POLL: Which Team Member on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Would You Want to Be Paired With?

Ray, Mick, Leonard, Stein, Sara, Kendra, Carter, Rip, Jackson - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

One of the fun aspects of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the fact that when they pair up members of the team, they have a lot of combinations to choose from. Some of the pairings are more interesting than others due to the character’s personalities. For instance, putting Rory and Palmer together is always entertaining because they are polar opposites. It is also interesting how people that you think would just butt heads for the entire time they are working together manage to learn to appreciate each other and their skills.

I am not normally a fan of shows the take teams and split them up. For me, a team based show is fundamentally about the team. But, a dynamic for an entire team seems to work best when the group is kept small and that is not the case with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. This show has a huge squad of nine people, down one due to Hawkman’s death, but nonetheless, a unit that size is unwieldy unless you break it up.

Let’s take a brief look at each member of this team and then you can vote for who you would prefer to be paired with at the end.

Victor Stein/Firestorm

Stein - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Professor Stein is brilliant, but also arrogant. He brings with him the wisdom of age, but also thinks his solutions are the best and everyone else needs to just listen to him and do as he says. If paired with him, be prepared to be bossed around.

Ray Palmer/The Atom

Palmer - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Ray is a technology genius with a sunny disposition. A self-proclaimed Eagle Scout and all around good guy, he can turn the worst day into sunshine and roses. However, he seems to regularly have a crisis of confidence and needs a pep talk to remind him of his capabilities.

Rip Hunter/Gareeb

Rip - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Rip is very intense. Even though he will not admit it, he is hyper focused on stopping Vandal Savage in order to save his wife and child. Under the guise of saving the future, his mission can get way too personal. Add to that the fact he is working in defiance of his orders from the Time Council and consequently has a bounty hunter on his trail so being with him can be a bit dangerous!

Sara Lance/White Canary

Sara - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Sara can be a cold, calculating killer. Of course it is not her fault; the Lazarus Pit made her that way. But, if you are paired with her, expect to have to stop her from beating the stuffing out of people on a regular basis!

Jefferson Jackson/Firestorm

Jefferson - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Young and impulsive, Jackson wants to do the right thing. He is also very headstrong, and lacks the patience and wisdom of age. He acts before thinking sometimes, which can make him a dangerous partner.

Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Still adjusting to her alter ego identity, Kendra is strong willed if a bit conflicted. Part of her wants to return to her life as a barista and lead a simpler life. But, part of her is starting to accept who she is destined to be, and the fact that she is pre-ordained to be with Carter. Her inner conflict can manifest in unpredictable ways however.

Carter Hall/Hawkman

Hawkman - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Dead for the moment, I am sure we will see Hawkman again. In the meantime, Carter has shown himself to be loyal and patient. He believes in Kendra with the certainty that comes from being a soulmate. He is a devoted, strong fighter; an asset to the team.

Mick Rory/Heat Wave

Mick - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

The muscle of the operation, he has never met a fight he does not want to pick, or a person he does not want to kill. He relishes action of any kind, and therefore it might be dangerous to be around him. You could get dragged into a fight inadvertently just by being in his proximity!

Leonard Snart/Captain Cold

Leonard - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

An evil genius, Leonard is the criminal mastermind on the team. He also has a wicked sense of humor, and a razor-sharp, fast tongue, quick to retort with snarky answers! In his favor, he is loyal, at least to some people. And, for a thief, he does seem to have some honor. Just don’t give him your complete trust!


For me personally, I would prefer to be paired with Ray Palmer. I always lean towards the technical side of things, and prefer the geeky character on the team. While at times it seems all of them are capable of fixing damaged technology, Ray is the man who is the best qualified to perform that task. Plus, his upbeat personality and sweet sincerity really appeal to me.

What about you? Which character from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow would you prefer to be paired with? Please vote and then tell me your choice and reason in the comments section below! I love hearing your ideas!