Once Upon A Time “Devil’s Due” Review (Season 5 Episode 14)

Once Upon a Time  Devil's Due

After a week’s vacation, I had concerns about catching up on two Once Upon A Time underworld episodes. I was disappointed with the first, but far more impressed with this week’s adventure. All the story threads came together seamlessly, thanks in part to the return of Rumple’s former wife (and Hook’s lady love).

While I normally complain about the flashbacks, I enjoyed the look back at Rumple’s tempestuous marriage. In the Enchanted Forest, his son lies on the verge of death after a snake bite, and a shaman demands a mountain of gold in exchange for the cure. Milla wants Rumple to murder the man and take the cure, but he can’t muster up the cruelty to do it. This is the conflict that we need to occasionally see to maintain some sympathy for Rumple. This is especially important considering what we learn later about Belle…. Instead of committing murder, Rumple makes a deal: he gets the cure if he promises to give over his second child. This is a clever reworking of the Rumplestiltskin story.

We then learn that in current time, Belle is pregnant. She doesn’t know it yet, and she doesn’t know that her unborn child has already been bargained away. There’s no doubt that conversation will not go well. The particularly bad news is that Hades has gotten ahold of the contract and can now use it to manipulate Rumple. Considering Hades arc will likely run out by the end of the season, there’s no real threat that he’s actually going to get Belle’s baby. But it’ll be interesting to see if Rumple will stand up to protect this child, unlike the way he abandoned Neal.

This whole baby story, though, really got me thinking more about the future of Hook and Emma. I’m glad that they were reunited in this episode and Emma was able to get him out of the underworld dungeon/closet/basement/whatever-that-was. We don’t need any more obstacles to their relationship. I think it’s time we get them out of the underworld and start planning a Storybrooke wedding. That sounds like a network advertising dream. That should be the goal of next season. Then they can throw in a little baby Emma. I was going to say a Killian Jr., but then was worried we’d end up with Henry 2.0. One Henry is bad enough.

One thing I am confused about is Hades. If he dislikes Emma and Company for all the trouble they’re causing him, why not give them the boot? Instead, he’s come up with a scheme to trap Emma, Snow, and Regina in the Underworld. At this point, I’m begging for us to leave red tinted Storybrooke behind. I find the scenes with that color completely nauseating. As far as villains go, I’m enjoying Hades, but I’m not really sure what his purpose is other than collecting bodies. Plus, the mishmash of Enchanted Forest with Greek myth just feels off.

This was one of the rare solid episodes. The only real complaint I have is the red tint. Let’s keep the Hook/Emma train moving forward and all will be well.