Gotham “Mad Grey Dawn” Review (Season 2 Episode 15)

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On the latest episode of “Gotham,” Gordon’s takedown of Galavan finally came back to haunt him in earnest, as Internal Affairs reopened the case after a new witness came forward, claiming that they could put him at the scene and saw Gordon killing Galavan personally, in “Mad Grey Dawn.” But who was this mystery witness, and were they really there?

In addition, the cops had to deal with a new threat in town, as a would-be bomber set various plans into motion. But who was it, and to what end? Viewers found out early on that it was none other than Ed Nygma, who had no designs on blowing up anyone, really, but actually had a hidden agenda which didn’t become clear until later in the episode.

For his first bomb scare, he set off a smoke bomb in the Gotham Museum, stealing a painting of the same name as the title, along with defacing two others worth far more, all with question marks left in spray paint. Bullock and Gordon go to the scene and with the help of the museum curator, realize that all of this is a clue- or better yet, a riddle, if you will.

The defaced paintings are named for the French words for Market and Street, while the one stolen was of a train wreck caused by a bomb. Gordon realizes that the bomber might be targeting a train station on Market Street next, so they head there, evacuating everyone as quick as they can.

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Gordon spots a locker with the tell-tale question mark, just missing Ed slinking in the shadows, and opens it with a nearby crowbar, then tosses the bomb inside elsewhere, out of harm’s way. It detonates right away, but no one is harmed in the incident. The cops come to investigate the scene, with Ed among them, who asks one of them, Officer Pinkney (Ian Quinlan, “Music of the Heart”) to sign something, which he does.

Later, Gordon tells Dr. Thompkins about the IA investigations, which upsets her to no end, especially since she wanted to run while the getting was good. Gordon insists he can still fix things, but Ed is taking measures to prove him wrong, as he pays Pinkney a visit and kills him with the very same crowbar that Gordon touched earlier at the train station, then stashes it away at the scene.

Bullock calls Gordon with a lead to check out a pay phone where the bomber called from, which Gordon goes to investigate. He sees a door ajar nearby and looks inside the apartment, only to see Pinkney dead on the floor. No sooner is he inside when Captain Barnes shows up, thinking Gordon did it and takes him back to the precinct.

It turns out that Pinkney is the reported witness who claimed to have saw Gordon killing Galavan that night. Of course, he isn’t really, but Ed has framed him as such, using his signature from earlier to do it, then subsequently using the crowbar and the pay phone set-up to frame Gordon. It worked and Gordon is charged with Pinkney’s murder. As he is led away, he begs Bullock to find the real culprit.

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Gordon is found guilty and given 40 years for the murder, which a stunned, disbelieving Bruce sees on TV. Dr. T. visits Gordon in jail, where he breaks things off with her and tells her she should leave town and start over somewhere else. He tells her not to visit again, and that he will refuse to see her if she does. As he is taken away, Bullock vows to help exonerate him.

As all of this is going on, Penguin pays a visit to Butch’s house, where he and Tabitha aren’t too thrilled to see him, given all that he has done to them in the past. Butch quickly realizes that something is off with Penguin, remarking that his treatment must have actually worked. Even when they mess with him, Penguin doesn’t bite, so Butch decides to call things even between them, but Tabitha isn’t so forgiving and actually tars and feathers him!

Penguin goes to Ed’s for help next, but Ed is no more welcoming than Butch was, telling him he wasn’t interested in reforming himself, as he was having too much fun. Ed sends Penguin packing, and he ends up at his mother’s grave, lamenting this unexpected turn of events. Someone approaches him, and says his name is Elijah Van Dahl (Paul Reubens, aka “Pee Wee Herman”).

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After talking to Penguin for a little while Dahl puts two and two together and realizes that Oswald must be his son. Dahl admits he was involved with Oswald’s mother when he was younger and she was the cook for his family. His family is loaded and thought she was beneath him, so they paid her off to leave and told Elijah they would make sure she was well taken care of, so long as he didn’t approach her ever again, which he didn’t, for her sake.

However, he had no idea she was pregnant at the time and is only finding out about Oswald now. Taken aback, he invites Oswald home with him, where he excitedly offers to let him stay as long as he wants and looks forward to introducing him to his family. However, when he does, not all of them- if any- look thrilled to meet him. From the looks of next week’s preview, that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

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Finally, there was Bruce, who agreed to take part in a robbery with Selina of Butch’s nephew Sonny (Paul Pilcz, “Mildred Pierce”), who runs drugs for Butch. Selina has Ivy (Clare Foley) dose Sonny’s men with magic mushrooms and they go to steal from them, but Sonny arrives and kicks the crap out of Bruce. Selina breaks free of the thugs and they are able to escape just in the nick of time before Bruce got even more hurt.

Selina grabs something or the other on the way out, which looks to be drugs, possibly more mushrooms. She fixes Bruce up, telling him she never saw anyone take a beating like that before. Bruce admits he encouraged it, as in feeling pain, he finally felt something for the first time since his parents’ death. Yeah, that sounds healthy. Clearly, Bruce is a burgeoning masochist!

Maybe he should hook up with the sadistic Barbara, who wakes up near the end of the episode, with the nurse running to alert Hugo Strange of her recovery. Will he do to her what he did to Penguin? Or will he do something else altogether? How will she handle the news about Gordon’s incarceration? I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

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That was about it for this episode. It was a solid enough episode, if a bit reserved to a certain extent, at least by this show’s standards. Sure, we got to see the Riddler in action for the first time, more or less, but I think we all knew where that was all headed and the puzzles he left behind weren’t as interesting as they could have been. But then, he’s just getting started, so I’ll cut him some slack for now.

Faring better was the Penguin subplot, which has the potential to be really interesting. I suspect that there’s more going on to this family than meets the eye, and that we’ll discover that the crazy doesn’t fall far from the Penguin family tree in the Dahl line, from the looks of things. It was also an undeniable kick to see Reubens in the rare “straight” dramatic role. That said, I can’t wait to see the new Pee Wee movie on Netflix!

As for the Gordon situation, if I had to guess, I’d say that Bullock will figure out a way to clear his name, but not before Gordon gets the stuffing knocked out of him in prison. From what I understand, cop killers don’t fare too well there. I don’t imagine that Dr. T. or Bruce will give up on him too easily, either. Whatever the case, don’t count on him staying in prison too much longer, I’d say.

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What did you think of the latest episode of “Gotham”? Did you also enjoy seeing Reubens in a rare dramatic role? What do you think Ed will do next? How about Barbara? What will Strange do with her? How will Gordon’s name be cleared? Or will Bruce attempt to break him out of prison somehow? Will Sonny and his men come after Bruce and Selina? Sound off on this and more down below and see you next week!