The Good Wife “Hearing” Review (Season 7 Episode 16)

The Good Wife  Hearing

Considering we’ve only seen Alicia and Jason kiss a couple times, it was a little jarring to pick up tonight’s episode “Hearing” right in the middle of an adorable staycation between the two lovebirds. They were doing everything from sharing chips, taking steamy showers together, and watching the 1981 film “Roar”. While they’re definitely cute together, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is just as likable as ever, I can’t help but feel like this isn’t very earned. We haven’t seen Alicia so giddily in love and happy with a man since…well, ever. Even with Will she was never so open with their relationship. Although she was trying to keep Jason a secret from her family at first, they ended up finding out and it wasn’t a big deal. In fact, they ended up playing off the whole scene as comedy, with the subpoena server even joining in for bagels. If everybody walked in on her and Will they it wouldn’t have been quite as funny.

Anyway, this was the 150th episode of The Good Wife! If you couldn’t tell that they had hit this milestone because of the extreme closeup of the number “150” on the Grand Jury Room, then surely you would have noticed due to the large number of guest stars. Not only did we have the entire main cast showing up, but we also had Veronica and Owen returning, and Ruth Eastman and Roland Lhavin came back also.

One of those guest stars was Glee‘s Matthew Morrison, who played grand jury investigator Connor Fox. We didn’t get to see a whole lot of him tonight, or seeing his personality too much at all. He was just a smarmy and good looking lawyer. However, the scenes in the actual courtroom were done with a very interesting style that set them apart. I was just about to get tired of the irritating low volume in the room, but then it cracked me up when those two construction workers appeared in the courtroom as well, loudly arguing about a wall. They’ve done lots of things like this over the years, but it’s still fun whenever they go outside their comfort zone like this.

We still don’t know too much about the specifics of what they’re investigating, as well as the reasons behind the investigation. It seems like maybe somebody gave a payoff to Peter for getting his kid off for murder, but that was four years ago. Why is this just being investigated now? Why does it matter? Is there no statue of limitations on this? It just seems like there could be something a little more recent, or something that we know about, that they could be investigating him for instead. Instead they decided to just pull a case out of their butts that nobody has ever heard about and get Peter in trouble for it. Oh, and we haven’t even seen Peter during this whole process, have we? We only have six episodes left, and I’m not sure how interested I am in seeing them getting more and more in depth on a case that nobody has heard about and that I personally don’t care about.

What I am more interested in is seeing where Alicia’s next career move might take her. We only have a few episodes left until we see Alicia for the last time, and I can’t imagine her just working at the same law firm that she worked for since episode one, and not even being a named partner. She either needs to get promoted, partner up with Diane, or start out on her own. Maybe she’ll quit the law entirely. We’ll see!

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Random Thoughts:

– I guess I should just stop expecting it, but it still bugs me that they haven’t even mentioned the lawsuit against ALicia that drove her and Lucca to Lockhart, Agos & Lee. I just need them to acknowledge it. A throwaway line of “Hey, I’m so glad they dropped that suit” would suffice.

– Really fancy camerawork tonight! That shot that weaved through the vents was pretty fancy!

– I like how Mike Tascioni also has the propensity for getting distracted.