Shadowhunters “This World Inverted” Review (Season 1 Episode 10)

From the moment Meliorn began with his absolutely ridiculous hand gesturing to open a portal to an alternate universe, I had a good feeling that last night’s Shadowhunters would bring back the silliness missing from the previous episode. To a degree, it did, with one half of “This World Inverted” providing some of the best material the show has given. However, the scenes set in the regular universe were fairly dull, save for a couple of over-the-top moments near the end.

Starting with what worked, there was a downright delightful air about the alternate universe. Both in terms of content and cinematography, this was a brighter, more enjoyable place to be, to an almost ridiculous level. It was a saccharine sweet world where everyone is bright and sun-shiny all the time. Add on to that the fact that everyone, even the former shadowhunters, all went to the same school together, and it all felt like one of those fanfics that reimagines all of its characters in high school.

But you know what? It worked well, giving us even more cartoonish versions of some of the show’s characters. This included an Alec that was fully out of the closet, a surprisingly nebbish version of Jace, and… well, Simon was basically the exact same. The standout, though, was Magnus, whose geek chic alternate was just as entertaining as the original. If nothing else, this outing cemented Magnus as the show’s best character.

The only thing that didn’t really work was the kinder version of Valentine because, well, we’ve barely seen the guy up until now. There’s no emotional connection to the character, so seeing an alternate version of him has no real effect. Similarly, Alec’s continued jerk behavior in the real world makes it hard to care about him as well.

However, his attempt to seek out Jace with their bond made for some delightfully hammy acting. Of course, the highlight was Simon and Luke working together to fake out Fisk. Again, it was a shaky plan at best, but the way it was played was the exact right kind of goofy for this show.

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