The Originals “An Old Friend Calls” Review (Season 3 Episode 15)

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On the latest episode of “The Originals,” the Mikaelsons adjusted to the arrival of a long-lost relative while dealing with the fallout of Klaus’ sire line being de-linked by Davina, in “An Old Friend Calls.” As I mentioned in my review of “The Vampire Diaries,” this proved to be the last episode before another extended hiatus for the show, this time for about a month, as it will not return until April 1st. (Keep an eye out next week for an article dealing with the possible repercussions of this unexpected development.)

The episode began with Klaus essentially in full-on paranoia mode, if not quite full-on freak out mode. A paranoid Klaus isn’t great, but a freaked-out Klaus is even worse, so we can be grateful he isn’t quite there…yet. Still, his family did their best to convince him that not everyone was coming to kill him, with Elijah claiming that there was nothing to worry about anyway, what with the remainder of the White Oak supply now gone. But is it, really?

Elijah wryly, and not so subtly, suggested Klaus see a therapist, so it was off to Camille for Klaus, in hopes that she could help him get his fears under control. Cami herself was also in paranoid mode, seriously concerned after finding out that Klaus didn’t kill Aurora, but instead walled her up alive, meaning that the threat of her returning for revenge was still out there. To that end, she continued her training, now with Vincent, as Hayley was suspiciously absent.

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A resurrected Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) realizes that he is no longer a witch, but merely a vampire once again, having resorted to his natural state upon his return. To that end, he needs a daylight ring, if he is to walk about during the daytime hours, so he tasks Davina with creating one, primarily so that he can go visit his family. Of course, Davina isn’t exactly on their good side right about now, but Kol says let him handle that.

Marcel receives a visit from members of the Strix, mentioning how their numbers are thinning, not only with the loss of Aya and others massacred in Rayna’s attack, but also more recently, with certain people going missing since all of that happening. Marcel agrees to look into it, but isn’t happy that no one seems to be respecting him as a leader- likely out of jealousy that he was de-linked from the sire line and they were not. Those that were, like Josh, are in full-on celebrate mode, however, much to Marcel’s chagrin.

Elijah pays a visit to Hayley and Hope to check on how they are, with Hayley having been absent for some time since the Strix raid. She asks him to look after Hope again, so that she might visit the Bayou and talk to her people. Elijah notes that she’s been doing an awful lot of that as of late, but she brushes that off.

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Klaus talks to Cami about his situation, and expresses a concern about slipping into old bad habits, in light of what has happened. Cami says he needs to come to terms with what Aurora took from him- and in many ways, from them both. He also mentions a concern about old foes coming after him- which turns out to be founded, as shortly thereafter, he spots one of them in New Orleans- the “old friend” of the title, Cortez (Matt Cedeño, “Z-Nation”).

Cortez is a real piece of work, given to compelling innocent humans to do his bidding- or else. Sometimes he even does so just for fun, as we see when he arrives in a limo full of beautiful women, who he subsequently drains, then compels the chauffeur to set on fire, along with the car- and himself. It turns out that Klaus killed his father, all of his brothers, and even his mistress, so one can see where Cortez would have a grudge against him!

Davina arrives at the Mikaelson compound and is immediately beset upon by Klaus, but tossed aside by her companion, Kol. Everyone settles down once they see who it is, and are surprisingly welcoming, though Klaus asks Davina to leave immediately so that they can discuss “family matters,” which she does. (One wonders why she came in the first place, to be honest!)

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After that, Elijah pays Marcel a visit, saying that they need to make sure that none of the White Oak remains for real this time, and he agrees to look into it. Meanwhile, Vincent receives a visit from an unknown man, who gives him a note requesting his presence ASAP, then promptly kills himself when Vincent resists. Obviously, the person in question who sent the note is Cortez.

Vincent heads to the bar, where he meets Cortez, who says he needs his help as a Regent witch. Vincent is hesitant, but Cortez points out that he has compelled about half the people in the bar to hold the other half hostage, in order to force his hand. If Vincent doesn’t do what he says, then he’ll have them kill everyone concerned. He claims to be looking for “something he lost” and needs Vincent to help locate it.

As Strix members continue to go mysteriously missing, Marcel goes to Josh (Steven Krueger) for help. He says he needs him to talk to Davina, who he is on the outs with since trying to stop her from completing the spell to de-link the Mikaelsons from their sire line. Josh has her do a locator spell to find the remainder of the missing. Afterwards, Davina says: “The good news is I found Marcel’s friends. The bad news is they’re dead.” (This reminded me of the tagline from a certain movie, much to my amusement.)

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Kol teaches Freya a spell, now that he himself can no longer do magic, that helps her to track Klaus’ most notorious enemies. The good news there is that Cortez seems to be the only one with an ax to grind enough to have come running the minute he was de-linked from the sire line- for now, at least.

Cami goes to her bar, only to discover Vincent and Cortez there and realize what is going on. She talks to Vincent, who informs her he is looking for some of the White Oak remnants. She then texts the Mikaelsons to let them know what’s going on, but Cortez catches her and knocks her out. Vincent says that the remnants are definitely out there, but the ancestors won’t say exactly where, as ever not wanting to cooperate with vampire business.

Marcel meets with Elijah and tells him that the Strix appear to be being killed by werewolves, who are also torturing them before killing them, possibly for information on the vampires. Elijah knows better and realizes its Hayley, looking to avenge Jackson’s death by hunting down those connected to it.

Cortez the killer

Klaus arrives at Cami’s bar and confronts Cortez, who threatens once again to kill everyone. He points out that he’d think that Klaus would also want to know where the White Oak remnants are, so really it’s a win-win if they wait for Vincent to find out. Klaus isn’t too interested in waiting and attacks Cortez anyway, staking him. This, of course, causes the various patrons of the bar to kill the others, including one bartender that’s a friend of Cami’s, much to her horror.

Klaus compels the rest of the survivors to leave and remember nothing, and then confronts Cortez, asking him how he even knew about the White Oak in the first place. Cortez says that there’s an underground network of vampires in his sire line that hate him that communicate via the internet and already know about it and will be coming to New Orleans soon, thus confirming Klaus’ worst fears.

Elijah, after confronting Hayley about his suspicions, who refuses to stop until all of the guilty are dead, meets with Klaus and after being brought up to speed, says that there’s only one course of action Klaus can take- he needs to run. Klaus says he doesn’t run- he disappears.

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Marcel helps Elijah cover up the Strix murders by blaming them on Cortez, saying that he was doing so in his relentless search for Klaus. He brings the Strix Cortez’s head as proof that the problem has been resolved- for now. But he says that more of Klaus’ enemies are coming and they need to be prepared for what is to come.

Freya thanks Kol for his help and mentions how Rebekah never stopped trying to help him when others gave up, but that Davina in particular was relentless in her pursuit of doing so, so he better do right by her, as he owes her his life. Kol promises to do just that and says he knows how special Davina is.

Klaus meets with Cami to apologize for letting certain humans die for the “greater good.” Cami, surprisingly, isn’t upset by that, but rather by the fact that she isn’t that upset by it. She admits that the part of her that saw the good in him was her human side, and that side is gone now. As such, she no longer feels the same way about him, which clearly devastates Klaus, who leaves.

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Elijah goes to Hayley and brings her back her “kill list,” telling her that he took care of the rest and successfully covered it up. She burns the list and, like Cami before her with Klaus, tells Elijah that she loves him but that she’s changed and can no longer be with him anymore, in light of what happened with Jackson, out of respect to his memory. Elijah says he’s been there, and it’s a noble thought, but it never works.

Kol returns to Davina and vows to control his hunger for her sake, and that he thinks he can do it with her support. Davina says that even though he can no longer do magic, he can still “feel” it and they make love. Meanwhile, Cami commiserates with Vincent about how Klaus might not have killed Aurora because he still has feelings for her and that she will never rest easy until she kills Aurora herself.

Freya performs yet another spell given to her by Kol that makes everyone think that Klaus is in New Orleans, even if he isn’t. Klaus thanks her and tells Freya to keep an eye on Kol, lest he backslide into old, bad habits, which she vows to do. Klaus then leaves town, with Hayley and Hope in tow, to lay low until the matter at hand is resolved. Hayley says it’s just as well, as there’s nothing left for her there anymore, which is a bit of a slight to her fellow werewolves, but understandable, given the circumstances.

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Vincent has a flash from the ancestors and goes somewhere, where, sure enough, he finds another piece of White Oak, right there in New Orleans. Meanwhile, Kol, after seeing that he’s out of blood to feed on, goes out and kills an innocent, despite his promises to everyone concerned. Someone sees him and confronts him, noting how “that didn’t take long.” It’s none other than Finn (Casper Zafer), back once again, and that is where we leave the show for now.

So, this was a reasonably solid episode, even if it left you hanging unexpectedly, as I had no idea the show was going to be gone for nearly another month until after “The Vampire Diaries” revealed that they would be. That’s unfortunate and makes one wonder about the future of both shows, but it is what it is.

At the very least, as with “TVD,” it did show us how Klaus came to leave town, thus catching us up with the narrative that had Klaus out of New Orleans for three years straight. One does wonder how the show will function sans Klaus, what with him being the most compelling character on it- it’s hard to imagine him playing homemaker for three years straight- but perhaps, as with “TVD,” they will fast-forward three years and possibly to his return.

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In the meantime, there’s still a largely intact Mikaelson family for the first time in ages, what with Elijah, Freya, Kol and Finn reunited for the first time since before the spin-off even began. Actually, in Freya’s case, it’s for the first time since she was a child, so in a way, it’s for the first time, period. Moving forward, it should make for an interesting set-up, even in Klaus’ absence, at least in the short term. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait and see if the show does the same time jump thing as “TVD.”

So, what did you think of these turns of events on “The Originals”? Were you shocked to see Klaus leave town with Hayley and Hope? Or did you really think he would be leaving, as per the scene with Caroline coming to town looking for him? (I figured he was just lying low in light of the whole de-linking thing, personally.) How will the rest of the family fare without him? Will they be better off, or more vulnerable?

Will Cami find Aurora and finish her off? Or will she only succeed in releasing her from her confinement to wreak more havoc? How will Elijah rebound in light of Hayley’s departure? How will Freya get along with her newfound siblings? Will Kol be able to behave himself in light of recent developments, or will he fall back into bad habits yet again? What will Finn get up to, now that he’s back as well? Sound off on this and more down below, and keep an eye out for my special report on “TVD” and “The Originals” next week and I’ll see you in April!