The Originals “A Streetcar Named Desire” Review (Season 3 Episode 14)

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On the latest episode of “The Originals”– and the second part of a special two-hour crossover event with “The Vampire Diaries” (see review of that here) – the showdown between the Mikaelsons and, respectively, Aurora (Rebecca Breeds) and the Strix, finally came to a head, with an assist from Stefan (Paul Wesley) in “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

We essentially pick up where we left off last week, with Aya (Tracy Ifeachor) and Aurora making a deal that the former insists could potentially help Aurora’s brother, Tristan (Oliver Ackland). It involves an assist from Strix witch Cynthia (Amy Le), who is able to put Aurora in a sort of trance-like state and place her inside the so-called “chambre,” which is sort-of a dream-like state in which Tristan was able to find safe haven from his current fate, which was drowning over and over again- something Stefan can certainly relate to, having gone through the same thing once upon a time.

Meanwhile, Klaus takes Stefan to meet with his sister Freya (Riley Voelkel), who does a spell to hide his mark of the Phoenix from Rayna (Leslie-Anne Huff), aka the Huntress, so as to not bring her into where they are. There was an amusing bit of business there where Freya lamented about how a friend of the family was supposed to betray them, and I think it was Elijah who said, “Klaus doesn’t have any friends” and Klaus almost immediately walked in and said, “I’d like you to meet my friend, Stefan.” Lol- nice timing there, “Originals.”

Davina (Danielle Campbell) is almost ready to perform the de-linking of the sire lines spell and just needs “one more thing” from Aya. She reassures Marcel that she can handle it, while he points out that, if she fails, it will not only take out him, but Klaus, Elijah and her friend Josh as well. She basically tells him he needs to have a little faith in her, which is true.

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Hayley calls the Mikalesons and informs them the Crescent Wolves have spotted Aurora in the area and Klaus and Elijah vow to kill her tonight once and for all. Hayley goes ahead to investigate, finding an abandoned streetcar- hence the title, I assume- where she discovers Lucien (Andrew Lees), looking all the worse for the wear, which explains where he’s been for all this time. When he is revived, he warns Hayley that they need to get Klaus and Elijah out of there immediately.

Unfortunately, Klaus and Elijah are already in the vicinity, and are currently being held at gunpoint by Aya, who now has Aurora’s gun with the White Oak bullets. This proves to be essentially a distraction, as the witch Cynthia emerges and works her magic to put the two in the same dream-world as Aurora and Tristan.

The idea is to keep them occupied while Davina works her magic and completes the de-linking spell. The only way to escape is if they can find a representational object for each of them inside the “chambre.” However, it’s not an object that they would necessarily choose for themselves, but rather one that Aya would, as she is essentially the architect of this place, so that makes it especially tricky, as it’s about how someone else sees them, not how they see themselves.

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Hayley takes Lucien back to the compound, where she and Marcel question him. Lucien says that, as soon as Davina completes the spell, Aya’s plan is to shoot Klaus with the White Oak bullet gun and kill him once and for all to “test” the link being severed. If it proves to be the case, then she’ll turn her attention to Elijah, who sired her. Obviously, if Davina fails, the potential for a whole lot of vampires to die is considerable.

Stefan thinks he has an idea as to how to help, and Lucien offers to help supply the additional power Freya needs to pull off whatever it is they have planned. It involves Marcel sneaking Stefan and Hayley into the Strix compound in his trunk, which he successfully does, being the leader of them, after all. As Hayley and Stefan wait for their cue, they talk family and Caroline, who Klaus sired as well.

Back in dream-land, Aurora rants about Klaus and Elijah and how terrible they are to her, between Elijah compelling her to dump Klaus and Klaus’ treatment of her since she’d returned. Elijah points out that her own brother, Tristan, isn’t exactly much better, having kept her under lock and key for years on end to keep her in line, which is a good point. As all this is happening, Klaus and Elijah have been transported to the Strix compound, specifically inside the witches’ headquarters, where they have been submerged in the pool of water inside.

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The time has come for action, so Hayley lets Stefan know and he scrapes off the covering that Freya put on the mark of the Phoenix, which brings the Huntress running to the compound. At around the same time, Davina drops Jackson’s heart into the aforementioned pool of water and begins the de-linking spell. Meanwhile, Freya draws from Lucien and her own powers and is able to infiltrate the dream-world to bring it down from within.

Klaus and Elijah realize that the representational objects aren’t the King (for Klaus, of course) and Knight (for Elijah) on a chessboard there, as that is more how they see themselves, not how Aya sees them, so those objects don’t work. It instead proves to be the Queens on the chessboard, representing the women in their lives they cast aside, Aya and Aurora. However, before Freya can destroy the objects, Aya slits Klaus, then Elijah’s throats as part of the ceremony, which also happens in the dream-world.

No sooner has she done that as word comes to her that Rayna has arrived and is slaughtering vampires left and right. She rushes to help, while leaving a few guards behind to watch over the witches. As soon as she leaves, Hayley and Marcel come in and kill them and attack the witches as well. Davina, who is apparently good with the multitasking, is able to knock Marcel out for this betrayal, but while she deals with that, Freya destroys the representational objects, freeing Klaus and Elijah, who emerge from the pool, killing witches as they do.

Undeterred, Davina slams them back down into the pool using magic and completes the spell on Klaus, who says he can feel that it worked and that he “felt them leave”- he has indeed been de-linked from everyone in his sire line. This, of course means, that if Klaus dies, it will not kill everyone he sired in the process, as was the case before.

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However, the procedure does prove too much for Davina, who passes out before she can finish the job with Elijah, so he remains linked to his sire line, which means that, if anyone kills him, they still kill everyone he sired. Aya comes in, horrified to see what has transpired and pulls the gun on Elijah again. Elijah says that while he betrayed her and the Strix, what she has done was far worse. She gives him the gun and begs him to kill her, but he can’t quite bring himself to do so. This proves to not be an issue for the revived Hayley, who handily stakes Aya from behind, invoking Jackson as she does so.

With the witches dead, the “chambre” collapses, and Tristan begins to feel his surroundings again, as he starts to drown within its confines. This, in turn, frees Aurora from it, who wakes up in a daze to find herself behind a half-constructed wall, as Klaus is finishing it up to wall her in alive, “Cask of Amontillado”-style. She tries to escape, but Freya has installed an invisible barrier just in case, so she is trapped as he continues to lay bricks down.

Davina wakes up at Marcel’s, who has spirited her away, in fear of how the Mikaelsons would react to her actions. She’s not having it, and berates Marcel for not believing in her, which is a good point, given what she did accomplish. She returns to the witch headquarters and does another spell, using the Mikaelson blood to bring back Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic), this time for real. Unlike the rest of the people in her life, Kol says “I never doubted you for a minute,” which pleases Davina to no end.

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Freya reapplies the blocking spell to keep Stefan off of Rayna’s radar, and he thanks them for all their help, as does Klaus for his. Klaus also makes sure to reiterate that Stefan needs to do right by Caroline, which he agrees to do, but points out that he should do the same for Hayley, who is part of his family, too, like it or not, which Klaus agrees to do as well. Afterwards Klaus practically collapses, having been drained from the whole de-linking experience. Freya says that it’s nothing that a good sleep can’t fix, but I wonder…

As with the lead-in “The Vampire Diaries,” this was a strong episode of the show, with lots of action and unexpected turns. I don’t know that I necessarily expected Davina’s spell to actually work, either, and it was clever to have it work for Klaus but not Elijah. Will this mean a not-so-delicate power shift between the two? After all, Klaus no longer has the power of all that he sired to draw from anymore- but Elijah still does. Count on that causing some friction between the two, for sure.

I was also surprised that they took out both Aya and Aurora in one fell swoop. Granted, Aurora is still technically alive, which doesn’t sit well with me. I think Klaus should have just killed her outright, instead of pulling one of his patented “prolonging the agony” moves, a la Tristan. Just leaving both of those two alive represents the possibility that they might be back, so we’ll see how smart a move that was if it comes back to haunt Klaus and company.

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I also liked the underlying theme of how the men on this show constantly underestimate the women. Davina succeeded in spite of the doubters, at least partially, and Aya’s entire gambit with the “chambre” revolved around avenging the women the men had tossed aside. Aya’s plot may have failed, but note that it wasn’t a man that ultimately defeated her in the end- it was a woman: Hayley. And lest we forget, Rayna stormed an entire compound of vampires, fear of being outnumbered be damned. Those are some pretty impressive female accomplishments right there.

All in all, a highly-satisfying conclusion to the two-hour event that makes you wish “TVD” and “The Originals” joined forces more. Maybe they will, as we still don’t know why Klaus was MIA when Caroline came to visit three years from now. Either way, it raised both shows’ stakes and game considerably, particularly in the case of “TVD,” which needed the shot in the arm this event provided, believe you me. In short, I really loved it.

What did you think of “The Originals” this week? Were you also satisfied with the conclusion to all that’s been going on? Did you like seeing Klaus and Stefan team up, essentially? Have we seen the last of Aurora and Tristan? What did you think of the female empowerment themes running throughout the episode? Do you think the CW should do more crossovers? Sound off on this and more down below and see you next week!