The Good Wife “Shoot” Review (Season 7 Episode 17)


I would have thought that The Good Wife would have aired a lighter episode tonight, with just a filler case thrown in as CBS and the rest of America is in the middle of March Madness Mania. However, that clearly wasn’t the case, as “Shoot” starts with a gut-wrenching scene that nearly brought me to tears. It all took only about two minutes! I could tell something was going to happen to her because you just knew that all of that happiness would be leading up to a tragedy, but the way it went down with his daughter clutching at her bleeding throat on the night of her prom was totally brutal. Not only that, but that bullet hole through the neck has to be one of the most violent things we’ve seen on this show, right? I mean, it isn’t like this is a show with a bunch of death and murder left and right. The fact that such violence happened to such a young and beloved girl was even more upsetting.

The cases of the week have been hit and miss this season, and sometimes they feel like they just get shoved into an episode just because they feel it’s a requirement. That wasn’t the case here. This was a great case with a lot of thought-provoking arguments made on both sides. If you feel strongly on either side of the gun control debate (as most people do), then this probably didn’t change your opinion. It was still very well written and performed with a wonderful guest appearance by Blair Underwood. He’s been killing it on Agents of SHIELD this season, and it was no different here. Also, you’ve got to assume that was the last episode for Denis O’Hare as Judge Abernathy, right? We’ve only got five more episodes, so you’ve got to think that they gave him that awesome grandstanding final scene.

I was actually happy to see that they were actually giving some problems to the runaway romance of Alicia and Jason. These two lovebirds have been nauseating in their constant affection of each other, so I thought that seeing Jason kiss another woman would be a bump in the road. Nope. Alicia really just seemed a little annoyed for a bit, and then she got a lame explanation from Jason and dropped it. I know that she says that she’s married and shouldn’t be in a position to be upset, but I don’t buy that. Sure, you’re married, but he knew from the beginning that you were married and that your marriage has really been a sham for a few years now. If she had known that he had another girl in New York up front, then things might have been different. I just don’t see that girl and Peter as comparable situations.

Speaking of Peter, his grand jury storyline soldiers on. There wasn’t a whole lot new here. More of Eli eavesdropping from the bathroom and more of Alicia, Eli and Mike theorizing and strategizing about how to handle the questions. This storyline continues to be lame, so I hope it goes away soon. This isn’t exactly the note I want to end the series on.

Thankfully the main case for the week was strong, as the ongoing storylines continue to bore me a bit. I’m hoping these pick up a bit in the homestretch here.

Random Thoughts:

– It kinda bothers me that the sign for the Grand Jury Room says “Grand Jury Room This Way” with an arrow underneath. Does it really need to say “this way”? Isn’t the arrow enough by itself?

– I know there’s been some talk about a possible spin-off for this show, but how about we follow Grace as a lawyer in the future! She’s trying to be a cutthroat lawyer, but she doesn’t want to compromise her Christian ethics!

– Man, Matthew Morrison is aggressively boring in this role. I think tonight was the first time he’s shown any kind of emotion.