again, this time they do manage to escape for real and get out of there.

Naturally, Paige was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time, so her injuries are mostly relegated to bruising, but that’s certainly better than being shot for real. Tim tends to her wounds, which does not go unnoticed by Walter, who is more jealous than ever.

Cabe notices this and talks to Walter, who insists he doesn’t have the capacity for jealousy, but he’s obviously lying. Cabe informs the team that, back in Djibouti, Copley has gone through with the sale, but has no idea that the team switched out the bowl, so it’s only a matter of time before he is discredited.

Scorpion 2

During all this, Sly had hired Heywood (Horatio Sanz) to look into suing the game shows that refused to let him go on their shows. He did, but comes up empty, having failed to make a solid case for Sly and himself. He dejectedly suggests that he’s not a very good lawyer and that Sly should try again with another one that’s better at his job. Sly says what if he got him on a case that he was sure to win if he and the team helped, which would in turn help his standing in the law community and get him more work and Heywood is thrilled and flattered.

That was about it for this episode, save some amusing booty-shaking by Toby during a game of Truth and Dare at the top of the show. Toby, still faltering a bit with laying off the gambling, uses the game as a sort of surrogate replacement for it, but Happy isn’t having it and tells him if he wants a quick jolt, he should try kissing her, and kisses him to prove her point. It works, at least for now.

This was a decent enough episode and Tim was a likable enough character in the short term. I’m not sure if he’s going to be sticking around, but it might do Walter some good to have to come to terms with his feelings for Paige, so this might be just what the relationship doctor ordered, in terms of making things happen between the two in a way that makes sense without betraying their mutual agreement to not be involved.


In other words, it may force Walter to declare his feelings for Paige- and vice versa- in a way that I think is needed, by making him have to come to terms with his feelings first, before acting on them, which he isn’t quite ready to do. By forcing the issue via a third party, it gets the job done without being as contrived as it could be, so I hope Tim sticks around just long enough to make Walter do just that.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Did you enjoy the main mission? What did you make of Tim? Would you like to see him stick around? Do you think it will be a good thing for Walter to come to terms with his obvious feelings for Paige, or will it only cause him to self-destruct again? What’s with Sly and monkeys? What was your favorite “Djibouti” joke? Sound off down below and see you next week!