Gotham “A Dead Man Feels No Cold” Review (Season 2 Episode 13)

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On the latest episode of “Gotham,” things with Victor Fries (Nathan Darrow) came to an end- and a beginning of sorts- in the aptly-titled “A Dead Man Feels No Cold.” As Gordon and Bullock led a team of cops into the ACE Chemical facility, the only known place they manufactured the liquid helium Fries needed for his “freeze gun,” they discovered they were all too late, as frozen guards were scattered everywhere, some in the process of shooting their guns, with only an icy note left behind, scrawled on one of them: “Free my wife.”

Meanwhile, back at Wayne Manor, Dr. Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) pays Bruce (David Mazouz) a visit to check up on how he’s doing after his should-have-been traumatic kidnapping. Of course, she doesn’t know it was all staged as a means to an end- to find the person who killed his parents. He instead tells her the experience actually invigorated him and made him feel more alive, not scared. She is understandably concerned by this, but lets him be…for now.

Back at the precinct, Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) frets over where they should take Fries’ wife, Nora (Kristen Hager), who needs medical attention ASAP. Worried that the hospital will offer too many opportunities for Fries to take people hostage or harm innocents, Barnes opts to go with Arkham instead, where things can be slightly more under their control, and essentially use Nora as bait, which doesn’t sit well with Dr. T., who insists on going, much to Gordon’s dismay, given her condition.

In no time, Miss Peabody (Tonya Pinkins, “Army Wives”) reports all of this to Hugo Strange (BD Wong), who agrees to cooperate with the police, all the better to make a connection with Fries. The police report this to the local media, who make sure and spread the word so that Fries will overhear it and come to Arkham, which he does.

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Having since perfected his formula, as well as having constructed some new wrinkles, including a nifty astronaut-style suit and what amounts to an ice bomb, which he tosses into the waters outside Gotham to test and promptly freezes all the water in his eye-line, Fries heads to Arkham, with a kidnapped guard from ACE in tow.

At Arkham, the Penguin is taken and thrown into an electric chair style set-up for his “rehabilitation,” only rather than being shocked, per se, he appears to be subjected to something more akin to brainwashing, a la “A Clockwork Orange,” involving a mask over his head and face which flashes who knows what before his eyes. Whatever it is, is very colorful and makes Penguin scream his head off.

When he comes out of it, the formerly abrasive and uncooperative Penguin is suddenly all smiles and willing to play along with a friendly game of “Duck, Duck, Goose,” which had to be intended ironically. (Given that everyone there seems to know who he is, I halfway expected the person who started it off to go “Duck, Duck…Penguin!” and run off!) But once the game is explained, he’s all too willing to play along, so I guess the “treatment” worked- at least in the short-term.

Dr. Thompkins is shown into a private room with Nora, only to find an unexpected guest in the form of none other than her arch rival Barbara Keane (Erin Richards), who has been comatose since her admission into Arkham. (She remains so, for the duration of this episode, but I think it’s safe to say we haven’t seen the last of her.) Peabody dubs her “Sleeping Beauty,” but I think “Maleficent” might be closer to the mark- and not that sanitized Angelina Jolie version, either.

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Upon his arrival, Gordon spots Penguin and asks to speak to him alone. Apparently, he was only faking being cooperative, as he didn’t want more of whatever they were doing to him. He tells Gordon he is being tortured, and Gordon says it’s just treatment, and that’s what happens when you claim insanity as a defense for killing someone.

Penguin isn’t happy with this reaction, and immediately shouts to the guards that he didn’t kill Galavan, Gordon did, but they don’t believe him, obviously. A little more convinced is Strange, who is observing this on camera as it happens and sees Gordon’s guarded-but-clearly-rattled reaction, and takes note of it.

Alfred reports back to Bruce, with some files he found on M. Malone, aka the name the duped Silver St. Cloud (Natalie Alyn Lind, back on “The Goldbergs”- for now) dropped when she thought she and Bruce had really been kidnapped to keep him from being hurt. Turns out its Patrick “Matches” Malone, who Bruce wastes no time in saying he plans to kill. Alfred says he will indeed die- but only if Bruce promises to leave it to him, not wanting him to be affected by the price of having to kill someone. He does- for now, at least.

After calling Barbara another “B” word, Dr. T. and Nora have a heart-to-heart, in which she realizes the two have more in common than she might have thought. Both are involved with head-strong men who will stop at nothing for the women they love, even if it means crossing a line, for one thing.

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Meanwhile, the cops wait outside for Fries to arrive, with Bullock (Donal Logue) wryly noting of the weather, “We could freeze to death waiting, which would be ironic.” (I love Logue, and his humor is a great asset to the show- I just wish there was more for him to do as of late.) Suddenly, a UPS-type truck rolls up, speeding towards the gate, with obviously no intention of slowing down.

Turns out it’s the kidnapped guard, whose hands have been frozen to the wheel of the vehicle, to serve as a distraction for the front line of security, so that Fries can blow a hole through the wall in another section of Arkham and walk right in, which he does. Everyone rushes towards the infirmary where Nora is being held. Fries freezes some of the cops, while Strange traps others in a hallway, claiming that the weather is messing with the electronics in the asylum.

Strange also guides Fries into the room where Penguin was tormented earlier, where he talks to him, telling him he’ll help him escape, but only if he leaves a sample canister of the formula he’s using, so they can study and replicate it. Strange has left keys to a vehicle in the chair, and Fries agrees to his terms and leaves a cartridge in the chair and takes the keys.

Gordon manages to elude the trap that befell the others and get to the infirmary, and tells Dr. T. to prepare Nora immediately to leave. Before they can, though, Fries burst in and uses the freeze ray to shoot the gun out of Gordon’s hand before he can use it. He forces Dr. T. to help him get Nora to the awaiting vehicle and come with him to look after her, which she agrees to, which Gordon isn’t thrilled about. Not that he has a choice, as Fries tosses him in a room and freezes the door out shut. Gordon uses his spare firearm to shoot his way out, but he’s too late.

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Gordon realizes that Fries needs to get Nora back to his place, as that’s were his cryogenic freezing chambers are and he can’t freeze his wife without them. Everyone heads there, accordingly, but Fries is just enough ahead of them to get the job done. However, his wife stops him just before and demands he get her necklace before he freezes her. While he’s gone and Dr. T’s back is turned, she switches out the cartridge Fries is about to use for an older kind.

Nora tells him she doesn’t want to do this, as he will almost certainly be in jail or worse when she gets out, and she doesn’t want to go on without him. He assures her he’ll be there waiting for her on the other side, but it’s too late for all that. He freezes her, and she almost immediately begins to crumble and Fries realizes she’d switched the cartridges on him, but all too late. He tells Dr. T. as the cops arrive that he’ll cooperate now, and she should go tell them. When they come back down, Fries has frozen himself as well.

Bruce beckons Selina (Camren Bicondova) to come to his place, which she does. Once she arrives, he asks her to procure a gun for him, as he is planning to disregard Alfred’s demands and kill Malone anyway. Selina warns him that killing someone will change him, just as Alfred did before her- both speaking from experience, obviously. Bruce says he’s counting on it- but for the better, as it will give him the closure he so desperately needs.

Gordon and Dr. T. have a heart-to-heart about everything that’s transpired, and it’s clear that she’s not too happy with him and his behavior as of late. I suppose you could say things were, um, frosty between them. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) She obviously suspects he was the one who really killed Galavan, but he refuses to answer at all when she asks him point blank. She clearly knows he did it, though, and is lying to her.

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Back at Arkham, Strange receives word that Fries and his wife are dead, and has Fries brought to him, if not Nora. Sometime after that, Fries wakes up, his hair snow white and his eyes icy blue, obviously affected adversely by whatever Strange did to bring him back. Strange informs him that his own formula saved him, but that Fries can only survive in temperatures that are below freezing level. Strange says that they are working on a modified suit that will help with that, so that he can move around more freely, but until then, he needs to stay put.

Not that he has much choice, being locked inside a freezer. Strange informs him he’s at Indian Hill, and says that “death is a new beginning.” As we end the show, we see, as expected, that Strange has all of the villains that have died recently, including Galavan and Jerome, and is keeping them in water tanks, “Altered States”-style. (Or, if you prefer, “Fringe”-style, though that’s where they got it.)

So, despite some naysayers, I still think that Strange has an inside connection in the precinct, and after his odd behavior on the show, I’m beginning to wonder if it might not be Captain Barnes. I’m not sure why he would do so, having been so die-hard in favor of adhering to the letter of the law, much as Gordon was in the early days, but he sure was all-too-ready to put Nora in potential danger and the whole Arkham idea was his, so you have to wonder.

To be honest, Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) is a more likely suspect, but something about Barnes’ behavior was way off this episode to easily dismiss. Maybe Strange has something on him, or is holding one of his loved ones hostage or something. Or maybe Barnes has simply reached the end of his rope, just like Gordon before him. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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We certainly won’t have long to wait to see what happens with Bruce and Malone, as it appears that next week’s episode revolves around precisely that. Whether it will be entirely resolved is another matter altogether, but we’ll just have to wait on that one as well. My guess would be that Bruce will choke at this early an age, but we’ll see. You never know- maybe this is what leads Bruce to embrace his dark side, which we are already seeing glimpses of as of late.

Either way, I’m very excited by the prospect of Strange reviving a bunch of people, with them coming back crazier than ever- and more than a little “different” in the process. I think this is where we will finally start to get the “Rogue’s Gallery” of villains of Batman lore that we all know and love in earnest, though it may take until next season before they truly come into their own. I’m just excited enough to wish I could fast-forward to it, but intrigued enough as to how we get there that I’m willing to be patient for now.

All in all, a great episode, with lots of action, cool visuals (the frozen cops and their bullets caught in mid-air was really neat) and even some genuine pathos, what with the situations between Fries and his wife, Gordon and Dr. T. and even Bruce and Alfred generating some serious frissons, not to mention the feels. But just as important and thrilling was what it promised for the not-so-distant future. As the saying goes: “I love it when a good plan comes together.” Can’t wait to see how this one does.

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So, what did you think of the latest episode of “Gotham”? Are you on board with the way the show is bringing about some of the classic villains? Do you like the Strange/Arkham approach? Which villains are you most excited to see? Who do you think the next one will be, after Mr. Freeze? Who could you do without seeing again? (Cough- Fish Mooney-cough.) Will Bruce kill Malone, or will someone else step up and take that bullet, as it were? Make your predictions down below and let me know what you think about tonight’s episode and I’ll see you next week!