The Vampire Diaries “I Would for You” Review (Season 7 Episode 15)


On the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” we finally got caught up to all those flash-forwards by essentially filling in the bulk of the blanks which lead from the present to the future, in “I Would For You.” It’s a good thing, too, because I didn’t know going in that the show would be going on yet another hiatus for nearly a month, until April 1st, to be precise. (The same goes for sister show, “The Originals.”)

We opened with Rayna being reborn again after her latest death, getting dressed, grabbing her sword and hitting the road, once again in search of Stefan. (Why her foes didn’t grab said sword from her when they took her out to keep her from using it again is beyond me, but it is what it is.)

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, Matt has apparently been educating fellow cop Penny (Ana Nogueira, “The Michael J. Fox Show”) on the ins-and-outs of vampire hunting, not to mention using her as bait to draw them out so he can kill them off one by one. All is well until Julian’s vampires notice the dwindling population and confront the two.

Thankfully for them, Rayna moves fast and saves them. Naturally, in exchange, she wants the whereabouts of Stefan, forcing Matt to lie to help his friend- as well as stall until Damon can get there. When he does, Damon promptly rips out her heart and this time is smart enough to remember the sword thing and gives it to Matt for safe-keeping, absconding with Rayna after.


As Damon buys him some time, Stefan and Valerie hit the road in search of more of the herb Freya gave him to cover up the mark and thus keep Rayna from finding him. It turns out that it needs to be reapplied after a certain amount of time in order to keep it effective, but fortunately, Freya knows where to get some more.

Unfortunately, when they get there, a witch gases them with something or the other, and when Stefan awakens, he finds out that someone beat them to the punch and took all the herbs in question that he needed- and none are forthcoming anywhere else that the witch knows of, so it’s back to square one.

Bonnie revives and is okay, but before he leaves for Mystic Falls, Damon tells her he has a plan to help Stefan, but needs her to stay out of it. She promises to, but naturally ignores his wishes anyway, returning to the Armory, despite her recent experiences, hoping that the answer lies there as Enzo had originally promised, despite his actions.

Damon takes Rayna out to the woods, to a pit, and cuts her into pieces and waits for her to revive, which she does. He says that they really need to come up with a Plan B, or he’s just going to keep killing her until she dies for good- which he now knows is possible. Rayna is somewhat understandably uncooperative, if in a self-defeating way, making “Silence of the Lambs” cracks and refusing to entertain any notions of compromise.


Bonnie arrives at the Armory, where she meets the decidedly more level-headed Alex, who has reprimanded Enzo for being rash, telling him that they need Bonnie almost as much as Rayna, though she doesn’t say why on either count. She does give Bonnie and Enzo a bit of a history lesson on Rayna, giving Bonnie access on what material they have on her, and showing her the so-called “8 Everlastings,” corpses that are what gives Rayna life again every time she dies.

One problem, though- there aren’t eight of them anymore. Indeed, as Alex storms out to see what she can find out about Rayna’s whereabouts before she’s killed once and for all, Enzo fills Bonnie in on what she doesn’t know. First of all, every time Rayna dies, she only comes back stronger. Second of all, if someone does manage to kill her once and for all, then everyone with the mark of the Phoenix sword on them automatically dies along with her, which means that if Damon kills her, Stefan dies as well.

Matt attempts to explain to Penny why Damon and Stefan are exceptions to the “kill all vampires” rule, but doesn’t do a very good job of convincing even himself. Penny says maybe it’s time he stops making the exception, which explains why he stands up more for himself later on, as well as why he joins forces with Rayna in the future, albeit not entirely of his free will, it would seem.


Stefan calls Caroline to see if he’d be willing to swap places with Valerie for a spell so that they can talk and travel together for a while, but Caroline wants to stay put with Alaric and help with the babies for now. She does ask if he’d be willing to move to Dallas himself after all of this is over, but he says he has to think about it. Then he promptly keels over and passes out.

Turns out that Damon is getting tired of waiting for Rayna to die once and for all, so came up with the bright idea of burying her alive so that she will automatically die over and over until she really is dead for good. It certainly would have worked, except for the little fact that it will kill Stefan in the process. After Bonnie fills him in on the repercussions of his actions, he rushes back to Rayna’s burial spot and digs her up again.

Alas, she is already dead, and his blood doesn’t revive her. Damon then tries to revive her using CPR, which just barely works, saving Stefan in the process. Needless to say, she isn’t thrilled when she wakes up. Fortunately for Damon, Bonnie has already sent the Armory’s people to their location, and they handily drug her into submission with a whole lot of tranq darts.

Stefan returns to Mystic Falls at Damon’s behest, and he tells him the situation and the problem with trying to kill Rayna. However, he also tells him that the Armory has her for the time being, so he’s safe for now. This also buys him time to figure out what he can do about the Phoenix Stone scar.


However, Damon informs him it will have to be without him and gives him several letters, telling him that he’s done trying to help because everything he does only makes things worse. He tells Stefan that he plans to find Elena’s coffin and instill himself in one next to her and essentially hibernate until she revives, feeling it’s the only way he can stay out of trouble, given his track record.

Stefan tries to convince him otherwise, but Damon isn’t having it and leaves. Matt arrives and gives Stefan marching orders, saying he doesn’t care where he goes, but he needs to leave Mystic Falls because he wants his town back sooner than later and is tired of all this vampire insanity. He informs Stefan that he has video footage of both him and Damon doing horrific things and he will make sure it gets to the right people unless they leave and never come back, giving them until the end of the day to do so.

Damon stops by Dallas on his way to Brooklyn to inter himself in the coffin and leaves Alaric a goodbye note, letting him know of his intentions, and giving him a bottle of booze as a going-away present. Stefan also pays them a visit, but doesn’t come in, instead lurking outside their widow, seeing how happy Caroline is with the babies, and decides to leave well enough alone and leaves with Valerie.

Bonnie gets wind of Damon’s plan via Enzo and catches up with him in Brooklyn just before Damon is about to put himself to rest in the coffin next to Elena. She’s not happy and breaks down in tears, admonishing him for not even bothering to tell her himself. She admits that he’s her best friend and that he owes her better than that and what’s he done hurts her more than he’ll ever know.

She leaves without giving him a chance to say goodbye, denying him what he also denied her. Though she never outright says it, it’s pretty obvious that Bonnie had feelings for him, and that the fact that he’d rather all but bury himself rather than tough it out, even with her help speaks volumes to the fact that the feeling is apparently not mutual- or at least not mutual enough. This would explain why Bonnie is such a mess in the future as well, if not the whole unfortunate Benzo thing.


We then flash-forward to three years in the future and get a brief recap of all that has transpired in all the peeks into the future, starting with Stefan waking up Damon for help with dealing with Rayna, then through Rayna using Caroline to get Stefan to come to her, and Matt later helping to drug and kidnap Damon and then Stefan when he arrives to save the two of them.

Finally caught up, we see Rayna confront Stefan, telling him there’s a Plan B after all. Not wanting to kill Stefan in the first place, but unable to help herself because of the mark, she says there’s a way to transfer the mark to someone- namely Damon. In fact, it’s actually Damon’s idea, in order to save his brother. Rayna says he has a choice- either allow Damon to transfer the mark to himself or she’ll kill Stefan on the spot. Either way, someone is going to die, she says, so the choice is his as to who it is.

That is where we leave the episode, and the show, for now, until April 1st apparently. As much as that sucks, at least we’ve finally caught up to all those flash-forwards after all this build-up. Granted, there’s a lot of stuff that could have happened in the meantime, but the fact remains that it was one hell of a cliffhanger.

It would have been nice to know it was going to be a cliffhanger in the first place, but I gather no one aside from those involved knew or it would have been better promoted as such. I guess the idea was to get viewers to make sure and tune in for the remainder of the episodes- especially if it proves to be the final run of them, period.

I’ll keep an eye on any developments to that end, and I’ll make sure and do an article dealing with it, should the next few episodes prove to be not just a season-ending run of shows, but a series-ending run of them. (Writer’s note: There have indeed been developments in this regard which led me to postpone my planned article for now, but look for it around the end of the month, likely the week before the show returns.)


As it stands, this was a solid episode that lined up quite well with everything they’ve been alluding to all season long. Not all of it entirely made sense, so I suspect there’s more blanks to be filled in yet, but we’ll have to wait and see on all that, obviously. But what did make sense shows that they did indeed have an overarching game plan despite the random-seeming nature of the season as a whole overall, which is good news for those that thought all of this was the show going off the rails entirely.

So, what did you think of the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries”? Do you think the show is coming to a close intentionally? Or will it be cancelled? How do you think they will resolve the cliffhanger? Any predictions as to how they will end the season, if not the series? How do you feel about the way they left things on the whole? Were you surprised about the second hiatus for the show? Sound off on this and more down below and keep an eye out for my upcoming article about the fate of the show!