Legends of Tomorrow “Marooned” Review (Season 1 Episode 7)

Mick - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

After all the complaints I’ve had about how much time this show spends in the halls of the Waverider, the last thing I was looking forward to was an entire episode of Legends of Tomorrow spent in the hallways of two such ships. However, while the episode was still as limited as the entire show has felt so far, an explanation for the Mick of it all and finally having a story arc dedicated to fleshing out Rip Hunter made “Marooned” a surprisingly entertaining hour.

Up to this point, while Rip has been the unifying force that first brought the team together, he hasn’t really done much other than scowl and serve as an authority figure for the other characters to rebel against. Throw in his generally unfriendly attitude, and it’s been hard to sympathize with the guy, even with his tragic backstory. While this episode doesn’t suddenly turn him into the show’s best character, getting a better sense of who he was before and what all he’s lost, as well as seeing him in a starring role in this week’s mission, make for a more compelling hero.

As for the mission this week, it ultimately proved to be a pretty fun one. Sure, it hit all of the standard space pirate plot points – a hull breach, a spacewalk, members of the crew trapped in a dangerous part of the ship – but it worked well with this cast of characters. And come on, it was just fun to watch Stein get his space ranger on. It also energized the more character-driven scenes that usually play out on the Waverider, making it much easier to buy into the blooming romance between Ray and Kendra.

The big development this week, of course, was Mick’s betrayal. Really, this didn’t play as too big of surprise; Mick was already disgruntled about being on the mission, so Rip’s comment that he was completely unwanted was more than enough of a push to have him go full villain. Still, the way things ultimately played out was heartbreaking, with Snart not only having to abandon his reckless and dangerous partner, but possibly having to kill him as well.

I say possibly because, well, I sincerely doubt Snart actually killed Mick. I’m sure he’ll be gone for a while, but the cut to black before we see anything pretty much guarantees a survival. Especially since the last thing they actually needed to do was kill him. This is where the show’s still shaky grasp of time travel serve as a problem. Never mind that worrying about Mick hurting their loved ones is ludicrous when they’re pretty much all friends or allies of the Green Arrow or the Flash, isn’t the point to return them to the same time period they left from? Couldn’t they drop him off and then just return from their adventures a minute later, while Mick’s still unconscious? The show’s improving, but it needs to do less hand-waving in regards to the rules of its time travel.

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