Survivor “The Devils We Know” Review (Season 32 Episode 5)

SURVIVOR The Devils We Know

We had a lot of movin’ and shakin’ going on tonight on “The Devils We Know”, as Survivor made their firsts big tribe switch of the season, and introduced yet another switch to the formula!

Before we got to that, though, Neal put himself on the map in a big way by quickly finding the clue and hidden immunity idol all within a couple minutes! This guy has been flying under the radar for me, but he came out of nowhere tonight to make this big move. I’m not sure what made him think that now was the time to really buckle down and find the idol, though. I mean, he’s on the favorable side of the majority alliance since the beginning of the game, so I’m not sure why he suddenly felt scared enough to go out and search. Maybe he just had some free time. Who knows. Well, at least he had the cleanest idol find of the season thus far. Everybody else this season has either needed several attempts to grab it or grabbed it in front of a bunch of other people. I’m not sure why this key was so easy to poke right out of the tree, and the others all seemed really tough, but whatever.

After the third hidden idol was found, we got straight to the big shakeup. It was an interesting wrinkle that Caleb’s unfortunate exit last week just happened to mess up the merge they were already planning. There’s been plenty of medical evacuations on the show, but I guess none of them have ever happened in this particular week. This forced the producers hand into sending one person back to their camp to basically sit out the entire episode. There was a few pros and cons to being the odd man out. While it is kind of a bummer to be all by yourself and not get to forge those partnerships with the new tribe, I think it’s overall quite an advantage. First of all, there wasn’t even a reward challenge tonight so it isn’t like you were missing out on any possible food. Second, you don’t have to worry about going home that week, obviously. Third, and possibly most important, you are an immediate swing vote when you do end up joining your new tribe next week. They’re voting somebody out knowing that you’ll be coming back to their tribe next week, and they know that you’ll be desperate for an alliance to join when you return, so it’s not that bad of a deal.

There was a lot of fun wrinkles seeing these very different tribes merging, and a lot of crazy scrambling and alliance forming that’s hard to sum up here, so I’ll just go to the funny stuff. Man, Debbie really loved Cydney. Like…a lot. Well, at least she liked her body. That lady was impressed with Cydney’s physique to an uncomfortable degree. I was a bit surprised that Cydney actually really seemed to like her, considering that nobody else seems to. Maybe she just enjoys when somebody compliments her muscles.

I love the odd couple combination of Scot and Tai. I guess really Tai and anybody make for an odd couple combination because I thought the same thing about Tai and Caleb, but the height difference alone between the ex-NBA player and tiny Asian dude was enough to crack you up. Just watching those two walking through the jungle was hilarious!

I was so happy that Tai was brave enough to keep his idol in his pocket (or is shoe, to be more precise), but I was so worried that the votes would go to him and not Anna. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean that he’ll get so confident that he’ll never want to use his idol. Be smart, Tai! I want to watch more of the Tai and Scot show!

Random Thoughts:

– I loved the shot of the monkey in the tree frantically eating his mango as he sees Tai and Scot picking them from one of his trees. He be like “Leave some for me, bros!”

– It’s a little strange that people in this season and last season both seem to think that there’s no idols anymore. When is the last time there were no hidden idols? Like…the single digit numbered seasons, right? They’ve been around forever, and they most likely will remain on the show forever. They didn’t disappear, you guys just suck at finding them!

– Wow, Julia must have really done very little interesting over at that tribe! We saw her struggling for about 15 seconds, and they were like “All right, that’s enough outta you!”