Pretty Little Liars “Did You Miss Me?” Review (Season 6 Episode 19)

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On a particularly juicy episode, the “Pretty Little Liars” decided to finally get proactive in earnest and go after “Emoji A.” with an elaborate plan to figure out who it was and bring him/her/them down once and for all in “Did You Miss Me?” Well, with one notable exception, that is, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

We picked up where we left off with Emily confronting Mona outside Hanna’s party, who confessed to having called Charlotte the night of her murder to set up a meet at the 2 Crows Diner, but not much else. According to her, Charlotte never showed, and she ended up waiting several hours for her there, which any number of people could probably verify, including the mystery witness- Sara or otherwise.

Mona also had an alibi for the night Emily was almost run down, this one much more easy to check, as she was still working on the campaign trail at the time and was at their headquarters. She does cop to intentionally trying to spring Charlotte to confront her once she was out- and even to the thought of doing her harm, but swears to have never had the chance.

Mona makes no apologies for all this, saying that Charlotte had plenty of time to plan anything while she was in an institution, and she wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised to find Charlotte was actively plotting against her or the other girls and had something planned for them all.

Of course, this is Mona we’re talking about, so we should probably take all of this at face value, but I did get the feeling, especially after the later conversation she had with Sara in the episode, that she was being reasonably on the level, but you never know. Either way, it would appear that someone was listening to Mona and Emily’s conversation, so now they know all this as well.

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Emily reports all of this to the girls, with Spencer saying she essentially believed Mona…but it wouldn’t hurt to follow her around for the day, just in case. Aria thinks they should turn her in, if only to get Aria off the suspect list, being as how she had to do a line-up and all and “It’s really unflattering lighting there.” Lol- what a perfectly Aria line of reasoning.

Hanna calls Jordan to let him know she’s staying put in Rosewood for the time being, while a returned Lucas looks into the diagnostics of his system after it went AWOL in the last episode. He can’t quite figure out how it was hijacked, so he opts to completely overhaul it and get a new controller to boot, just in case.

Lucas also mentions to Hanna in passing that he’s contemplating buying property in Mills, just past the lake, where there are some abandoned factories for sale. He says he’s wanting to “give back to the community” by building a business of some kind to open up some new job opportunities for Rosewood.

Meanwhile, at a Bed & Breakfast in some unspecified neck of the woods, Ali and Dr. Rollins are still in Honeymoon mode, when Ali trips on the carpet and falls down the stairs, nearly breaking her neck in the process. She gets off relatively easy with a mild concussion, but it does land her in the hospital for overnight observation. But was it really an accident? Ali worries that her past actions might have brought about the bad things happening to her now, but Dr. Rollins scoffs at this, saying the universe doesn’t work that way.

The girls, however, are convinced it was no accident, which Hanna all but verifies when she pays Ali a visit and finds a homemade greeting card and flowers there with a picture of a staircase on the front cover and cartoonish drawings of each of the girls, with an “X” through the pictures of Ali, Emily and Aria, as if to indicate that each of them have been “dealt” with thus far, leaving only Hanna and Spencer to contend with.

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Spencer and Emily tail Mona and see her meeting with Sara’s driver, who the girls saw accompanying her to the funeral before. After they finish their talk, the driver goes directly to City Hall, coming out with something in a cardboard paper tube, of the sort typically used to store posters. Spencer wryly dubs it the “meeting of the minions.”

The girls tail him to a hardware store, where he comes out with two bags worth of stuff. Emily fakes having hit his car with hers and distracts him while Spencer holds his stuff, sneaking a peek at the container, which has a blueprint of the Radley’s basement floor plan and a key to one of the rooms there, which he likely rented on Sara’s behalf so she wouldn’t have to in person.

The driver clearly doesn’t recognize them, so the girls handily get away with it. Emily continues to tail the driver while Spencer ducks into City Hall herself to get a copy of the Radley blueprint as well. She later spots the driver pass off the blueprint and the key to Sara on the sly, ducking down to avoid detection by Sara in the process of driving by her.

Ezra and Aria are scheduled to meet with Jillian to discuss the book deal, so the two look over what they have so far in preparation. Ezra thinks there’s something off about the current chapter and wants to do a rewrite. Later, he shows Aria the end results, as she pictures Ezra and Nicole having the same conversations as he detailed in the chapter.

It turns out to be the last conversation they had before she disappeared, which was, unfortunately for Ezra, a fight. Ezra tried in vain to talk Nicole into not staying behind as he was preparing to leave, but she insists on staying, which leads to a pouting jag by Ezra that he regrets to this day, as it was their last interaction. Ezra asks Aria if they should stick with the real version or the more fictionalized one, and she says definitely the real one, clearly moved by it.

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Hanna meets with Caleb to show him the greeting card “Emoji A.” left at the hospital, which she took without showing Ali, and comes up with an oddball plan. What if they contacted “A.” and told “A.” that they knew who the killer was? Hanna proves her lying mettle when she tells an unwary Spencer that she, in fact, killed Charlotte that night, fooling her completely- and no doubt some viewers, to boot.

Jillian meets with Ezra and Aria and tells them she loves their material, but needs a rough draft relatively soon, as there are deadlines to meet. She later pulls Aria aside to say that she knows full well about her and Liam and is taking him off the assignment for now, until they’re done, seeing it as a conflict of interest because of her involvement with him, which he agrees with. So, from now on, they’ll deal with her directly, but she warns Aria to keep it in her pants until they’re done. But was she talking about Liam- or did she pick up on something between her and Ezra? Hard to say.

Hanna assembles all the girls but Aria to lay out her plan, which will require a lot of assistance from Caleb, which does not go unnoticed by Spencer, who also takes note of them holding hands and starts hitting the wine pretty hard around that point. However, Caleb mentions that he’ll need Toby’s help for some of it, which means they will have to tell him what they’re up to, like it or not.

Spencer flashes back to Spain, where we see the steamy chemistry between her and Caleb starting to develop for the first time. As she told Hanna, she didn’t act on it at the time, but you can practically feel the sexual tension in the air, that’s for sure. She’s obviously having some doubts about the whole Haleb team-up reunion, to say the least.

Emily calls Aria and says they also need to tell Ezra what’s happening, though I’m not entirely sure why. Either way, the next time they meet, he and Aria are present and accounted for to hear the plan first-hand, with both visibly dubious of it all.

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Lucas finishes updating the system at his place and shows Hanna the factory he’s planning to purchase. He asks her what she’d so with it if it were hers to do what she wanted with. Hanna says she’d hired a great new, up and coming designer and invent her own brand. Lucas says then that’s what they’ll do, much to Hanna’s shock.

Hanna points out that she lives in New York, not Rosewood and doesn’t particularly want to change that, and besides, she’s getting married. Lucas says what’s the point of having money if he can’t help out friends and tells her to talk it over with Jordan and see what he has to say about it. Hanna is undeniably taken aback- but not entirely uninterested, either.

Back at the hospital, a groggy and likely drugged Ali receives a decidedly unexpected visitor- her late mother, Jessica (Andrea Parker). Jessica tells her that Dr. Rollins is a good man and that she chose her husband wisely and he will take good care of her. Was this merely a dream- or might this be the long-rumored twin we’ve been hearing a lot about lately? Could be…but we’ll leave that to discuss at a later date.

Then, just when things couldn’t seemingly get more interesting, we have an absolutely fantastic tour de force of snarky, villainous minds- forget the whole “meeting of the minions,” this scene is really where it’s at.

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Yes, it’s the long-awaited scene you didn’t know you desperately needed in your life until it was there- the showdown between Mona “O.G.A.” Vanderwaal and Sara “Shower” Harvey. It’s the how-much-scenery-wood-would-a-Rosewood-girl-chew-if-a-Rosewood-girl-could-chew-scenery-wood Rumble in the Concrete Jungle! YAAASSSS!!!! SO good.

Honestly, of all the “PLL” scenes in “PLL” history, this may be the “PLL”-iest, and it didn’t even involve the main girls. I know a lot of fans hate Sara, but honestly, if you didn’t enjoy this, you’re not a real “PLL” fan. It was just that awesome. I’m halfway tempted to play it on a loop for a good solid hour, I loved it so much.

So, it turns out that Mona talked to Sara’s driver to set up a meet. Mona says to “leave HIM alone”- who we never find out- possibly Lucas? I honestly can’t think of anyone else in town that Mona would care about, what with Mike Montgomery out of state. Sara says not until she gets what’s coming to her, and Mona says that you can’t get reparations from a corpse, meaning, of course, Charlotte.

Sara, without skipping a beat, says you can if “you know where to dig.” Mona, speaking from experience, says to be careful, as she doesn’t have Charlotte to take the blame this time around and if she’s caught, it will be her that goes down this time. Sara snipes back that she doesn’t know why Mona cares- the girls will never fully trust her, anyway, after all she’s done to them, which is probably true.

Mona says that she’s done playing games- she’s out of the “A.” game for good. Sara says then she’s going to be awfully lonely with no friends to fall back on when all this is over. That said, Sara storms off, telling Mona not to contact her again, ever. Meow! Oh, man was this ever awesome. Honestly, the only way it could have been better is if Melissa were somehow involved.

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Dr. Rollins visits Ali, saying that she will be free to go in the morning. Still beaming from her faux-mother encounter, she’s happy as ever to see him, leading him to want to cancel his planned conference the next day to stay behind to be with her. But she insists he doesn’t, saying that she’ll be waiting with bells on when he comes back and not to worry. (How many of you are more than a little dubious of this whole “conference” thing?)

We end with a meeting of all concerned in the “Emoji A.” takedown, save Toby, as they go over the plan one last time before putting it into motion. Some are more dubious than others (i.e. Ezria), but everyone is essentially onboard. Hanna calls “Emoji A.” and texts him the following: “I killed Charlotte. Now leave my friends alone.”

We see the text sail over the skies in most dramatic fashion as it disassembles into one’s and zero’s and floats into the sky, bounces off a tower and eventually flies down into a phone in a factory-like locale, with a lone laptop displaying Veronica’s campaign webpage, surrounded by all sorts of circuitry and the like. “Emoji A.” picks up the phone, reads the message…and we’re out.

So, as far as penultimate episodes of the season goes, it was a solid enough set-up, with some undeniably epic scenes for the “PLL” vaults that will no doubt spur a hundred different theories online. I’ll be throwing my hat into that particular ring soon enough, with a special article devoted to my attempts to predict who “Emoji A.” is, who Charlotte’s killer really is, and what might happen on the season finale, coming up ASAP, after I have a little time to stew on things and put my thoughts on the matter together, so look for that in the next few days!

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In the meantime, what did you think of the last episode before the finale of “Pretty Little Liars”? Are you suitably psyched for the finale? Any early predictions? How about that epic scene with Sara and Mona? What did you make of the scene with Ali and her mother? What do you think Hanna’s plan is? Will it succeed or fail? If it fails, who will go down for it? Let me know your crazy theories down below and I’ll share mine in the next few days. See you then!