The Amazing Race “We’re Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today” Review (Season 28 Episode 5)

THE AMAZING RACE We're Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today

The Amazing Race continued its underwhelming 28th season tonight with “We’re Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today”. Although the episode did reach some pretty impressive heights tonight (pun intended), it still came off a bit underwhelming. The teams just feel…off. We’ve already eliminated some of the lamest teams, but I still feel like everybody on this season is spending most of their time mugging for the camera and angling for more followers on Twitter and YouTube. Most of these people aren’t reading their clues, running past route markers, and making incredibly boneheaded mistakes. I don’t get the feeling that really any of them are fans of the race, they’re just doing this for the notoriety.

On top of the teams being disappointing, the race itself still feels like it’s not quite itself. Take for instance the strange little short scene before the leg started where the teams were given some snow gear. Do they usually do that for the racers? I thought you had to bring everything that you would possibly need with you, so it was a bit surprising that they were gifted with this stuff. Again, it just felt like a convenient opportunity for the teams to make cute faces to the camera and comment on each other’s butts.

That wasn’t the only odd scene to kick off the episode, though. They forced a strange little minigame on the racers right after the leg started where they had to find a car that matched the license plate number they were given. I don’t know why this was necessary, or how it was fair. Were all cars the same distance from the starting line? It kind of screws the team that had to run the longest distance to their car. Couldn’t they just tell everybody to make their way to an awaiting car and just get in? Why make it more complicated?

Well for all of the frustrations and aggravations of this season so far, this leg was by far the prettiest one to watch. Mont Blanc is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, and we saw that thing from all sides and all angles tonight. I was hoping that both sides of the Detour would provide a good excuse to see more of the beautiful mountaintops, but unfortunately we only got those shots from the “Dynamite” side. The “Campsite” challenge ended up being a total bust, and it was so disappointing to see one of the only teams I like go for that option. It looked like a lot of work, and it was also yet another challenge this season where people have to look at an example of something and duplicate it. It wasn’t fun to watch, and it wasn’t original. The “Dynamite” option was definitely the way to go. When the description of the Detour said that you had to search a mountaintop for another climber, I thought they’d have to walk all over looking for them. Instead they just walked along a line for a about a hundred yards and then walked back. That was it. This was definitely the challenge that they wanted the teams to pick, and the yellow team was punished for trying to make a boring tent instead.

The Road Block was yet another beautiful one, and it was a great idea to give the teams selfie sticks and allow them to show off the scenery as they flew around the mountains. It was a little unclear to me exactly what some players were doing wrong, though. Was it up to the player when they tried to run? Or did the rider tell them when to start running? One time somebody started running, and one of the pilots said that was a “back wind”, and that takeoff failed. So why didn’t the other pilot know it was a back wind? It was all a little ambiguous, but I did like how they surprised us at the end and that we found out at the same time as Burnie that it was his fiance up there. That was a neat idea.

In the end, yet another weak team went home, so I’m hoping the teams start to feel more capable going forward.

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Random Thoughts:

– I really hope none of these idiot teams were given real dynamite.

– I was a little bummed that only the first team that found the mountain man actually got to see an avalanche. I guess they can’t just blow the crap out of a mountain every time a team showed up, though.