Sleepy Hollow “Dark Mirror” Review (Season 3, Episode 13)

When I was in college, I volunteered at a counseling center for individuals recovering from drug and/or alcohol abuse. It was an eye opening experience, and although the individual stories were different, there was one common denominator among all of them. The decision to seek help was the client’s own. It didn’t matter how often their family and friends encouraged them to seek help or how often the court ordered them to get help. Not a single one of them was able to start down the road to recovery until they decided for themselves that they needed and wanted help. That’s pretty much where Abbie found herself in this week’s Sleepy Hollow.

Abbie was still hiding the fact that she was worshipping at the altar of what appears to be The Hidden One’s symbol. She didn’t know it was The Hidden One’s symbol, but she was worshiping it all the same. Her secret came to light when she almost let Ichabod die from being poisoned because she became entranced by the symbol. That was a wake-up call for her. It appears that the symbol isn’t necessarily calling to her as I originally thought. It’s more like the symbol is Abbie’s coping mechanism. While she was trapped in the Underworld, it was apparently the only thing that kept her from going completely off the deep end. The problem is, when she got back, she wasn’t able to let go of that particular crutch. In true Abbie fashion, she decided to deal with it on her own and figured she had it under control. But it became clear to her in this episode that she’s not as in control as she thought herself to be. That’s a story told over and over by soldiers returning from combat and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. I don’t think Abbie even considered that she might be suffering from PTSD, but she is exhibiting quite a few of the signs. At least now she realizes that keeping all of this to herself isn’t working and she’s finally asked Ichabod for help. Ichabod may not know about PTSD, but he was a soldier and he knows the toll war can take on a person’s psyche. Even more important than that, Ichabod is Abbie’s friend. Sometimes, a good friend can be more therapeutic than a dozen doctors. I was pleased to note that Ichabod and Jenny weren’t nearly as oblivious as they initially appeared to be. They were both glad to see that Abbie appeared to be on the mend, but both of them realized that something was just slightly off with her even though they couldn’t put their finger on exactly what it was. Hopefully now that Abbie has finally stopped keeping this a secret, she’ll be able to truly start recovering from the trauma of being stuck in the Underworld for almost a year.

This episode also gave us a bit of background on The Hidden One and Pandora. Looks to me like The Hidden One has been a whinerbaby for a long time. He was chosen to guard the box containing all of the evils that the gods had trapped inside the box (which he apparently ultimately gave to Pandora) and then spent centuries complaining because he and the box ended up being hidden down in the Underworld for all eternity. Seriously. Whine much, dude? It seems The Hidden One has been a user for a long time too. He wanted to get out of the Underworld and he manipulated Pandora into helping him kill his brother and escape. The argument could be made that Pandora and her followers made that decision of their own free will. It’s true. They mostly did. And not that I’m defending Pandora or anything, but The Hidden One pledged his undying love to her and promised her a seat at his side. How is a girl supposed to say no to that? The thing is, I don’t think The Hidden One loves Pandora. Not really. And definitely not as much as he’s led her to believe. He loves power and he loves himself. Pandora was a means for him to obtain power for himself, and I’m not convinced she’s ever been more than just a means to an end for him. After all, he seems to need to have someone worship and adore him the way Pandora has. Pandora’s not the only one he’s using either. If Ichabod’s theory is correct (and it usually is), then The Hidden One is calling all the monsters to Sleepy Hollow so he can siphon off their power to restore his own. Wow, dude. Just wow.

While Ichabod and Abbie were chasing down The Jersey Devil, Joe and Jenny were working on the whole “being a couple” thing. I thought Joe’s gesture of replacing Jenny’s run-down, beat up RV with a new, top-of-the-line model was a very sweet gesture. Should he have discussed it with Jenny before buying it? Yes. Of course he should have. Should Jenny have flipped out quite as hard as she did? Mmmm. Maybe not. I get that she wants them to have boundaries in their relationship, and she’s not wrong. If you’re going to have any sort of healthy relationship, you’ve got to have boundaries. But at the same time, you can’t expect other people to read your mind. You have to let them know what the boundaries are instead of expecting them to intuit that information. If Jenny is so particular about her stuff, maybe she should’ve just told Joe that she doesn’t like her stuff moved around because then she can’t find anything. I get the sense that there was more to it than just Joe moving her stuff around though. Jenny is fiercely independent and has been for a long time. Things have changed now though. She’s got this guy in her life who wants to do things for her and take care of her in a way that no one has for a very long time. That can be scary. It’s going to take Jenny some time to get comfortable with the fact that she’s got a guy who loves her and wants to do things for her simply because he loves her. He’s not working an angle and he’s not going anywhere. It was a rather normal, domestic part of an otherwise outlandish episode, and Jenny and Joe are cute together.

All in all, this episode was ok. I apologize for taking so long to get the review done. For some reason I thought Sleepy Hollow was a repeat and I didn’t realize my mistake until late last night. My bad, guys! Anyways. Now that The Hidden One has the sands of time, I suppose he’ll be kicking his world domination plan into high gear. Let’s see how that works out for him. Abbie admitting that she has a problem and asking Ichabod for help was such a wonderfully tender moment between the two of them, and Nicole Beharie killed it in that scene. Those big, brown puppy dog eyes of hers got me a little misty-eyed. Nicely done. So what did y’all think of this week’s Sleepy Hollow?