Sleepy Hollow “Into the Wild” Review (Season 3, Episode 14)

The author Anais Nin once said that we don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are. Basically, our perception and experiences greatly influence our interpretation and understanding of the facts. That isn’t an inherently bad thing, but it can sometimes cause us to draw parallels where there are none and reach conclusions that may not necessarily be supported by the facts.

This week’s Sleepy Hollow had a bit of a different vibe than usual, but I kind of liked it. Let me just start by saying that it NEVER goes well when the words “team building survival exercise” come out of the boss’s mouth. You may as well just go ahead and have emergency services personnel standing by. Unfortunately for Abbie and Sophie (but probably fortunately for the population of Sleepy Hollow) the FBI team was dropped out in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone and minimal supplies. Naturally, a four hundred year old monster would choose that particular moment to escape his prison and start attacking anyone unlucky enough to happen past his prison cell. I’m still not entirely clear on how the monster, a Verslinder, escaped the cage in the first place, but I’m just going to leave it alone and focus on what was really important about this aspect of the story. Abbie and Sophie got a chance to do a bit of bonding in between trying to stay alive and finding a way to stop the Verslinder. It turns out, that they have similar stories of childhood trauma at the hands of the supernatural, but the primary difference between them is how they choose to view those events. Abbie chose to view them in a negative light and focus on everything the supernatural has taken from her. She was actually focused on it so hard that she missed out on all the good that’s happened to her due to the supernatural. She’s got a friend who has literally crossed dimensions to save her. She and her sister were able to salvage and repair their relationship. Oh, and did I mention she’s saved the world at least once already? It’s not that the supernatural hasn’t cost her. It has. But it’s given her quite a bit too, and Sophie helped Abbie realize that. I wasn’t too sure about Sophie at first, but I think I might be warming up to her. They’re slowly revealing more about her backstory, and there’s some interesting stuff there. It’s clear that she’s more than capable of taking care of herself, and unlike some other characters (cough**Katrina**cough) her addition to the story doesn’t feel forced and unnecessary. The dynamic between her and Abbie is different, and watching them work together was cool.

While Abbie and Sophie were fighting for their lives, Jenny and Joe were trying to track down a Sumerian artifact that they thought might be able to help them figure out what The Hidden One and Pandora are up to. As it turns out, the “artifact” was actually a piece of Pandora’s box which Pandora was most anxious to retrieve. She was also surprised to learn that Joe isn’t entirely human. Which honestly, kind of confused me. I mean. I remember that Joe was infected and became a wendigo, but I thought they were able to cure him of that. Why did the monster come out again when he touched the fragment? Maybe the magic of the box is able to override the magic they used to cure Joe in the first place? I don’t know and they didn’t really explain it. However, Joe’s partial transformation did reveal that in the form of a wendigo, Joe was able to hurt Pandora. That’s significant considering they haven’t been able to even touch her up to this point. I hate to say it, but they may end up having to draw on Joe’s monster powers to defeat Pandora in the end. I sincerely hope they don’t, though, because there’s no telling whether Joe will be able to come back from being a monster. But even more than that, turning back into a monster is probably Joe’s worst fear. He looked like he was trying to sneak out on Jenny because he’s afraid that he’ll accidentally hurt her. I’m not saying they’ll have to use Monster Joe, but it’s the only thing they’ve got that’s been able to hurt Pandora thus far.

Speaking of Pandora, anyone with properly functioning eyes and two brain cells can see that The Hidden One has absolutely no intention of restoring Pandora’s power or position. He only gave her the power in the first place so that she would be able to free him from The Underworld. Not to mention that every time she’s asked him to return her power since he got back, he either finds an excuse not to or threatens violence against her for asking him for it. I literally laughed out loud at the look on Pandora’s face when she thought “her love” was going to restore her power after her confrontation with Jenny and Joe. Denied! It probably wasn’t supposed to be funny, but I laugh at inappropriate things all the time. At any rate, it looks like Pandora has finally realized that it doesn’t matter what she does, The Hidden One is always going to find fault in her efforts and use it as an excuse to deny her the power she so desperately craves. She looks like she’s so done now though, and that isn’t going to work out well for Lover Boy. It seems that in all of his centuries of existence, The Hidden One has forgotten the most basic truth: there is no fury like that of a woman scorned.

If there was one thing that bothered me about this episode, it was the forced conversations between Abbie and Danny. I’ve already made it clear that I don’t think there’s very much chemistry between Abbie and Danny, so I won’t keep beating that horse. That being said, Danny’s abrupt lane change regarding his and Abbie’s relationship was confusing. A couple of weeks ago he’s begging Abbie to come back and admitting that he fell in love with her, but now he’s fussing about her disappearing and complaining about her not being honest with him. Uh…what? It’s not like he’s exactly being the poster boy for honesty at the moment. Glass houses and all. Beyond that though, it’s not like they’ve been engaged in any sort of romantic relationship since he got to Sleepy Hollow, and probably since a good while before that. Abbie is under no obligation to tell him anything. I just think it’s interesting that Danny is so adamant that Abbie be honest and upfront with him while he’s keeping her in the dark regarding his superiors’ interest in her. Part of that is no doubt because he’s trying to protect his own career, but he still has no right to say anything to Abbie about honesty.

All in all, this was a pretty solid episode. We got a chance to see Abbie and Sophie be BAMF and they didn’t even need Ichabod’s random historical knowledge to do it. Ichabod’s discovery that the symbol they thought was evil was actually a part of the Witness Tablets opens up so many new possibilities. What part do The Witnesses play in the battle against The Hidden One? Was that symbol actually carved into The Hidden One’s temple or was the symbol drawn to Abbie like a moth to flame? How can Ichabod and Abbie use this newfound communication device to their advantage? So many questions. Questions I hope we get to spend some time answering during the last part of the season. So what did y’all think of this episode of Sleepy Hollow?