Scandal “Wild Card” Review (Season 5, Episode 12)

Scandal "Paris is Burning" Season 5 Episode 3 (3)

One of the lessons we have to learn as we grow up is that just because you wish things to be a certain way, doesn’t mean that’s how it’s going to be. Walking through life with rose colored glasses isn’t going to do anything except cause pain. Pain that you could avoid if you deal with what’s actually in front of you instead of what you wish were in front of you.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote in my review that Olivia keeps Eli around solely so she doesn’t look so bad in comparison. Apparently, I’m not the only one who noticed that. Huck confronted Olivia about what she was doing with Jake and Eli, and basically told her she was full of crap. And honestly, I’m totally with Huck on this one. I was actually kind of surprised that Huck was the one to confront Olivia, but I suppose it makes sense. Huck usually follows Olivia’s orders without question and he’s been more loyal to her than she deserves. Therefore, if Huck is questioning Olivia, it’s time for her to stop and pay attention. It doesn’t make any sense to me that Olivia would believe that her father isn’t up to something. Eli is ALWAYS up to something, and for her to pretend otherwise is ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous was Olivia’s argument that Eli is her father and that he loves her. Eli doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. He uses people to get what he wants. That’s the only thing he knows or cares to do. Olivia’s little rant was pretty much her spouting what she wishes to be true about Eli instead of what she knows to be true. Living in that fantasy isn’t going to do Olivia any good, and it’s not going to help her play the game that Eli is playing. Olivia pretty much admitted that she’s been going along with whatever her father has been doing because she’s afraid to play his game. Honestly, I can’t say I blame her on that one. Eli is manipulative and emotionally abusive, and he’s no doubt done a number on Olivia. However, Olivia’s claim that her father always wins and the only way to survive him is not to play, isn’t entirely accurate. Olivia has actually beaten Eli. She figured out how to make it look like he’d been embezzling money from The Smithsonian and she’d gotten him confined in prison, and he wasn’t ever getting out. What happened there? Oh, right! Olivia didn’t want to get trapped by marrying Fitz so she worked with Mellie to get Eli released from prison. So I’m not feeling particularly sorry for Olivia and the situation she’s created for herself. The point is, beating Eli isn’t impossible. It’s just going to take Olivia living in the world as it is and not the world as she wishes it was. Hopefully now that Huck has called her on her BS, she’ll get back in the game.

Olivia wasn’t the only one living in a fantasy world. Fitz was right there in Fairytale land too. I understand that Fitz is lonely, and he’s on the rebound from Olivia. I understand that he needs to have someone in his life. I can sympathize. However, Fitz pretending like he’s just some regular Joe getting back into the dating game was ridiculous. This is not a new conversation. Fitz already knows that he’s living life in a fishbowl. He already knows that he’s not allowed to be a human being because that’s something you give up in order to have the address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s not right. It’s not fair. But it is what it is. That’s why his attitude with Abby didn’t make any sense. This is a tune we’ve heard before, and although a few of the notes are different, the song is pretty much still the same. I do have to give Abby props for how she dealt with it though. She admitted that she’s mad with him for the way he ditched Olivia. Although, in fairness, Olivia was the one who walked out. Fitz is just trying to move on. But anyway. Abby went on to stand up to Fitz in a way that everyone else seems to be afraid to do. She told him what he needed to hear instead of just what he wanted to hear. Way to go Abby. What I really need is for Fitz to act like a grown up. He’s the President of the United States and it’s ridiculous for him to pretend that every one of his actions doesn’t have to be planned out in advance. That includes dating. It sucks, but suck it up buttercup.

Then there’s Cyrus. I’m not confused about the fact that Cyrus is a monster, but I don’t understand why he went to such great lengths to set up the situation with Governor Vargas. I mean, I understand he wanted to get Vargas onto the national stage, but why did he have to have such a high body count to do it? There had to have been a much less bloody way to do that. Did Cyrus even stop to consider the fact that Vargas may not even want to run for President? Isn’t that the kind of conversation you should have before you start dropping bodies? Maybe I’m dense, but I can’t really see how this benefits Cyrus at this point. Unless he’s planning to try and use this to extort Vargas into running for President because quite frankly, Vargas doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to go along with Cyrus’s brand of politics. What’s really awful about all of this is that if Cyrus gets his hooks into Vargas the way he got them into Fitz, he’s going to corrupt Vargas the same way he corrupted Fitz. Not that I’m necessarily defending Fitz, but Cyrus doesn’t tend to bring out the best in people. As my grandmother used to say, if you lie down with dogs, you’ll rise up with fleas. Cyrus is definintely a dog with lots of fleas.

This episode was at least more interesting than the last couple, but that’s not saying much. I figured out that Charlie was holding the shooter’s son hostage as soon as he walked into Quinn’s apartment. I just don’t understand why Quinn didn’t find it odd. Tom also appears to be a cat with nine lives. I coulda sworn he was dead, but apparently I was mistaken. I’m not sure how or why he got hooked up with Cyrus (or why he was half naked in Cyrus’s hotel room) but it appears Cyrus has himself a new errand boy. This is not good. Not good at all. I don’t feel bad for a lot of folks on the show, but I do feel bad for Susan Ross. She’s going to be so hurt when she realizes that David has been lying to her pretty much the whole time. It’s made even worse by the fact that I think David does really like Susan. He just likes sleeping with Elizabeth more (which, seriously, still ewwwwww!) thus he’s allowing himself to be lead around by his little head. Then Elizabeth is such a vindictive little so and so that she wouldn’t hesitate to drop the bomb on Susan just for her own entertainment. This is going to eventually blow up in David’s face, and quite frankly, he’s got it coming. Just as an aside, Sally Langston is seriously cracking me up. She wasn’t a very good vice-president, but she is hilarious as a tv host.