The Amazing Race “Get It Trending” Review (Season 28 Episode 4)

THE AMAZING RACE Get it Trending

I missed the review for last week’s episode of Amazing Race, so I’m picking up back up tonight with “Get It Trending”. Well, I actually wrote out my review last week, but then somehow selected all of my text and deleted it. If I cared more about this season then I might have made the effort of typing it back out. But…I didn’t. So…that’s my review!

Anyway, let’s try to get through this review delete-free! Before the race actually started, we learned about the blossoming “showmance” between Brodie and Blair. It’s very rare for there to be any inter-team romances on this show, so this was a pretty fun distraction. I don’t know how much more we’ll really great from them apart from a brief cuddling scene and the irritating hashtag “#Blodie”, but this was cute. It was especially endearing to see how enthusiastic all of the other racers were about it!

The other interesting pre-flight scene came at the airport, when most of the teams were completely mobbed by crazed fans. We’ve seen a few players be recognized in previous legs, but this was our first time seeing their actual “celebrity” status among young people. It’s pretty crazy seeing the international reach of a bunch of YouTubers. Even in Colombia these people are superstars! I may not know any of these people from Adam, and I know I’ve made it very clear in my reviews how silly I think this whole YouTuber theme to the season is, but apparently these players really do have some cache with young people. I don’t know if any of their young fans are really going to watch CBS on Friday nights, though. All that this is going to do is frustrate older viewers with all of these vapid young people running around making fools of themselves.

The teams all took the same plane to Geneva, Switzerland. It was a little odd to me that the producers put them all on the same plane in an effort to even them all out, but then they arbitrarily tried to split them up before giving them their Detour clues. Seriously, why did they have to pick tickets just to be able to walk into a store and be handed a clue? That was weird, and it didn’t seem to really put anybody behind.

The Detour was split between Work Bench and Bench Work. Of course you had to do a challenge about Swiss Army Knives if you’re in Switzerland, but that didn’t make it a very interesting challenge to watch. The Bench Work challenge was much more entertaining, and you could tell the cameramen were having fun with it with their “butt cam” angles and the fast-motion shots. The only team that seemed to have a hard time with either one of these challenges was the models, but it’s hard to know how long the other teams would have taken if Brodie and Kurt hadn’t so freely shared their winning answer. I’m always a little disappointed when a challenge has an actual answer to it that can be easily shared, because then it just becomes a question of popularity over skill. As long as the team who has the answer likes you, they can give you the answer and you can basically skip the challenge. At least they were forced to physically complete the bench sitting, but it didn’t matter because they didn’t even have to keep count anymore.

The Detour seemed incredibly simple to me, but of course the vast majority of these people had a hard time figuring out that the flags on the map corresponded to the flags on the field. That seemed incredibly straight forward to me. That’s what I assumed as soon as Phil explained the task and we saw a glimpse of that board, but apparently it wasn’t readily apparent to the racers. Jessica seemed to think it was more important that she complain about being excluded than actually try to accomplish the task, so the models continued to fall behind the rest of the pack after not being helped on the Detour.

The rest of the leg was just a matter of seeing who caught which train, and as soon as the models missed their last connection you knew for sure they were going home. How much more fun would it have been if there was a foot race between all 9 teams at the end there? There would have been seconds separating first place and last place! Has that ever happened?! Anyway, the right team went home tonight, which is always nice. I’m glad that we seem to be weeding out the lame teams fairly quickly here, and hopefully soon I’ll be able to get over my aversion to a bunch of immature YouTubers and actually start appreciating these guys as real racers. We’ll see.

Random Thoughts:

– I love that Blair was the only one that wanted to hide. The visual of her all alone crouching on the floor of a train, yelling at others to also hide, was hilarious.

= It was pretty funny that Cole was so good at the Road Block because he played so much FIFA, but I was a little disappointed that Burnie took so long to figure it out! The guy plays video games all the time! You think he could have come up with that correlation between the map and the flags a lot sooner!

– Seriously, couldn’t those guys playing chess just move to a different bench?