Teen Wolf “The Beast of Beacon Hills” Review (Season 5 Episode 19)

Previously on Teen Wolf . . .

We took a trip down Argent family memory lane and learned about the origin of the Beast and how to kill it. While Lydia and Chris had story time with Gerard, Scott, with an assist from Malia, Liam and Braeden, faced the Beast and caught his scent. That led to the reveal of Mason as the Beast of Beacon Hills.

It’s Time To Let Go Of Your Alternate Beast Theories

Let’s be very clear – the Beast has taken residence in Mason’s body. Not Danny, not Greenberg, not Kira, not any other character you’ve been theorizing about this season. As it pertains to the Beast of Beacon Hills, it is Mason. I thought it was pretty clear from the post-episode press last week that Mason was the Beast of Beacon Hills. Many hoped and speculated, despite that pretty straightforward confirmation, that there was a twist and perhaps it’s a set up. There was no set up. It is Mason. Perhaps the writers anticipated that the audience would not be able to accept the very clear revelation in last week’s episode, so to their credit, they tracked back to some of the hints we’ve seen suggesting Mason. For example, we finally learned why Corey pulled away from kissing Mason with a perplexed look on his face.

If you were still in denial, the writers included this moment of transformation so those of us at home could be very clear – the Beast is Mason.

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Moving on.

Never Underestimate The Demon Wolf
I had been extremely disappointed with how the writers incorporated Deucalion into the storyline, particularly because he spent most of his screen time saddled with Theo or Hayden. It was nice to see Deucalion get himself in the game, as we found out that he is way stronger than Theo imagined. The Demon Wolf was content to sit around with the Raeken pack so that he could collect valuable intel and leverage it to his own agenda. Oh Theo. Never underestimate the Demon Wolf.

The Demon Wolf gave Theo a lesson in grabbing power, which did not bode well for poor Josh. By snatching Josh’s power, Theo was able to finally make his Steampunk cosplay dreams come true and place the mask on his head without dying. It was also confirmed that Theo intends to grab the Beast’s power, with an assist from Tracy’s ability as a kanima to paralyze.

The Search For Mason
While Theo learned about seizing power from Deucalion, Scott worked to mobilize his pack in pursuit of Mason. They discover Corey eavesdropping on the pack meeting and he reveals that the Dread Doctors took Mason. Because of the Dread Doctors’ involvement, the pack has to reluctantly accept help from Theo. Theo, Scott and Liam set off to find Mason and exchange some helpful tidbits along the way. We learned that Theo had a vision of the Beast in human form when he put on the Steampunk mask. In his vision, he saw Sebastian impaled on a pike in the snow.

The trio finds Mason at the Dread Doctors’ new evil lair with some sort of very uncomfortable looking device attached to his head. It was definitely not a grab and go situation and things became more complicated when the Dread Doctors showed up. This leads to my favorite part of the episode in which the Dread Doctors repeatedly tell Theo he is a failure. YAY! The dreadful ones also share that in order to bring the Beast – the perfect killer – back to life, they had to corrupt something, or in this case someone, who was truly good – poor, sweet summer child Mason.

It looks as though Mason is struggling to free himself from the device attached to his head so that he can help in the fight against the Dread Doctors, but before that happens he transitions into full-on Beast mode. When they try to call out to Mason, the Beast tells them that is not his name. As it stands, we have no idea what has become of Mason. Now here is where I think we may get some sort of twist that will allow the pack to save Mason – wherever he may be.

The upshot is that the Beast went after the Dread Doctors and goes outside where he is met by Parrish and Argent. I think the Beast shoving Theo and going after the Dread Doctors, rather than killing Scott and Liam, suggests that some aspects of Mason are still present. Before we get the battle we’ve been longing for all season, the Beast transitions back to human form – his original form – Sebastian.

Although Mason’s whereabouts are unknown, we did learn that he was a genetic chimera. Apparently, Mason consumed his twin in the womb. Woof. I’ve seen that theory floating around on social media, so kudos to everyone who guessed correctly.

More Bad Parenting In Beacon Hills
I’ve been hard on Scott for not using his ability to overhear conversations this season, so it was nice to see the Desert Wolf making the most of her skill set. The Desert Wolf knows that the pack is a bit overextended and she uses this as an opportunity to reclaim her powers from Malia. Although most of what unfolded made very little sense to me, it was nice to see Braeden by Malia’s side doing what she’s been hired to do. Did Malia hire her? I don’t know. I’m going with hire for now.

Malia also alerted the rest of the pack that the Desert Wolf may have set her sights on Stiles in a ploy to get at Malia, so he was literally benched for the entire episode. When the episode ended, Braeden had the Desert Wolf trapped in the house with Mountain Ash. Malia is also in the house, so I’m not exactly sure where the writers are going next and frankly, I don’t really care. Full disclosure, I’m a bit bored with this storyline now. It is not the fault of the actors/characters. I appreciate the writers putting it on the backburner to advance the Dread Doctors plot, but I find myself indifferent about the entire story now. It was great that Braeden was brought back to play a part in this subplot, but this storyline still feels very Hale-centric to me, which is problematic when the key Hale family members are not part of the current season. The plot could use a serious jolt of energy, which I think would come from a surprise appearance by Peter or Derek.

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This is going to seem a bit unfair, as it is totally a hindsight issue, but I’m giving it to the pack. A simple, dollar store glow stick was all Liam needed to figure out that Hayden was a chimera. Once the pack realized that the Dread Doctors were a thing and the chimeras were their jam, it would have behooved them to do a glow stick check of anyone in their circle. I know, I know hindsight is 20/20, but they’ve seen enough pain and loss to be a bit more guarded now.

Other Supernatural Thoughts And Observations
– It looks like there is still hope for saving Mason. Chris seemed way more into saving him than Gerard, which of course makes me wonder if Gerard has another agenda. I like Mason as the Stiles-like character for Liam and would prefer that he remain on Team Human. Hopefully they’ll find a way to save him without him getting the bite from Scott.

– I’m glad that we got to see Kira in this week’s episode, albeit very briefly. She was quickly sidelined by the return of the Skin Walkers. I really like Arden Cho and I wish the writers would find a way to incorporate her into the main storyline more. When the Skin Walkers told Kira that they could help her, but it comes with a cost, my immediate thought was that the cost would mean even less screentime for the character.

– I know that Theo is on a mission, but killing one of the last two members of your ragtag pack who is actually on your side may not be the best idea.

– Do you think there is anything more to the Dread Doctors tinkering around with Kira in the first half of the season?

– I laughed for about 10 minutes straight at Scott’s scholarship talk. I want nice things for the pack, but you’ve got to actually attend class in order to graduate and use a scholarship. Ha!

– What’s up with Tracey and the Desert Wolf? I suppose she could be the go-to between the Desert Wolf and Theo, which might account for her presence in the Desert Wolf scene towards the episode’s end.

– Despite my increasing boredom with the Desert Wolf storyline, I enjoyed the showdown between Braeden and DW.

– Is anyone else getting a Season 2 Jackson vibe from this Mason storyline? Will Corey be the one to call out for Mason and “bring him back” from wherever he currently is?

– Did Sebastian recognize Gerard? If so, how?!?!

– What are the chances we get an update on Chris’s search for Kate before the season ends?

Until Next Moon Day!
What did you think of this week’s episode of Teen Wolf? I spent most of it either entertained (thanks to Gideon Emery) or confused. Oddly enough, some of the confusion stems from how dark the episodes are shot. Night scenes in past seasons have not been this difficult to view, so I hope this will be fixed next season. Will the pack save Mason? Will the Desert Wolf conflict carry on into Season 6? Will we get a cameo appearance from the Hale family? Will we ever get an update about Peter, Derek or Kate? Sound off below!

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