The Vampire Diaries “Moonlight on the Bayou” Review (Season 7 Episode 14)


On the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries”– and part one of a two-hour crossover event with the following episode of “The Originals”- Stefan fled to New Orleans where he naturally ran into Klaus (Joseph Morgan), who helped him out with his Huntress issues, while Damon and Bonnie ran afoul of the so-called Armory, courtesy of Enzo, who was working in cahoots with a newcomer named Alex (Mouzam Makkar, “The Following”) in “Moonlight on the Bayou.”

We began with another flash-forward, as Caroline paid a visit to New Orleans, looking for Klaus, only to be told by bartender Sylvia (Sedonia Monet, “Side/Effects”) that he’s been MIA in NO for some three years now. This is certainly alarming news, especially to “Originals” fans like myself- and makes you wonder what exactly the show has planned for the immediate future, especially with the show itself in the balance, what with the recent move to Fridays and the iffy ratings.

Whatever the case, we don’t get an answer to that either in this episode or the following one, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on that one. With that, we return to the present, as Stefan makes his way to what Valerie tells him is a magically protected location. He makes a dubious stop for a phone charger that nearly costs him, as Rayna attacks him at the convenience store, with Stefan just barely making it out intact.

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Meanwhile, Damon and Bonnie meet with Enzo at a place called the Armory, which seems to be a location where various magical objects and information is stored that reminded me of a similar type of thing on “Supernatural” (the so-called “bunker” where the “Men of Letters” store similar sorts of things). Among them, in a sealed room, is a dormant Tyler, still recovering from Damon’s assault on him on a previous episode.

Enzo says if they can get Stefan there, the Armory can protect him, but that’s easier said than done, what with Stefan on the run, presumably in the opposite direction, though, unless I missed it somehow, they never did quite say where the Armory was located exactly.

Regardless, in a flashback, we see that a lot of Enzo’s more inexplicable actions as of late seem to have been dictated by his joining forces with the organization, who claim they can give him valuable information on his family if he works with them. Obviously, he agrees, which would explain why he sought to try and capture Rayna, though that didn’t exactly go as planned- and, as it turns out, neither will his latest plan.

Back at the hospital, Alaric informs Caroline that he’s leaving for Dallas immediately, as things have gotten a little too crazy for comfort as of late and he wants to get the kids out of harm’s way. Caroline is more than a little taken aback, eventually asking to go with him, pointing out that the likelihood of his being able to handle two supernatural kids alone is a bit dubious, but also, one assumes, because she has formed an attachment to them, in spite of her claims otherwise.


Stefan arrives in New Orleans, where he goes to Valerie’s aforementioned safe house, which turns out to be the St. James Infirmary, aka Klaus’ main hangout, which also just so happens to be protected against magic, which means that, so long as Stefan is there, Rayna can’t track him.

There’s just one major problem with that- Klaus himself, who already has his hands full with everything that’s been going on with his family and their war with Aurora and the Strix (see my review of “The Originals” for more on that) to have to contend with Stefan’s issues on top of it. Of course, Stefan hides the actual nature of those issues, claiming instead that he’s hiding out from Damon.

While that’s going on, Valerie joins forces with Matt to try and track down Rayna’s location, despite his reservations about working with her. Damon calls Valerie after not being able to reach Stefan and tells her she needs to get him to the Armory for his own safety, but she balks at that, telling him that the place is a trap and that they will only end up putting Stefan- and probably him as well- in a cage.

Right on cue, Enzo, after Damon tries to take off, tranquilizes Damon, and knocks out Bonnie as well. Sure enough, Damon wakes up in a locked cell, alongside Tyler, who later wakes up as the full moon approaches and his transformation is near. The problem is, once he does so, he’ll almost certainly lose control and try to kill Damon- and Enzo will only let him out if he lures Stefan there, which obviously is not going to happen, so…

Cut to Mary and Nora, arguing as per usual, thanks to Mary being a drama queen once again. Nora, in an attempt to be nice, gives her a Ring Pop, which Mary is perplexed but charmed by. Then, all of the sudden, both of them are tased out of nowhere and captured by none other than Alex and her cohorts, who presumably are going to take them back to the Armory, though we never see it.

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Bonnie wakes up and immediately tries to attack Enzo with her powers, but she finds she can’t use them. Enzo says he gave her something to prevent her from using her powers in the near-future, which, needless to say, doesn’t go over well with Bonnie. Enzo tells her his reasoning, wanting someone to be there for him the way she and her friends are for one another, but she points out that his own family abandoned him in the first place, so why would he even want to reconnect with them?

Catching him off-guard, Bonnie knocks Enzo out and uses his hand to open the door to the back, where Damon is being kept. Damon has tried sedating Tyler with something he found in the room, but it doesn’t really work and indeed, seems to be having an adverse effect on him, though we never quite find out why. Bonnie finds where Damon is being held, but realizes she can’t get in without Enzo again- and the clock is ticking on Tyler’s transformation.

After initially buying Stefan’s explanation, Klaus finally spots the mark of the Phoenix on Stefan and flips out, having once dealt with the Huntress himself previously and not wanting anything to do with it again, least of all with everything else he has going on. He tells Stefan he needs to clear out right away before he brings Rayna into the area, if he hasn’t already. Stefan does, but accidentally leaves his phone behind in the process, which subsequently rings and is naturally Caroline, who makes him promise to help Stefan.

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Bonnie goes back to Enzo, who is waking up, and recognizes that he’ll never help her, so she promptly cuts off his hand instead, which is admittedly pretty bad-ass, considering how much this show tends to dump on her character in general. Of course, no sooner has she opened the door to Damon’s cell than Tyler flips out and knocks her out yet again, as this show just can’t stand to cut her any slack even for a minute.

Tyler recognizes his mistake and gets a hold of himself just long enough to get out of there before he does any more damage. Damon tries to heal Bonnie with his blood, but it doesn’t work, so he also takes off with Bonnie in tow and rushes her to the hospital for the umpteenth concussion this poor girl has suffered on the show. He vows to heal her just as soon as whatever it was that Enzo did works its way out of her system and then leave town so he can’t cause any more of his loved ones grief yet again.

Matt gets a lead on Rayna’s whereabouts and Valerie calls Stefan to warn him to stay off Highway 90, which of course he’s currently on. Just then, he has a blow-out and is forced to stop, realizing all too late that it’s no blow-out and Rayna has instead shot out his tire with an arrow from a crossbow. Klaus shows up just in the nick of time and takes Rayna out, albeit only briefly enough for them to get out of there.

Enzo comes to, hand reattached, thanks to Alex and her medical team. He tells her he’s had quite enough of all this, and wants out, having worked for them for four months with nothing to show for it. Alex finally caves and tells him that his father actually founded the Armory, and that while he’s long dead, she is actually related to him, so there’s that, at least.

Caroline and Alaric arrive in Dallas and he decides on a nanny, using Caroline’s exhaustive research as a guide in his selection. She opts to stay with him for a day or two, while he gets settled in. Of course, we already know from the flash-forward that she isn’t going anywhere, so this at least explains how that came to pass.


Klaus and Stefan talk Caroline, as well as how he came to be stabbed by the Huntress- saving Damon’s bacon, as per usual. Klaus advises him to let Caroline go if her really loves her, given the circumstances, which one gets the sense he will. Klaus says he’s going to take Stefan to see a witch who might be able to help him, which proves to be his sister Freya in the following episode of “The Originals,” but that is where we leave things for now.

This was a pretty entertaining episode overall, and continues the trend of the show in slowly getting better as we get closer to catching up with the whole flash-forward thing. After one too many meh episodes, this is a relief, though it’s a shame it took a crossover “event” to get there. If anything, it just goes to show how much more vital and exciting “The Originals” is by comparison.

But still, I’ll give credit where credit’s due: this was a better-than-average episode of the show, even without all that stuff. The Armory thing was actually fairly cool, and piqued my interest far more than Rayna has as of yet. I do think that there’s a reason that the Armory wanted Rayna, and hopefully the two will collide in a way that reaps dividends, especially with all the build-up it took to get here in the first place.


What did you think of the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries”? Were you excited to see Klaus on the show again? Did you look forward to the continuation in the following episode of “The Originals”? Which of the two did you end up liking more, assuming you did watch both? Which show do you prefer, if you do normally watch them both? Did you dig the Armory thing, too, or was it just okay for you at best? What do you think of Rayna so far? Sound off down below, and be sure to join me for the second half of the crossover event in my review of “The Originals”!