Scorpion “The Fast and the Nerdiest” Review (Season 2 Episode 18)

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On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” Sly finally saw his game show dreams become a reality while the team caught a dubious case courtesy of Cabe’s old friend Mick Dougherty (Eric Roberts, “Lost Girl”) involving a possible bioweapon and high-end race cars, in the amusingly-titled “The Fast and the Nerdiest.”

Things began on a high note, at least, as Sly managed to finally land a spot on a game show- in this case, “The Price is Right,” after trying for weeks on end to do so with no luck. In no time, Drew Carey was yelling “come on down!” to an exuberant Sly, who gave it his all, so excited that poor Carey was barely able to get anything out before Sly was yelling out answers.

In the end, Sly did indeed clean up- and not just with cleaning products- wining a significant chunk of change and enough stuff to make a small killing online reselling it to the highest bidders for a profit.

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Not that Sly was running some sort of con, per se, as his heart was in the right place, in terms of his real goals- to make enough money to fund a memorial ward in Megan’s name at the hospital she died in. From the looks of things, he’s well on his way and good for him. I imagine that will be happening in no time, if he keeps up the good work.

Meanwhile, Cabe’s old friend Mick comes in, looking for him, wanting his help on a case of sorts. Not having seen him in around a decade, the good will between the two is such that Cabe is willing to come to his aid, despite Mick having a decidedly shady past.

Though Mick has a deal in place with the Feds, he has become privy to information on some smugglers possibly intending to sell some sort of biological agent to the highest bidder and wants to make a deal that will get him out of the country and away from the potential repercussions of it.

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The problem is, Cabe is no longer FBI and is instead Homeland, and thus, doesn’t have the power to do so. So, Mick wants to get him to investigate the matter further and make it concrete enough that he can make the potential deal more appealing before possibly risking his life over something he’s not 100% sure is real.

Naturally, the team overhears all of this, and Walter, though wary, agrees to help on a limited basis as a favor to Cabe. Mick sets things up so that Walter, Happy and Toby are introduced to lead thug Grady (Frank Renzulli, “Harry’s Law”) as a team with the potential to streamline his transportation system.

Things don’t start out well, as in no time, the three are covered with black sacks, tossed into a van and taken to an undisclosed location to meet the boss. This sets the rest of the team on edge, but Mick says he has a good idea where Grady might have taken them, so him and Cabe head there, while Sly and Paige monitor things back at Scorpion HQ.

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After getting the lowdown on the basics of the operation, Walter and company are escorted to Grady’s office to take a look-see at his computer for the information they need to do the job, while also searching for the info they need on the alleged biological agent. When this turns up nothing, Toby suggests that Grady might not have put such sensitive info on a computer and instead gone the old-school route and left a paper trail.

To distract Grady so that Happy can go look for it, Toby comes up with an offer Grady can’t refuse: if Walter can beat his best guy in a car race, then he’ll pay them double, but if he loses, then they do the job for free. While Walter stalls, Happy sneaks back in the garage to look for some sort of evidence, but Walter’s ego eventually gets the best of him and he actually goes through with the race- and wins.

The problem is, in doing so, Happy didn’t have enough time to find exactly what she was looking for. She does find evidence of a biological agent, but needs an address, so she throws caution to the wind and keeps looking, despite Toby’s warnings to get out while the getting was good.

Although she does get it just in time to relay the info to the outside team, she’s also caught in the act of going through Grady’s stuff, so the jig is clearly up. Now with their lives on the line, Grady holds them at gunpoint, wanting to know who they’re really working for, intending to shoot them one after another until someone talks.

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Fortunately for them, none of them has to, as Cabe arrives just in time to crash into the garage and save their bacon. Meanwhile, Sly and Paige go to the address in question and do indeed find evidence of a biological agent- but it isn’t there, and neither is anyone else. There is enough info about it for Sly to identify the agent as a sort of “genocide bomb,” which targets a specific race of people, which the enemy plans to use to wipe out the competition in Balio.

Cabe and company arrive at the other address Happy found, only to discover that Mick beat them to it and stole the biological agent himself, planning to sell it on the black market and leave town with his girlfriend, Lorraine (Joely Fisher). Toby suspects that the two are in it together and that she’s a gambler like he is, so he narrows down the potential locations she might be to two places near two different gambling joints.

The do indeed find her- and evidence that Mick is nearby, as Cabe spots his car. However, there’s also a group of thugs in the room next door to Lorraine, unbeknownst to her, so how to get her out without alerting them? So, Walter rewires the cable box so that Cabe can communicate with her via the TV (!) and he tells her to go to her window and tie a rope that’s waiting there to the AC unit, which she does.

The team pulls out the AC unit through the window so that she can crawl out and down, but the ensuing crash of it alerts the thugs next door and they come running. Lorraine manages to escape just in the nick of time, and Cabe knows that Mick will figure out he has her and call, hopefully to trade out the bioweapon for the girl.

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Sure enough, Mick does call, but in an unexpected turn, opts to forgo the girl for the money he’ll make selling the bioweapon, much to her chagrin. Needless to say, this will come back to bite him in the end, as she more than willing gives up info on where he’s headed and what his escape plan is.

The team assumes he’ll want to stop for gas and to check his oil, which was leaking earlier, so they map out a list of potential gas stations he might stop at and split up to try and find him and stop him. Happy finds Mick first and follows him while Cabe plays catch-up.

This results in a game of Chicken, in which Mick and Cabe careen towards one another in their respective vehicles to see who will flinch first. Mick does, and crashes into a group of sawhorses and is promptly arrested by Cabe, with the bioweapon thankfully intact. Grady and his crew are also arrested, and Lorraine cuts a deal to get off, as she helped save the day.

Cabe apologizes for putting everyone in danger, but Paige points out that his heart was in the right place, and they did, after all, technically stop a potential genocidal event from happening, so all’s well that ends well. Walter also apologizes for letting his ego get in the way and racing Grady when he should have been stalling for time.

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Happy also confronts Toby about his gambling issues, and basically says they can’t be together if she has to worry about him backsliding into bad habits. He agrees to quit on the spot and burns up his bets-in-progress in favor of being with her, the “biggest gamble of all.” He tells her he’s betting on the fact that a girl as beautiful as her will choose to be with a dope like him, which was really sweet.

They make-up, but will Toby be able to keep that promise to never gamble again? We shall see. In addition, Walter encourages Cabe to take, of all things, an art class, after he admits to have been so loyal to Mick because he accepted him for what he was, including his artistic talents, which he later abandoned because of peer pressure for others who saw the hobby as something less than manly.

Cabe does end up going, begrudgingly, and maybe I’m wrong, but it seemed like there was a potential love connection with that teacher. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one as well. But it was certainly nice to get some unexpected and illuminating information of Cabe’s past, who it seems, wasn’t always the tough guy he comes across as now.

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This episode was a lot of fun all around, between Sly’s joyous turn on “The Price is Right”- and host Drew Carey’s bemused reaction to it- and Walter’s drag race and Cabe’s game of high-stakes Chicken. Underlying all of this was what it means to be a man and how we all have our weak spots, but that doesn’t necessarily make us bad people- until it does, as evidenced by Mick.

I hope that Sly achieves his goal of the Megan memorial wing at the hospital, and that Toby keeps his word and stops gambling like he promised- though if I were a betting man, I’d say chances are, he’s bound to backslide at least once at some point, mark my words. I also loved the bits with Cabe showing his softer side- who knew he had one?

As per usual, guest star Eric Roberts, aka Emma’s daddy, excelled at playing the slimy guy who is charming but never quite trustworthy. Coming off a recent turn as Hades himself on “Lost Girl,” I’ve never been able to shake the indelible image of him from that old movie “Star 80,” in which he was so convincing as a jealous, murderous, scheming scumbag I’ve never quite been able to get over it.

As it stands, because of that, whenever he shows up in anything, I’m convinced he’s up to something, so I certainly wasn’t fooled here by the “twist.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’s a great guy IRL, but man, is he convincing as a dirt-bag. Besides, he must be doing something right to bring a ray of sunshine like Emma into the world! (Although she’s not half-bad at playing less-than-savory characters her own damn self- witness “Scream Queens” and “American Horror Story.”)

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All in all, a really enjoyable episode, regardless of a few minor flaws. What did you think of the latest “Scorpion”? Did you also see the job going south? What did you think of Sly’s triumphant turn on “The Price is Right”? How about Eric Roberts’ turn as yet another d-bag? Do you think Toby will keep his promise to Happy or fall back into bad habits again, eventually? Will Cabe’s newfound devotion to his past hobby reap dividends? Sound off on this and more down below and see you next time!