NCIS: LA “Revenge Deferred” Review (Season 7, Episode 17)

NCIS: Los Angeles  Revenge Deferred

Time for more globetrotting! In this case, Western Eritrea.

“Revenge Deferred” revolved around the continuing Jada plot, last dealt with in “The Long Goodbye.” Truth be told, I’d rather the two episodes have aired back to back. I’m not a fan of splitting up continuing storylines like this due to the fact that it’s so easy to forget what transpired in between episodes. At least this installment came only 2 months after the last (versus the 3 year gap between “The Long Goodbye” and “Exit Strategy”). And while Sam’s feelings for Jada/protecting his family from Tahir took center stage, I was more interested in the fact that the ubiquitous NCIS mole was brought up again. Not gonna lie, I had forgotten about the whole thing. Callen’s search for his father, the LAPD investigation into Deeks, and Sam’s issues involving Jada have all been at the forefront recently.

Soooo… who is the traitor then? The suspicion of one has been floating around since 2014. Director Vance told Hetty all the way back in October of that year (“Praesidium”) that she had a mole amongst her people. Then, in November, random IT guy Carl Brown was discovered as a leak… but not the main person pulling the strings (“Traitor”). And the thought I keep coming back to, even though it seems too easy and too obvious, is that Granger will be our guy. Do I personally want that to happen? No. I think the more dynamic choice is to keep him as the member of the team who doesn’t always agree with how the team works. It creates a nice contrast with Hetty and allows the show to subvert the stereotype of bringing on a new character who ends up changing sides. Nevertheless, Miguel Ferrer has portrayed his share of jerks, and the long pauses on Granger after certain moments** aren’t doing anything to help his case. Whatever happens, I hope it’s resolved by the end of this season (perhaps even dovetailing with Callen’s father returning). Even Ari on NCIS was taken out at the beginning of Season 3 (after first appearing halfway through Season 1).

**Example: the camera lingering on Granger after he was chastised by Hetty for sending Sam and Callen the picture of Jada.

More Thoughts As I Wonder How Jetlagged Callen and Sam Are

– Sam got closure on Jada, though we may very well see her again since Tahir is on the loose.

– It was nice to see Alex Elmslie (last seen in “Driving Miss Diaz earlier this season), yet I wish we would have had more time with him. At least he got that one-up over Evan Labelle/Pons Laurent at the end.

– I always joke about how various locations outside of LA will stand in for foreign countries. What I noticed with these last two episodes is that certain filters are applied to give said locations a different feel. The screen had a very blue tint for all the action in Russia. For the Africa scenes, very orange.

– Speaking of Russia and Africa, did Callen and Sam go directly from the Motherland to Western Eritrea? Or did they have some down time in LA first?

– Your guesses on who the mole could be? Paul Angelo? Nate Getz (this is my way out of left field pick)? Someone we haven’t seen onscreen in forever? Someone completely new? Do you even care?

– Seriously, when are the writers going to bring Paul Angelo back? Daniel Henney has Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders now but could still make an appearance.