‘The 100’ (Season 3): Skaikru Warfare

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In the world of The 100, things are going from bad to worse now that Charles Pike is in charge. And, if it can get any worse (can it/has it?), the actions of Bellamy against the two Grounders who brought word of the pending war between the 12 tribes and the people of Arkadia, has just about tipped the scales.

This brings me to what I call Skaikru Warfare: the actions of Bellamy against the two Grounders as well as the actions of Pike and his minions against Marcus Kane and the rest of the Sky People. There is a clear delineation between these two factions of the Sky People (otherwise known as Skaikru to the Grounders); and it’s a delineation that is going to be their downfall.

Even before the 12 tribes descend on Arkadia, the Sky People are seemingly going to destroy themselves from within. It’s going to Pike and his minions against Kane and his supporters. Which side will win is a crap shoot to say the least, but it’s not going to pretty or help their dwindling numbers in any way, shape or form.

Skaikru Warfare should be used against their enemies not against each other, but that is clearly going to be a difficult lesson to learn especially for Pike and Bellamy. Sadly, everyone in Arkadia is going to suffer before they realize that.

Who do you feel is right? Kane who wants to join with the other 12 tribes to become a united front or Pike who sees the Grounders as a threat (no matter what). Quite honestly, I can somewhat see Pike’s reasoning (not that it’s right, mind you), because his experiences with the Grounders has been quite different that the experiences by Kane and the rest of the Sky People.

Obviously, the Grounders were a dangerous threat to the original 100 juveniles who were forced down to the post-apocalyptic Earth – there is no denying that. That being said, though, over the course of the time they have been confined on that planet together they have learned from each other, they have forged alliances, relationships and friendships. It hasn’t been an easy transition – by any stretch of the imagination – but both sides (Sky People and Grounders) have changed considerably.

Unfortunately, Pike was not a part of that transition. However, Bellamy was and he should know better! His brand of Skaikru Warfare is only going to end in destruction of Arkadia as well as its people.

What do you think of the recent developments on ‘The 100’? Do you think Pike will succeed in his plans to battle the 12 tribes? Do you think Marcus and his supporters will find a way to stop Pike? Now that Lexa has died (how sad and upsetting was that, by the way?), who will take over as Commander of the Grounders? Will that new Commander have the same feelings toward the Sky People or will he/she be more adversarial toward them? What do you think is going to happen next? Please share your thoughts below.

The third season of ‘The 100’ will continue, after a three week break, on Thursday March 31 at 9/8c on The CW.