Survivor “The Circle of Life” Review (Season 32 Episode 3)

Survivor  The Circle of Life

This has been a very entertaining season thus far for Survivor, and they kept the momentum going tonight with “The Circle of Life”. The episode kicked off with the traditional “blue view” scene as we see the ever-shrinking Brawn team returning from tribal. Scott apologized to Alecia for voting for her, and she wasn’t having any of it. She walks away and pouts about how Scott “broke her trust”. I had no idea they had any kind of trust in each other to begin with. Hasn’t it been clear that they’re on opposite sides of this tribe since the beginning? Also, why does Scott even care about how Alecia feels about voting for her? I guess people feel like they need to be friendly with their tribe mates, but I’d rather somebody just own up to voting for me and not patronize me with your apologies. Also, not voting for somebody because you told them you wouldn’t, even if they’re already planning on going home, is super lame.

Anyway, this was a big week for Tai. The first big event for him was that he finally found that hidden idol he learned about last week. It’s pretty rare that somebody finds a clue, finds the idol, but then they don’t actually secure the idol until the following week. Anyway, apparently that tool that Survivor supplied to these people was totally useless, as Tai was the first person of the episode to build his own stick to get the idol. Not only did he unlock and find his idol with nobody else finding out about it, but he learns the new twist about the Super Idol. This is a pretty cool idea, and I’m interested to see how it pans out. On one hand, it has the potential to eliminate multiple idols at once if somebody has to burn two to stay in the game. On the other hand, if anybody has a hidden idol and then secures an individual immunity, they probably aren’t going to share any with anyone because they might want to horde both for themselves just in case. It will be interesting to see if anybody even uses a Super Idol. The stars really have to align for this to become a possibility.

That wasn’t the only idol found tonight, though! Alecia apparently pulled a clue out of thin freakin’ air (Man, it’s like these clues are just raining down from heaven this season!), and this set off a good old fashioned idol rush on the Brawn tribe. As fun as it is to see somebody like Tai sneaking around, it’s just as much fun to see everybody running through the trees LOST style and leaving the cameramen in their dust. Of course there’s no secret about who has the idol on that tribe, they could keep it a secret into the merge, or at least until some kind of tribe shakeup. There’s only 4 people left on that tribe, and if they went down to 3 I think they’d probably shake up the groups.

The other big event of the week was Tai having the emotional goodbye to that chicken. We don’t often see people get upset over the death of animals, but it was really tough seeing such a likable guy go through that. He wasn’t guilt tripping anyone, and he was able to see the necessity of the situation, which made Nick’s despicable reaction even worse. Man, Nick is the worst. This poor guy is crying and you’re just shrugging your muscular shoulders and correcting his speech? “See that sound?” Tai asks. “I hear it”, he smugly responds. Hey Nick, have you ever held something while the life drains out of it? I love meat and have no qualms about it, but I imagine that would be pretty rough.

The challenge was pretty cool, but the Brains team lost by seconds and was sent to their first council. Debbie said earlier in the episode that her goal is to observe and shut up, which is pretty hilarious because she hasn’t shut up since the show started. There really isn’t anybody very likable on that tribe, though. I liked Peter all right before tonight, but now he’s going on about how good looking he is, with a great smile, and how he’s just molding everybody else. The dude became an ego maniac in a matter of minutes. I guess that’s what the prospect of tribal does to a person. It brings the douchebag out. Unfortunately it bit him in the butt and his closest ally Liz was sent home. We’ll see if he can stick around through another tribal!

Random Thoughts:

– I liked how the camera panned back to the tree stump after Tai thanked it for the idol. I was half expecting the tree to say “No problem, bro!”

– “I am possibly one of the best bounty hunters in Southeast Michigan” is so hilariously full of qualifiers that it cracked me up. Like…how many bounty hungers are there in Southeast Michigan? Who did he beat out?

– The ball maze at the end of the challenge this week really reminded me of the NFL themed challenge that Frankie and Caleb competed in on Big Brother, and Caleb refused to participate, forcing Frankie to do it by himself. Now he actually got to compete in one, and he made quick work of it!