How To Get Away With Murder “Anna Mae” Review (Season 2 Finale)


How to Get Away with Murder closed its Season 2 premiere with Annalise bleeding out on the floor courtesy of Wes. And now it’s ended the Season 2 finale with Wallace Mahoney aka Wes’ father shot dead outside his office in New York… in front of Wes. Man, Wes really is the Eugene from Hey Arnold of this show.** How many bad events can one person handle? Granted, Annalise and the rest of the gang have had their fair share, but Wes’ list now consists of:

– Found his mother after she committed suicide
– Killed his professor’s husband in an act of self-defense
– His girlfriend murdered by his professor’s associate
– Shot his professor in anger
– Learned his professor has a connection to his childhood
– Thought that maybe he actually killed his mother
– Found out his father raped his mother, resulting in his conception
– Revealed himself to his father… and then his father was shot in the head

**Eugene was the kid on Hey Arnold that had exceedingly bad luck. Of course on that show it was comical.

Honestly Wes, you should have transferred schools a lonnnng time ago. Actually, all of the Keating 5 should have transferred a lonnnng time ago, like after their first murder. I could make a list of all the horrible things that have happened to them as well, but that would take up a LOT of space.

Instead, I’ll focus on the fact that Cicely Tyson knocked it out of the park again in her return as Ophelia. She and Viola Davis are masters, and while I can see certain people wishing more time this episode was focused on the cases at hand, I wanted even more with Anna Mae’s family in Memphis. Like her father, Annalise is good at running. And only when she comes home (or when home comes to her as Ophelia did last season) does she regain the clarity and strength she needs to push through. In Season 1 it came from learning the sacrifice her mother made to keep the family surviving. In “Anna Mae,” it was from the act of truly letting go of the child she lost 10 years ago. Brilliant work once more by Davis and Tyson. I’d love every episode to have Ophelia, but her solo appearances both season so far have been like a sweet dessert, and I can see creator Pete Nowalk continuing with that tradition.

And continuing with tradition of someone dying in connection to the Keating 5 and Annalise, we now have the murder of Mahoney to figure out. It sure looks like Frank could be the perpetrator, what with him learning the connection between Mahoney and Wes from Laurel, and reliving the guilt of being indirectly responsible for Annalise losing her baby (with Mahoney being directly responsible in ordering the hit). At the same time, Frank feels too easy an answer. Perhaps it’s Eve? Or someone else related to Mahoney or Wes we haven’t even met yet? It’s all a very tangled web, one I think the show navigated quite well in Season 1 but lost steam navigating this past season. Everyone has a secret. Everyone hooks up. It’s essentially a nighttime soap, and in that way no different from Grey’s Anatomy or any other show doing the same thing. How to Get Away with Murder rests on the shoulders of Annalise and Viola Davis though, and whenever the focus shifts from her, the more I see the seams showing. Can the program truly survive if it continues to move that way?

More Thoughts After I Say “Everybody love me”

– Do you think Annalise’s comment to Bonnie about Frank needing to go meant “he’s fired” or “he needs to die?” I’m going with the former because Annalise knows how important Frank can be in certain situations. Him being alive means she can always guilt him into helping her in a bind.

– Sam truly disgusts me. Losing your son in that way is something no parent should have to be put through. And yet your “favor” you asked from Frank was to make him take the life of someone else’s daughter.

– Well, the Keating 5 have truly rubbed off on Oliver now. Deleting Connor’s acceptance letter from Stanford and impersonating him to the Dean of Admissions? Oh Oliver, you disappoint me. I thought you were different.

– Couples retreat: who will be the next of our Bizarro Scooby Gang to hook up? Frank and Bonnie? Wait… they’ve probably already done that. Asher and Connor? Connor and Michaela? Do you even care?