The 100 “Terms and Conditions” Review (Season 3 Episode 8)

Given the intense – and thoroughly depressing – events on the Grounder side of the equation that dominated last week’s episode, it both made sense and was a bit of a relief for The 100 to spend all of its time in Arkadia this time out. “Terms and Conditions” brought the conflict between Pike and Kane to the forefront in a big way, while also allowing for some significant developments in the Jaha/Alie storyline. Overall, it made for a tense, exciting episode that finally took steps towards course-correcting one of the show’s worst subplots.

Starting with that particular subplot, there’s no denying that Bellamy has been mishandled this season. At best, you could argue that his motivations for joining Pike were murky and ill-defined, but overall, I think few viewers have enjoyed seeing the character fall so far from the light. He’d been at major risk of becoming completely unredeemable, and frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if some fans already feel that way.

He certainly seemed to still be on that path tonight, once more rejecting Kane and then helping to imprison Sinclair. However, Pike sentencing Kane to death seemed to finally snap him out of his downward spiral, with Bellamy no longer willing to rat out his former friends for opposing Kane. Is it a case of too little, too late? Again, for some it might be, but I’m okay seeing him redeem himself if it means getting the strong, self-assured Bellamy from season 2 back.

Aside from the ongoing question of Bellamy, though, this episode did a good job of showing how the rest of Arkadia’s populace are struggling under Pike’s tyrannical rule. From the tension in Miller and his boyfriend to the general air of mistrust and paranoia that Pike’s closest advisors, it’s not hard to see how a rebellion would already be forming. There was a lot of great back-and-forth moments in terms of who had the upper-hand, as well, with Pike’s discovery of Kane’s transmitter in turn allowing Kane to execute an even bigger plan. And for all the scheming and actions, there was plenty of great dialogue as well, particularly in the numerous confrontations between Kane and Pike.

While all of that was going on, Jaha and Alie continued to scheme in the background, seeking the remains of the thirteenth space station. This primarily involved Raven recruiting Jasper to crack Monty’s password and recover some key tech. The mission itself was solid enough, but the best part was just seeing two of the show’s most flawed, beaten-down characters bonding. It led to a great moment of Jasper once again expressing his desire to let his pain go only for Raven to realize that, in submitting to Alie to do so, she’d completely forgotten Finn. It was a shock to the system for the character, and a suggestion that however strong Alie is, she can be fought against.

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