Supergirl “Solitude” Review (Season 1 Episode 15)

Supergirl has come a long way over the course of its first season in terms of how it handles its multiple plot threads and serial elements. Like most superhero shows, the early episodes were fairly piecemeal, each focusing on establishing a different character or storyline, which hopefully sets the groundwork for a stronger show as things move forward. While “Solitude” is a fairly low-key episode on the whole, it still manages to tie in nicely to the larger narrative, proving that the show definitely did a good job of forming its foundation last fall.

Any episode of Supergirl is stronger when it can successfully connect the DEO and CatCo parts of its world, so having both groups working on the Indigo threat was a smart choice. Sure, it started off a bit on the goofy side with Indigo’s initial attack being centered around an Ashley Madison-type site, but it quickly built to a more credible city-wide – and then nation-wide – threat. There’s just a greater sense of energy when both groups of characters are focused on the same threat, allowing for intermingling of characters and a sense that every scene matters.

That sense of balance matters in making sure we care about both sides of the series, especially with the various subplots that were explored to some degree or another here. The ongoing romantic drama between James and Lucy still isn’t the most compelling thread, but it gets a boost in dramatic tension when their disagreements are also in service to the larger threat of the week. Granted, Winn’s newly-formed relationship with Siobhan didn’t really connect to anything, but it did a good job of deepening Kara’s new office rival as a character.

It was also nice to see the one arc that had felt a bit off, Kara’s anger with J’onn, wrap up this week. I get Kara’s heartbreak that her aunt died, but it felt like she J’onn and Alex would’ve been fine had they just been upfront about how Astra was about to kill one of them. And even if they wanted to stick with the lie, J’onn could’ve won her trust back faster by saying that Astra was about to kill Alex. I’m sure there’s still going to be plenty of fallout from Alex’s confession, but at least everything’s out in the open now.

As for the threat this week, Indigo made for one of the show’s strongest villains yet. First, of course, is the fact that Smallville Supergirl Laura Vandervoort played the role, continuing the show’s trend of bringing back classic Superman actors in new roles. Stunt-casting or not, though, Vandervoort was great in the role, capturing the Indigo’s unhinged menace well and truly embodying the character. The reveal that she was actually a living computer program instead of a simple hacker was also great, thanks to the great visual effect as she came bursting out of Winn’s computer. Her defeat by simple computer virus was a bit simple, but it seems clear she’ll be back to menace Supergirl again before too long.

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