‘Once Upon a Time’ (Season 5): There’s No Place Like…the Underworld?

Once Upon a Time  Labor of Love

In the world of Once Upon a Time, traveling to other worlds isn’t that unusual. After all, Emma and the rest of the heroes (and villains) in Storybrooke have already traveled to Wonderland, Oz, Neverland, Camelot and Arendelle. Now they are in the Underworld on a quest to save Captain Hook (Killian Jones), the love of Emma Swan’s life.

During their first trial in Hell, they discovered that they could actually help the lost souls find peace while attempting to track down Hook. The first soul they assisted was Regina’s long-lost father Henry, who she killed in order to create the curse that transported all of the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest to Storybrooke for 28 long years.

Quite frankly it was a little odd to see Regina help release her father’s soul given what she did to him, but on the other hand, it was not only time for her father to move on to a “better place” (which is where Regina always ‘thought’ he was) but also for Regina to make amends for what she did to him.

The next soul they helped was demi-God Hercules, Snow White’s teenage friend from the Enchanted Forest, who lost his life in attempting to defeat Cerberus, the three-headed hound of Hades.

Reuniting with Mary Margaret (aka Snow White) – and Megara (the girl who would later become Hercules’s wife), a fellow prisoner of Hades who briefly spent some time locked up with Hook – Hercules was able to defeat the Hell Hound and pass over to Mount Olympus.

This action brought Megara and Hercules back together as they briefly met before both of them lost their lives to Cerberus. And, it allowed Mary Margaret to be reminded of who Hercules helped her become: the feisty and independent Snow White with Robin Hood like skills with a bow and arrow.

Who will the heroes attempt to save next while on their quest to save Hook’s life? That’s anyone guess at this point; but given what was shown in the clips for next week’s episode it would appear that Emma will get dangerous close to saving Hook’s life – but at what expense? Oh, and they have that deadly mandate handed down from Hades to Hook. For every soul that Emma and the heroes of Stroybrooke save, one of them will lose their lives and Hook will have to choose.

That’s not going to be pleasant at all!!

What are your thoughts on the last two episodes of the series? What do you think of Hades? Is he scary at all or do you think the heroes can defeat him, saving Hook’s life in the process? Do you think they will be able to help other lost souls find peace or will Hades be able to exact his mandate? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

And remember, the next new episode of the fifth season of ‘Once Upon a Time’ will air on ABC on Sunday, March 20 at 8/7c.