Love and the Zombie Apocalypse

Maggie, Glenn, Michonne, Rick, Carl, Enid, Abraham, Sasha - The Walking Dead

It is spring time and love is in the air, even on a somber program like The Walking Dead! Of course, we have no idea what season it is on The Walking Dead, or even what month – the passage of time is not a clear concept there, which is understandable, since this is no longer a world with a normal routine.

Hooking Up in a Zombie Apocalypse

Rick and Michonne - The Walking Dead

Seasonal effects notwithstanding, love and sex have not been absent from this world, and I doubt they ever could be because humans have a basic need for both, even in the worst of times. I suppose it all started with Shane and Lori, and then progressed to Glenn and Maggie. The Governor and Andrea made an interesting couple for a brief time. Next were Abraham and Rosita who did not seem to care about the lack of complete privacy. Then we had Rick and Jessie, who may or may not have gotten to the sex stage; there is no way to be sure. Carl and Enid flirted and Ron got upset. Finally we have Michonne and Rick, and Abraham pining for Sasha.

Human nature being as it is, it is unreasonable to expect there will be no hooking up even in the extreme world of a zombie apocalypse. Knowing that you could die at any moment, perhaps the amount of hooking up we are seeing on The Walking Dead is extraordinarily low. Then again, maybe it is because they know they could die at any moment which gives them pause. After all, it is hard to feel romantic when you are constantly watching and listening for the telltale signs and sounds of a random walker or herd!

Relative Safety

Glenn and Maggie - The Walking Dead
Of course, our intrepid band has known brief periods of stability and relative safety. For Shane and Lori, it was early in the apocalypse, and since they were outside the city in the woods, the walkers were yet to reach them. Glenn and Maggie took time out during a supply run to enjoy each other, in the relative safety of a looted store. Abraham and Rosita took a break from slaying walkers and while the group hid in a building used their downtime creatively.

Teen Love

Carl and Enid - The Walking Dead
Now Carl and Enid, being teens, took an unnecessary risk and ventured outside the walls of Alexandria where they were forced to hide from walkers together in a hollowed out tree trunk; the close quarters forced a proximity that destroyed personal space and could have led to more except for the weird awkwardness. And of course, Rick and Michonne, in the recaptured, temporarily safe Alexandria, finally acted on what many believe had been simmering for a while.

Timing is Everything

Abraham and Sasha - The Walking Dead

Inexplicably, in my opinion, Abraham decided he preferred Sasha, who does not seem to return his affection, to Rosita. The timing of his breakup was pretty poor, happening right before the attack on Negan’s outpost. In fact, I will publicly admit that I thought Abraham was leaving Alexandria when he announced “I’m leaving.” Then when he appeared on the raid, I was very confused until a comment on The Talking Dead lit the bulb of clarity.

I really must mention Abraham and his questioning of Glenn about “pouring the Bisquick,” which was one of the funniest scenes recently. Inevitably, sex will lead to pregnancies. I cannot imagine condoms being high on the priority list when searching for supplies, and they do have an expiration date anyway. We know Abraham had a family pre-walkers, and I think he is likely remembering them as he ponders the future, which does tend to look pretty bleak from the viewer’s perspective. But it is also possible that his feelings for Sasha have led Abraham to begin contemplating the future and considering scenarios.

Face facts, babies do need to be born to repopulate, but when will it be safe enough to have a family? In a world full of continual threats and hardship, can anyone really justify creating new life? Not to mention the extreme threat small children pose to the entire group. A crying baby could easily bring the entire group down by attracting walkers. A case in point is Sam and Jessie. Sam’s fears, natural in a child, resulted in the death of both him and his mother, and then indirectly his brother Ron. It is one thing to expect an adult to be brave. It is quite another to expect the same of a child.

Pregnancy Issues

Maggie and Glenn's baby - The Walking Dead

And of course, let’s not forget the issue of protecting the pregnant. One benefit of civilized society is that the strong frequently are tasked with protecting the weak and helpless. Rick and his group have done a pretty good job of that so far, but now we have a new twist. Maggie is one of their best warriors and strongest walker killers. Now with her pregnancy, the natural instinct of those around her is to protect her. Having been pregnant myself, I can state that for me, in the early stages at least, I had no diminished capacity, physical or mental. In the later stages of pregnancy, however, the changes occurring in a woman’s body may hamper her ability to fight effectively. Maggie was bristling at being brought out of the starting lineup, causing interpersonal strife.


What are your thoughts on hooking up, love and the issues surrounding procreating in the world of The Walking Dead? Is there something I did not mention that you feel is important? Please sound off in the comments section below! I love hearing your thoughts!